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2. Resignation and registration procedures

This section presents the documents and procedures to be prepared when resigning from a workplace.
Depending on the documentation, it may take some time to obtain it. Confirm how to obtain the nescessary documents and take care of the documentation as soon as possible.

(1) In the event of resignation

Items to be returned to the company
  • Employee's card
  • Health insurance card (including dependents)
Item to receive from the Company
  • Resignation notice / End of contract notice
    A resignation notice is required to be submitted to Hello Work when receiving unemployment benefits from employment insurance. After resignating, documentation is sent to you from your previous employer and the procedure is completed. Unemployment benefits must meet such requirements as having an insured period of 12 months or more in the two years prior to the date of separation from employment.
  • Withholding slip (tax-withholding record of employment income)
    This is a certification of the total salary paid in the year of resignation. This will be given to you on the day of resignation or sent to you about one month after resignation This is mainly used for year-end adjustments at new jobs and as a reference for salary assessments.
    In addition, tax withholding records are required for job seekers who change jobs at the end of the year and are not ready for the year-end adjustment when they need to file tax returns themselves.

(2) Procedures for joining a new company

Documents that are generally required to be submitted to a company
  • Your bank account for receiving salary
  • Pension Handbook (To confirm the Pension Number)
  • Employment Insurance Certificate (To confirm the insurance number)
Documents that very depending on the company
  • Certificate of Identity (Along with a guarantors seal)
  • Written pledge
  • Survey of Social Insurance-Related Documents
  • Certificate of items stated in resident register
  • Confidentiality pledge
  • Certificate of Graduation (copy)