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Terms of Use

Terms of Use notice pertaining to the access and use of any document / article available on any website produced by Human Global Talent Co., Ltd. or use of any email message issued by Human Global Talent Co., Ltd.
* Daijob.com user terms and conditions are governed by the laws of Japan, and users hereby submit to the jurisdiction of the Japanese courts. Daijob.com will not take any responsibility for the content of job advertisments placed on this website, including images, words, job descriptions, advertisements, news, job contracts and/or conditions, as well as all other content in compliance to your country’s law, regulation and legislation on employment. Users agree to take personal responsibility when using Daijob.com in compliance to your country’s law, regulation, and legislation.

Using Daijob.com

(1) "Daijob.com" is a collective term for the online job-site and any website produced by Human Global Talent Co., Ltd. or email services or any other services related to assisting job search.
(2) "Users" is a collective term for those using Daijob.com for the posting of job information, registered members, or anyone using Daijob.com's services.
(3) Users should use Daijob.com at their own will and responsibility.
(4) Daijob.com provides services to users on the condition that users accept all terms listed in this document. By using the site, Daijob.com assumes that Users have agreed to all terms.
(5) Members
"Members" are registered users who have been approved by Human Global Talent Co., Ltd.
Daijob.com assumes Members have agreed to all Terms and Conditions upon registration.
By using one's own member's page within Daijob.com , Members can check, modify, add and delete all information entered upon registration and also the information relating to newsletter subscription at anytime.
Members can delete their registration by themselves in their own member's page within Daijob.com.
If a Member does not log in to their member's page for a period of three years, his/her membership may be deleted without user' agreement.
Human Global Talent Co., Ltd. reserves the right to stop/delete a Member's registration should he/she violate any of the said Terms.

Privacy Policy

Please refer to the following page for more information on Human Global Talent Co., Ltd.'s Privacy Policy: https://daijob.com/en/aboutdaijob/privacy

Prohibited Actions

The purpose of Daijob.com is to assist individuals to find employment and companies to find suitable candidates. Preventing or interfering with those purposes is prohibited. Daijob.com, Inc reserves the right to decide what is considered to be preventive action and / or interference to the said purpose and ban registration for anyone who violates these terms.
Examples of Prohibited Actions are listed below. Note ? Daijob.com may also prohibit other acts not listed here:

(1) Registration and provision of false information.
(2) Violation of copyright, trademark right, privacy right, image right, credit, property and other intellectual right of use.
(3) Abuse and defamation to any individual and/or organization.
(4) Violation of acts, public order and morals, or any action that potentially has negative effect to Daijob.com.
(5) Antisocial acts.
(6) Preventing Daijob.com's operation or damaging Human Global Talent Co., Ltd.'s reputation, or any other action that may negatively affect Daijob.com.
(7) Using information gained through Daijob.com's service for reproduction, sales, publishing and other purposes beyond personal use. Using Daijob.com's information for commercial purpose or provision.
(8) Violation of Daijob.com's authorization and security system, or attempt to do so.
(9) Sending spam messages or any other action which may overload Daijob.com's service, host computer and network, or any other action and attempt to destroy / affect negatively Daijob.com's system.
(10) Accessing Daijob.com user's undisclosed data and accounts, or attempt to do so.

Privacy Policy for residents of the EEA

This Privacy Policy ("Policy") sets out how Human Global Talent Co., Ltd. ("we", "us" and "our") will process as a data controller the personal data of the users of our websites and services ("you" and "your") who reside within the European Economic Area (the "EEA") and the measures and processes we have put in place to ensure its adequate protection. This Policy does not form any contractual relationship between you and us, and we may amend it from time to time.


