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1. Flow after receiving an offer

After receiving an offer from an employer, it is important that you confirm that the offers meets your desired conditions. There are many cases of early resignation due to the fact that the offers are completely different from the actual work you are to do after joining the company. If you are unsure about what the precise job is, check with your agent or the company representatives. If there is no problem with the offered position or any conditions, we suggest you proceed as follows:

  • Signing the offer letter
  • Resignation negotiations
  • Preparations for joining the company
  • Joining
    a company

(1) Sign the offer letter

Confirm the offered position, conditions (contract form, annual income, etc.), and the start date of employment, sign the offer letter and send it to the company or the agent. In general, you are expected to respond within one week after receiving the offer.

(2) Resignation negotiations

Negotiate resignation from your current position in good faith. First, consult your immediate supervisor. There are cases where the person in charge (general manager, president) need more time to approve your retirement, so if you get a job offer, start negotiations early on. Legally, you can resign within two weeks after giving notice, but generally you should start talking with your supervisor more than one month prior to your retirement.

(3) Preparations for joining the company

Documents to be submitted vary dependeing on the company, but in general, resident cards, pension notebooks, employment insurance eligibility certificates, withholding slip, identity card, bank account information, health certification, and your seal (''hanko'', for Japanese companies) are required. Remember that your employment insurance certificate and tax withholding record are documents you receive from your previous workplace. In addition, if you do not have a medical certificate, you might have to take a medical examination at your own expense immediately before joining the new company. Therefore, it is recommended that the you take your medical examination every year.

(4) Joining a company

On the first day of your new job, make sure to head out a little bit early and have all the necessary documents prepared. Make a great first impression by keeping thigs simple and coming in well groomed and prepared.