Writing a Resume (Advanced)

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Resume Workshop - For Advanced

As in business, one of the most important skills is how to communicate your intent to others. When the resume is disclosed online, it will be viewed by unspecified numbers of employers from different industries and job types. Avoid self-centered views, and create a resume that can be easily understood by anyone.

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1 1. Create a Resume that Can be Understood by Anyone.

Different from official resumes used for applying to a specific job, a scout resume should be written so that anyone w。ho viewed it will be able to follow and understand the content. Avoid using phrases that are understood only in certain industries or jobs. Furthermore, be aware that there is a high chance that the human resource staff will be viewing the disclosed resumes in the first step, meaning that those staff will not have deep knowledge about your field of work.

A Word of Advice
A good way to improve your resume is to ask someone who is working in a different field to proofread it.
2 2. Include Specific Numbers.

The closer the position is to an executive office, the more emphasis is put on specific numbers. Because employers are aiming for the growth of their own company, numbers that can prove your strengths are very helpful. If you belong to the sales and marketing division, it is better to give numbers of specific unit sales or customers.
By doing so, recruiters will be able to have a strong image of what you can contribute to their company. Except sales and marketing divisions, it is not easy to express one’s accomplishments using numbers.
In that case, try to clearly explain the benefits, reformations and improvements you have contributed to the company. For those candidates, writing only “10% reduction” is not persuasive to the readers, so one should come up with a certain number as a result for the specific improvements they have contributed.

A Word of Advice
These numbers should be stated to prove your strengths, so make sure to write only good results and successful achievements.
3 3. Sell Yourself by Positively Showing Your Strengths

Right after the moment you have disclosed your resume online, it becomes your face and your image. People have different reasons for changing jobs, but with no doubt, employers will be attracted to people with a resume that has a positive atmosphere rather than a negative one.
Human Resource staff know that a happy worker is more likely to be happy in their new position too. Resumes provide an opportunity to express your personality to the employers, so rather than focusing on disappointment with past employers, sell your skills aggressively, persuasively and positively.

A Word od Advice
Since recruiters are humans too, it is essential to express a likable and positive resume so that they have a good enough impression about you to want to work with you.
4 4. Create a Easily Viewable and Readable Resume

In the business world, the skill level of someone is obvious when viewing documents that they have created.
Resumes will be reviewed by Human Resource staff, so readability of the document is an important element. There is no need to be creative in the layout or the design, but dividing the text into paragraphs or organizing the appearance, will have a positive impression on the readers.

A Word of Advice
Open spaces or start new lines when appropriate, and have a clear body texture.