We will only process your personal data:

(a) where you have given your consent (you may withdraw your consent at any time, by making a request using the contact details set out below);

(b) where the processing is necessary to provide our services to you;

(c) where the processing is necessary to respond to a request from you;

(d) where the processing is necessary to maintain our relationship with you;

(e) where the processing is necessary for compliance with our legal and regulatory obligations


What personal data we collect about you

2.1 We process the following types of personal data about you:

(a) Your name, email address and other contact details and country of residence;

(b) Professional details, such as CV, details of your qualifications, relevant experience and skills, professional and educational backgrounds;

(c) Your current role, position and/or job title;

(d) Details of your preferences for types of marketing events or materials;

(e) Details of your access to our systems and websites; and

(f) Your messages, feedback or contributions to surveys and questionnaires.

2.2 It may be mandatory for you to provide us with your personal data, to enable us to manage our business and operations, to maintain our relationship with you, to provide our services to you or to comply with our legal and regulatory obligations. If you fail to provide your personal data, we might be unable to maintain our relationship with you or to provide our services to you.

2.3 We make every effort to maintain the accuracy and completeness of your personal data which we store and to ensure all of your personal data is up to date. However, you can assist us with this considerably by promptly contacting us if there are any changes to your personal data or if you become aware that we have inaccurate personal data relating to you. We will not be responsible for any losses arising from any inaccurate, inauthentic, deficient or incomplete personal data that you provide to us.


We usually collect your personal data from the information you submit during the course of your relationship with us. This will typically be through the forms and documents used when you create your account with us or sign up to marketing or market data news lists.

We may also collect your personal data from other sources such as magazine publishers, PR firms, fraud prevention agencies, credit reference agencies, the records of governmental agencies and social media.


We will process your personal data for the following purposes:
(a) to provide you with requested services;
(b) to respond to your messages or posts to us;
(c) to provide you with promotional and marketing materials about our services that we think you may be interested;
(d) to manage, develop and improve our services, information technology systems and websites;
(e) for research and marketing purposes;
(f) for monitoring and assessing compliance with law and our policies and standards;
(g) to comply with our legal and regulatory obligations and requests anywhere in the world, including reporting to and/or being audited by national and international regulatory bodies;
(h) to carry out money laundering, financial and credit checks and for fraud and crime prevention and detection purposes;
(i) for administrative purposes in relation to the security of and access to our systems, premises, platforms and websites and applications;
(j) to comply with court orders and exercise and/or defend our legal rights;
(k) for any other legitimate business purpose; and
(l) as otherwise permitted or required by any applicable law or regulation.


We will process your personal data in Japan which is outside the EEA. Although the EU Commission has not confirmed that Japanese law offers the same level of protection of personal data as are enjoyed within the EEA, we will process your personal data with the same level of protection as in the EEA and recognise your rights on your personal data you would hold under the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679. Your personal data will not be transferred within Japan or to any other countries outside Japan without your consent.


We do not and will not sell, rent out or trade your personal data. We will only disclose your personal data to the following recipients:
(a) to the potential employers you selected on "My Page" so that those potential employers can have access to your personal data (such as CV);
(b) to third parties who process your personal data on our behalf (such as our systems providers including cloud providers);
(c) to companies providing services for money laundering checks, credit risk reduction and other fraud and crime prevention purposes and companies providing similar services, including financial institutions, credit reference agencies and regulatory bodies with whom such information is shared;
(d) to any third party to whom we assign or novate any of our rights or obligations;
(e) to any prospective buyer in the event we sell any part of our business or assets; and
(f) to any government, regulatory agency, enforcement or exchange body or court where we are required to do so by applicable law or regulation or at their request.
We may sell or provide aggregated and anonymised information and analytics about the users of our websites and services to third parties. Before we do so, we will make sure that such information does not identify you.

We are committed to safeguarding and protecting your personal data and will implement and maintain appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure a level of security appropriate to protect your personal data from accidental or unauthorised destruction, loss, alteration, disclosure or access.


8.1 If you wish to:

(a) update, modify, or delete your personal data, or obtain a copy of your personal data that we hold; or

(b) restrict or stop us from using any of your personal data which we hold,

you can request this by contacting us using the contact details set out below.  

