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WINConference Tokyo 2016 -Leading the Way-

About WIN(Women’s International Networking)

Women’s International Networking is an independent global women’s leadership organization. WIN develops, empowers and connects leaders with a feminine, authentic and global vision.  It is a reference for women working internationally and companies active in women’s leadership and diversity & inclusion.

WINConference Tokyo 2016-The women’s preferred leadership forum-

This event will provide you with inspiration, knowledge, practical tools and contacts to help you succeed and prepare for the future. It will help you lead the way and support others that do so too. WIN will inspire you and accompany you on your journey as an integrated feminine, authentic and global leader.

Becoming a part of the WINConference also gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself into an exchange of best practices with companies embracing diversity, initiating inclusive cultures and where you can find women leading the way.
We ask: who are the individuals and organizations leading the way with purpose, creating work places with meaning, and developing societies where everyone has the freedom of choice in a world in which we all fl ourish? We also look at how and why you are called to step up and lead the way or actively support those who do.
For more information, please visit WINConferenc Tokyo 2016 website.


Event Schedule

19 & 20 May 2016 (19th main day and 20th ½ day)

Shangri-La Hotel, Tokyo, Japan

A global leadership conference of plenary sessions, workshops, working forums, a high level networking lunch and dinner connecting you to ideas and people.


Calbee、PRPSICO、KIRIN、International New York Times、unisto

      Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan


  • Women and men in senior and middle management, consultants, entrepreneurs, NGO leaders, politicians, artists, all longing for a positive change in their world, work and life…. YOU!


  • Day 1

    Thursday 19 May


    08.00    Registration opens with networking tea & coffee

    08.45    Plenary room doors open

    09.00    Opening Ceremony: Leading the Way – Creating a thriving future                            

    09.45    Plenary: The Global Picture

    What’s going on? What are the possibilities and the new trends which lie ahead?

    Let’s discuss the context in which we are working, the trends which lie ahead and how we can prepare for the future. What are some of the economic, political and social global trends happening in the world today?  Where is Japan in this context? What is the situation of women in Japan? What about the men? What are some of the other realities? And, what can be learnt from them? How can leaders, women and men, learn to see the possibilities, expand them and start leading the way?

    Anita Pratap, Indian, Journalist and Author 

    Bob WaisfiszDutch, Managing Partner, The Hofstede Centre, Founder, itim International 

    William H. SaitoJapanese, Special Advisor, Cabinet Office Government of Japan new!


    11.00    Networking Tea & Coffee

    11.30    Plenary: The Future Company

    Which companies are leading the way? How are companies leading the way with high values, inclusion and integrity? Which are the companies we want to run, work for and buy from? What will the company of the future look like? How are these companies creating inclusive and sustainable business cultures while embracing women, diversity, the environment and healthy work-life balance opportunities? Which are the strategies, programs and/or initiatives that can be used to create this conscious culture? How are women impacting society, business models and bottom lines?

    Tiziana AlampreseItalian, Marketing Director, Fiat Chrysler Japan, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

    Elizabeth Handover, British, Asia Partner, Lumina Learning

    Renne Traicova, Bulgarian, Co-Founder and CEO, Initiative for Social Empowerment (ISE)  new!

    Kaori NegoroJapanese, Head of Marketing, Google at Work, JAPC  new!


    13.00    Networking Lunch                                                              

    14.00    Breakout Sessions/Interactive Workshops new!

    This is a time for you to re-evaluate your career and prepare to lead the way where you are most needed. There a number of parallel sessions including the highly acclaimed corporate forum.

    1Corporate Forum on Diversity & Inclusion.

        Chika Sato, Japanese, HR Director, Microsoft Japan

        Zane Zabahlen, American, HR Leader, IBM

    2. Achieve Success with Emotional Intelligence. By Ginger Griggs, American, President, ASC Leader

    3. Silence the critic! Lead with confidence. By Mary-Anne JorgensenAmerican, Director & Lead Facilitator, MAJ Global

    4. Empowering Women Leaders. By Kyla MitsunagaAmerican, Assistant Professor, College English Department at Yonsei Universtiy


    15.30    Networking Tea & Coffee

    16.00    Plenary: Women with Vision & The Future Career

    How are women leading the way? How can we accelerate our impact? Gain insight into the exceptional journeys of pioneers, career moves, transitions and navigating in a constantly changing environment.

    Chika MiyamoriJapanese, Managing Director, ITIM Japan

    Daphne ChoiCanadian, Human Resources Business Partner – NAPIM Commercial Unit (Japan, Korea, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Pacific Islands), Asia Pacific Region, PepsiCo

    Helena PhuaMalaysian, Executive Vice President, Asia Pacific, International New York Times


    17.15    Closing Plenary: Realizing You

    How we can realize our own full potential as we contribute to evolving our work and world into places that benefit everyone? We ask how to find clarity, enthusiasm, commitment and care, while giving and receiving support along the way. We explore the power in being connected to others, yourself and the divine. We find space to envision a future where we all thrive.

    Renne Traicova, Bulgarian, Co-Founder and CEO, Initiative for Social Empowerment (ISE)


    18.30    End of Plenary

    18.30    Cocktail

    19.00    Dinner with outstanding networking possibilities

    21.30    Dinner ends



    Day 2

    Friday 20 March


    8.30      Networking Tea and Coffee

    9.00      Plenary: Leading the way, networking, mentoring and a global mind-set

    The morning will start with WIN’s classic networking with purpose and passion workshop which will be followed by an interactive and dynamic session on how to balance and strengthen our energies and master our life. We will mobilize the resources in the group and learn the importance of mentoring. Let’s share and learn how to better connect and mobilize ideas and resources in a way that accelerates careers, projects and society. Let’s become clear about some of our ideal dreams for the world, work and selves. We will also look at how we can learn to operate with grace across the globe.

    11.00    Breakout Sessions/Interactive Workshops

    This is a time for you to re-evaluate your career and prepare to lead the way where you are most needed.

    12.30    Closing Plenary

    o    Optional post conference workshop or sight-seeing

    o    Optional post conference lunch