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Recruiter (Company is not publicly visible)
  • ★ Entry Level
Job Description

<Business description>
Check-in / check-out at the front desk, telephone reception and general customer service at the counter.
A smile is of paramount importance in ensuring that guests can use the hotel with peace of mind.
It is a challenging job to acquire first-class service skills.

[Recommended points]
☆ Stable regular employee recruitment ☆
☆ Experienced people welcome ☆
☆ A lot of global human resources are active ☆
☆ Take advantage of Chinese ☆ ...

Recruiter (Company is not publicly visible)
  • ★ ★ Staff Level
Job Description

■ We are looking for those who have conversation ability of Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean + Japanese N2 or higher.
We plan to hire employees with a work image as a general manager, such as office work for half of the month and store sales for half.

《Details of work》
[Office work]
・ Contact and schedule management for foreign staff planning to enter Japan before entry
・ General office work (documentation, data entry, etc.)
・ In addition, we will leave various office work such as human resources, accounting, general affairs according to ap ...

Recruiter (Company is not publicly visible)
  • ★ Entry Level
Job Description

<Business description>
Entered and retired from the front of the guesthouse in front of the hotel in Taiwan.
It can be used safely and with a passionate smile.
These are one-of-a-kind and highly significant work skills, and can be so studied at first-class service skills.

[Reasons for reasoning]
☆ Internationalized working environment ☆
☆ Stable regular company system ☆ ...

Recruiter (Company is not publicly visible)
  • ★ ★ Staff Level
Job Description

[Business description]
They propose the optimal contract form for each phase of your project,
In every phase of design, implementation, evaluation, delivery, operation and maintenance, participate in each project as a PM / SE / PG.

[PR points]
・ Many excellent employees familiar with AI / IoT.
・ There are many cross-border projects (Asia and EU), work with other companies from around the world.
・ They value code reviews for the sake of employee growth and improvement of service quality.

[Recruitment Background]
Due to strong business p ...

Recruiter (Company is not publicly visible)
  • ★ Entry Level
Job Description

≪Business content≫
▼ General hotel front operations ▼
・ Customer support such as check-in and check-out.
・ We pursue customer satisfaction in a wide range of rooms and lobby services.

≪Appeal point≫
☆ New graduates and inexperienced people welcome ☆
☆ Stable regular employee ☆
☆ A job where you can make use of your language skills ☆
☆ Less overtime work ☆ ...

Job Description

【Job Description】
We specialize in the procurement, introduction, operation, management, coordination, and updating of computers and communication networks that make up corporate information systems.
Examination and design of equipment necessary for the system, installation and wiring of the computer itself, installation and setting of software such as OS, daily management and operation, adjustment and optimization / improvement of settings and performance, when a failure occurs This is a job that specializes in tasks such as investigating the caus ...

Job Description

【Job Description】
Propose human resources and IT solutions for companies.
We will match our 2,000 engineers and ask about the human resources issues of companies, mainly major companies (Japanese companies overseas), and make measures and proposals for solving the problems.

・ New sales, existing sales
・ Simple UP negotiation
・ Consulting / Proposal Sales
・ Coordination with each department
・ Customer strategy
・ Understand marketing and customer budget ...