8.2 In any of the situations listed above, we may request that you prove your identity by providing us with a copy of a valid means of identification in order for us to comply with our security obligations and to prevent unauthorised disclosure of data.

We will only retain your personal data as long as necessary to fulfill the purpose for which it was collected or to comply with legal, regulatory or internal policy requirements.

(10) Direct Marketing

If you tell us that you do not wish we or any of our group companies to provide you with information about our services and other marketing materials, we will not contact you further for the purpose of direct marketing.  You can contact us using the contact details set out below.

(11) Use of Cookies
A "cookie" is a small text file that is stored on a user's hard drive or mobile device. Cookies are generated by web servers when the user enters an internet page, and are passed to the user's computer or mobile device and stored for subsequent future access. 

They perform a number of functions associated with browsing websites and are used for a variety of different purposes, such as tracing users from page to page on an internet site. This can enhance a user's experience on a website, enabling the site to be personalised according to e.g. a user's preferences and browsing activities.

For more information about how we use cookies, please read our cookie policy.

Acquirement of not easily identifiable information We use cookies generated by our website to check for system requirements and identity authentication and the information gathered will not be used for personal identification. Should you wish to switch this function off, please disable cookies in your browser.


We may change or update parts of this Policy in order to maintain our compliance with applicable law and regulation or following an update to our internal practices. We will do this by updating this Policy.  You will not necessarily be directly notified of such a change. Therefore, please ensure that you regularly check this Policy so you are fully aware of any changes or updates.


If you have any queries about the contents of this Policy or your personal data, or wish to make a request in relation to your personal data, please contact us using the details set out below:

Email: djsupport@daijob.com

TEL: +81(0)3-6682-5468

FAX: +81(0)3-6682-5485


You are entitled to lodge a complaint with a competent data protection regulator if you consider that we have breached your data protection rights.

Services and Information Provided by Daijob.com

(1) Information on third parties shown on Daijob.com (such as recruiting information, company information, personal information registered by Members, data, advertisements, graphics and links) are provided / disclosed at the responsibility of the said third party. Human Global Talent Co., Ltd. does not guarantee the accuracy of this information.
(2) Information provided by Daijob.com may include some technical errors and typographical errors. While Daijob.com strives to produce a fault-free system / service, Daijob.com does not guarantee that the services are error / fault-free which may be of inconvenience to users.
(3) Links embedded in Daijob.com, may take you to websites operated by third parties. These linked sites are not under the control of Daijob.com and Daijob.com is not responsible for the content of any linked site or any link contained in a linked site, or any changes or updates to such sites. Human Global Talent Co., Ltd. is providing these links only as a convenience to users, and the inclusion of any link does not imply endorsement by Human Global Talent Co., Ltd. of the site nor any commercial relationship with that site.
(4) Some names of product, service and company, which are included in the information provided by Daijob.com, are protected by trademarks and intellectual property rights. Reference to these trademarks by Daijob.com does not mean that those trademarks are not protected by law. It does not mean that there is a commercial relationship with Daijob.com and the holders of those trademarks.


(1) Human Global Talent Co., Ltd. is not responsible for any damage (such as emotional distress, interruption of job searching process and other damage including financial loss) caused by registering and using Daijob.com.
(2) Due to personal information being acquired by third parties, Daijob.com is not responsible for the scenarios listed below:
Users' actions when Users disclose their personal information by themselves to companies they wish to apply for by using Daijob.com's online functions or other means. Applying through Daijob.com means that users agree to disclose their personal information to the companies they applied to. After the application was made, the handling of personal information becomes the responsibility of each company the user applied to. Human Global Talent Co., Ltd. is not responsible for how any third party handles personal information. When users apply to companies directly (i.e. not through Daijob.com system) and disclose their personal information by themselves (such as sending resumes), Human Global Talent Co., Ltd. is not responsible for how each company handles one"s personal information.
Human Global Talent Co., Ltd. is not responsible for disclosing personal information if the individual was identified by chance from information other than personal identification information provided by the user in one's profile.
(3) Links embedded in Human Global Talent Co., Ltd. websites may take you to websites operated by others. These linked sites are not under the control of Human Global Talent Co., Ltd. and Human Global Talent Co., Ltd. is not responsible for the content of any linked site or any link contained in a linked site, or any changes or updates to such sites.


