Scouting Service

キービジュアル キービジュアル

Service flow

STEP1Become a member

Only members will be allowed to receive Scout Mail.

STEP2Create a resume and make it “public”

Make your resume “public” on “My Page” or when editing your resume.

STEP3Receive Scout Mail

You can receive Scout Mail from companies that take an interest in your career.

STEP4Accept Scout Mail

Confirm the Scout Mail contents on “My Page”. If you are interested, let them know directly.

From creating a resume to getting an interview

1 In order to get scouted, you must have a resume on

1.Login, go to “My Page” and click “Resume Builder” to create a resume.

2.Once you have entered all required fields, set your resume to “public”

2 Receive Scout Mail from companies that take an interest in your resume.
3 You have 3 options when responding to a Scout Mail:

1.“I’m interested” (Accept Scout Mail)
2.“Ask a Question” (You will not release any personal information about yourself, but you will be able to contact the company).
3.“I’m not interested” (Reject Scout Mail)

4 Once you have accepted the Scout Mail, you will be able to move on to the interview stage.

* Being scouted essentially means that a company is interested in you and would like to progress you to the next stage of their recruitment process. Please understand that this is not a job offer.

Create a Resume and Get Scouted Now!

Who will be able to see my “public” resume?

Only direct hire companies, recruitment agencies and temp agencies currently using our service will be able to view your “public” resume.

What information in my “public” Resume will remain hidden?

Anything that identifies you personally will still not be made viewable to companies, even if you make your resume “public”.

Viewable information

・Current location (i.e. prefecture/state)
・Education level
・Work experience
(the name of the last company you worked for will remain hidden)

Hidden information

・Date of Birth (Your age will be viewable)
・Current address
・Phone number (mobile/home/work)
・Company name of the last company you worked for

[Any other information about your work history or motivation for joining the company will be viewable.]

Why use our Scout Service?

By using our Scout Service, you can have a more efficient job-hunting process. In addition, those who aren’t actively thinking of changing jobs can make themselves open to new opportunities and understand their true market value.

1 Speed-up the hiring process

Companies express interest in you.

HR managers will decide whether or not they wish to scout you after viewing your resume. This means the document screening stage of the recruitment process has already been completed by the time they contact you!

2 You will be able to access listings that have not released by companies

Many companies have postings that have not been publicly announced.

Postings for urgent hires or new projects (that could potentially release strategic information to competitors) are often not published on job boards. Furthermore, executive positions such as area managers or company presidents are not usually released.

3 Know your market value

Improve your value and abilities.

By receiving Scout Mail, you will be able to understand exactly how companies value your skills and experience. Through this understanding, you will know what to improve in order to increase your value

4 Understand how possible it is for you to change jobs

Use your experience in a new field.

The experiences you have gained thus far could potentially be used in a different industry, occupation or a new company. Experiences that you didn’t value personally may be valued highly by other companies. Your experiences over the years have accumulated to create your current value and ability. Maybe you can awaken some of your experiences to provide value to a different company?

How to write a Resume that will get you scouted
~Creating a concise online Resume~