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Recruitment staff sees dozens of resumes every day.
In order to get noticed, make your application documents "interesting to read."
Learn how to create an appealing application, which will be the first point of contact between you and the company!

1. Rirekisho (Japanese Resume 1)

There are two kinds of resumes commonly used in Japan: 履歴書 (rirekisho) and 職務経歴書 (shokumukeirekisho). Rirekisho is a brief overview of your educational and/or work history...

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2. Shokumukeirekisho (Japanese Resume 2)

職務経歴書 (shokumukeirekisho) is a work history document that you need to create in addition to a rirekisho in Japan. It serves to convey your practical abilities, work experience, skills, and strengths...

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3. CV

When applying for a position at a foreign company or a company with a foreign team leader, English resume (CV) is the first document employers look at.

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4. Cover letter

A cover letter is required when submitting an English resume. DuriIn the first stages of the application process, a cover letter is not likely to be the deciding factor. However, ..

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