Human Global Talent Co., Ltd. is not responsible for damage / loss of information caused by computer viruses that cannot be prevented by general anti-virus measures, convulsion of nature, and other damages caused by reasons separate from Daijob.com's direct area of responsibility. Human Global Talent Co., Ltd. recommends that all users back up their own data.


User will accept claim for restitution either directly or indirectly, if a user acts in any way against the Terms and Conditions causing or potentially causing damage to Human Global Talent Co., Ltd.


Human Global Talent Co., Ltd. sends small pieces of information called "cookies" to users' computers during their sessions. Cookies will be stored on users' hard disc or memory. This is to enable Daijob.com to provide users the planned member services, high value added services, and advertisement management system. This is not to invade users' privacy and environment.

Copyright/Intellectual Property Rights, Content, and Links

(1) Copyright / Intellectual Property Rights
Copyrights and Intellectual Property Rights of all information provided by Daijob.com (such as contents and information) belong to Daijob.com. However, information such as product name, company name and logos include trademarks and registered trademarks possessed by each company.
(2) Fair use
Permission to make digital or hard copies of part or all of any Human Global Talent Co., Ltd. webpage or e-mail newsletter exclusively for personal or educational use is granted without fee, provided that copies are not made or distributed for profit or commercial advantage and that each copy bears the full copyright & license notice as stated below.
Electronic copies shall include a link to the original version on the corresponding Human Global Talent Co., Ltd. webpage in addition to the copyright & license notice.
Copyrights for components of the reproduced work that are owned by those other than Human Global Talent Co., Ltd. must be honored.
Notwithstanding the above limited permission, reproduction of any Human Global Talent Co., Ltd. webpage or e-mail newsletter or any portion thereof, or republishing such content in either print or electronic form, posting it on another server, or redistributing it by e-mail or any other means, requires the prior express permission of Human Global Talent Co., Ltd. Human Global Talent Co., Ltd. does not grant any rights, only the above limited permission subject to the above obligations. All rights are reserved, including reproduction, distribution, public performance, and public display rights. At no time may an original work be modified without the written permission of Human Global Talent Co., Ltd. Violations of this policy will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
(3) Commercial Use
When reproducing/reusing contents provided by Daijob.com for commercial purpose, please enquire to Daijob.com first. Reproduction/reuse of contents for commercial purposes includes those under partnership or affiliate contract.
In any case, the affiliated website or email message is required to provide a link to the Daijob.com site, a banner, and a button. When Daijob.com's contents are reproduced on printed materials, clear indication of URL and the copyright is required.
(4) Links
Human Global Talent Co., Ltd. encourages webmasters of other websites and distributors of electronic texts to place a link to our website. Please contact Human Global Talent Co., Ltd. before having a link to our website. The link must go to the "top level". If the link will be a so-called "deep link", please consult us beforehand.

Changing Daijob.com's services

Human Global Talent Co., Ltd. may, without prior notice, modify or discontinue its services temporarily or on long-term basis, or terminate its service and the users agree to such condition.

Modifying Terms of Use

Human Global Talent Co., Ltd. can modify Terms of Use at anytime. The modification is made by revising this page.

Competent Court

Any disputes between users and Human Global Talent Co., Ltd. will be governed by the jurisdiction of a competent court, namely the Tokyo District Court.

Governing Law

The governing law of all disputes is Japanese law.

Additional Clause

This Terms of Use is implemented from 10th January 2006. Revised on 25th May 2018.

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