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Find global companies that match your skills and interests.Find global companies that match your skills and interests.

3 steps to using
the Scout service

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    Register on

    Register on is completely free to use, so you may register with your social or email accounts to begin using it without worrying about hidden charges.

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    Create a resume and set the status to "Standard"

    Create a resume and set the status to Standard

    Your personal information on your resume will remain hidden to companies. You may also block certain companies from viewing your resume should you wish to.

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    Receive and check your Scout messages from companies

    Receive and check your Scout messages from companies

    Receive and check your Scout messages from companies. If you reply with "I'm interested", you can then proceed to set up an interview with the company.

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Scouting service solves
problems like these:

  • I want to change jobs, but I don't have enough time to look for jobs.
    You can receive offers from companies interested in your background through the scouting service. The more detailed your resume is, the more efficiently you will be able to look for jobs because you will receive job information that matches your background.
  • I want to improve the efficiency of my job hunt for foreign or global companies.
    Numerous companies posting job listings on are foreign and global companies seeking international talent with language skills and business skills. In particular, you can receive 3.7 times * more scout emails by outlining your strengths, work history and skills sections in detail.
    *According to research conducted by
  • I want to make the selection process shorter.
    The offers that you receive via the Scout service are sent based on your experience. You may be exempted from the resume screening process for some companies, so the interview process may be even shorter than expected.

How to receive
more scout mails?

  • Fill in your resume as much as possible.

    With little information on your resume, companies may find it difficult to determine if your skills and background match their positions. Try to include as much information as possible, especially in the job history section.

  • Log in to the website frequently

    Companies tend to send scout emails to people who are actively looking for a new job right now. Many companies use the date of the "last login" as an indicator. The more recent your login date is, the more you can appeal to hiring companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am worried that my personal information will be disclosed to an unspecified number of companies.

    On the resume screen, items which include your person information are marked with a .
    Please rest assured that it will not be disclosed until you reply "interested" to the scout message.

  • Why am I not getting enough scout messages even though I have filled in my resume?

    Please check the following:

    • Are there any blank entries on your resume?
    • Is your resume disclosure set to "Standard"?
    • Has it been a while since your last login?
  • I don't want to disclose my resume to companies such as my current employees or business partners.

    You can block the companies that you don't want to disclose your resume to.