Work in Japan Advice Board

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1. Etiquette for interview

At a job interview, the first impression is very important. In industries focused on hospitality, such as hotels or airlines, the first impression is said to determine the outcome. As with any interactions with other people, the first impression sets the tone and thus it is crucial that you make a good one.

(1) Clothes

If clothing is not specified, suits are the preferred basis. Always wear a clean suit and shoes. Wearing an all-black ''recruitment suit'' with a white shirt might give and impression of inexperience but avoid vibrant patterns and decorations. Keep in mind the color combinations and have one more look at yourself in the mirror before heading out to an interview.

What is the color effect of the suit?

Navy = Confidence. Great during important interviews such as the first or the final one.
Dark gray = Calm and colleced. Great for interviews where you have to logically explain your reasoning and persuade the other party.
Black = Hospitality. Often seen in the service industry and luxury retail.

What is the best color of the tie?

Yellow = Affinity: Makes a good first impression.
Blue = Logical: Good for second stage interviews.
Red = Enthusiasm: Effective for the final deciding interview.

A skirt or a pant suit?

Pant Suit = Active impression: For those who are expected to move actively, such as sales.
Skirt = Gentle impression: Ideal for back-office or customer service roles.

(2) Materials and what to bring

Application documents

Don't forget to bring your resumes, work history document, CVs, and other documents that should be submitted to the company. If not specified, make sure to check before the interview.


Make sure to organize the unclear points about the position that you applied for and the information you would like to confirm in more detail.

Pens and notebooks

It may be necessary to take a written test or note down the date of the next interview. Taking notes during the interview is also sometimes permitted by the company.

Mints or other breath fresheners

Most of the interviews are conducted face-to-face so you want to avoid having a bad breath.

(3) Interview manners

Manners are important both at the first impression and throughout the interview process.

  • When first meeting the interviewer, greet them with a smile and a bow.
  • Only sit down after the interviewer sits
  • When standing up, put your weight on both of your feet
  • Don't lean back in your chair.
  • After completing the interview, return the chair to its original position