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Wealth Dynamics from Mystery to Mastery2009.11.11

    A friend of mine recently remarked that this is a terrible time to be an entrepreneur, trying to start a new business when everyone is cutting back and spending is shrinking. He might as well have said gimme shelter. And good luck with that too.

    Do you see your work as a business plan, or a job description? That depends on whether you are seeking opportunity or shelter. Whatever your preference, you need to work to secure your goal.

    A goal is something we reach for; a standard is something we settle for. 

    So says Roger Hamilton, whom I first met about 4 years ago, subsequently training with him and other mentors at the Entrepreneurs Business School in Bali. Roger is the founder of Wealth Dynamics, an international association of entrepreneurs applying principles of conscious capitalism to social enterprise.

    Roger Hamilton is the author of Your Life Your Legacy, an entrepreneur’s guide to finding your flow, based on the study of 38 famous wealth creators. In Japanese translation, Roger’s book was a bestseller on (億万長者 富の法則).

    There are 8 Wealth Dynamics Profiles: CREATOR, STAR, SUPPORTER, DEAL MAKER, TRADER, ACCUMULATOR, LORD, MECHANIC. It turns out that these profiles also match the growth cycle of a business, and even the greater wealth cycles of world and national economies. Success comes from knowing your profile, finding your flow, creating value and engaging with people in other profiles so that all may benefit.

    His insights are profound and unique, combining the depth psychology of Carl Jung with the Chinese wisdom of the I Ching, and set in the context of modern business models with contemporary wealth creators we can relate to or understand.

    One of the greatest benefits of Wealth Dynamics is that it gives you the ability to recognize whether or not an opportunity is right for you. Any attempt to follow a wealth creation method that is outside of your profile is doomed to failure or mediocrity. The secret of success is finding your flow, leveraging your strengths, forming sustainable win/win partnerships, creating massive value, and giving back through social enterprise.

    Human Resource directors could benefit greatly by understanding Wealth Dynamics in personnel development and team building. This is the key to intrinsic motivation, action for the love of the task, not the size of the carrot or stick.

    What you do with your 24 hours, what traces you leave in your days, weeks, months, and years, this is your life and your legacy. Learn to live it well, and you will leave the world a better place than you found it.

    Understanding your Wealth Profile is vitally important to be successful in your career or business. It all starts with knowing yourself. Learn more about the Wealth Profile in English at or in Japanese at

    Search Google Videos for keywords roger hamilton youtube (or go directly to, and you will find over 680 high-quality videos of Roger Hamilton speaking on topics related to Wealth Dynamics. Here you will find articulate summaries of the Wealth Dynamics profiles and principles, as well as timely talks and interviews on many aspects of business, entrepreneurship, leverage, and the energies and cycles that are behind the news headlines.

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    William Reed

    William Reed is a renowned author-speaker who coaches physical finesse and flexible focus for a creative career path. A certified Master Trainer in Guerrilla Marketing and 7th-dan in Aikido, he combines practical wisdom of East and West to help you learn personal branding at the Entrepreneurs Creative Edge.

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