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Recommended Browsers

Which PC browser and mobile OS would you recommend to view the site properly?
We recommend the following browsers and OSes for the best possible experience.

Internet Explorer
Google Chrome
*For each browser, please use the latest version.

iOS 7 and later
Android 4.0 and later

Please enable Javascript to use the site.
Please understand that not using the recommended environment shown above may lead to being unable to use some functionality.


I've forgotten my username and/or password!
If you have forgotten your password and/or username, just enter the e-mail address that you registered with your account on the Reset Password page. We will then send you an email with your username and a link to create a new password.

For security reasons, your password cannot be retrieved as-is. We apologize for the inconvenience, but if you have forgotten your current password you will need to create a new one.
I cannot reset my password.
If you have forgotten your username and password or are not able to log in, please go to the Reset Password page and fill in the email address registered with your account. You will receive your username and a link to create a new password.

If you are still having problems logging in after changing your password, please make sure that you have followed the guidelines below:

1) It has NOT been over 4 hours since you received the e-mail to reset your password. The link to reset your password expires after 4 hours.
2) Your new password does NOT include an empty space or any capital letters.
3) Your new password is more than 5 characters long.
4) Your username is the one registered with your account. Try to copy and paste the username directly from the reset password e-mail if you are having problems with this.
5) If you have multiple accounts, make sure you are using the correct account. You can confirm the usernames of all of your accounts in the "reset password" mail.
6) If you have multiple accounts, please double check which accounts' password you changed.
7) Make sure that you have visited the full URL listed in the email.
Can I register with my mobile/PHS address?
Mobile and PHS e-mail addresses may not be registered as the main address on a new account. You are, however, able to receive notifications of messages from employers at a mobile or PHS address. If you wish to enable this feature on your account, enter your mobile or PHS address in the "Personal Information" section of the resume revision screen, or click the "Mobile Phone Notification" link in the upper right corner of the Messages section of your My Page.
I want to change my registered e-mail address.
Please follow the instructions from your My Page in order to change your registered e-mail address.
I cannot log in using my SNS account and the following message is displayed: "There is already an account registered with the same email address".
There might be 3 reasons as to why this is happening. Please see below for the reasons and the ways to solve the problem.

Why can't you log in?
1) You have already registered an account with the same email address, that is not linked to an SNS account.
2) You have already registered with the same email address, but a different SNS account.
3) After linking your Daijob profile with an SNS account, you have deleted the SNS account information from your “My Page”.

How to solve this problem?
1) Please log in with your registered email address and password. If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it here.
2) Please log in using the registered SNS account.
3) Please log in with the email address and password that you have been using before deleting the SNS account from your Daijob profile. (If you have not changed the password since creating the account, you can enter the initially issued temporary password.)
How can I delete the currently connected SNS account and connect my Daijob profile with another SNS account?
My Page → TOP → User Account information. Select the connected SNS account and click the "Cancel" button.


How do I subscribe/unsubscribe to a newsletter on Daijob?
Registered members and non-registered members can also subscribe and unsubscribe via the pages below:

* Subscribe: https://www.daijob.com/en/mailmagazine/subscribe
* Unsubscribe: https://www.daijob.com/en/mailmagazine/unsubscribe

Additionally, registered members can change their subscription preferences via the instructions on their My Page.
I have cancelled my subscription to the newsletter, but I am still receiving e-mails from Daijob.com.
To unsubscribe from the job search mailing list, please log in with your username and password and then go to your My Page. Proceed to "Job Search Settings" and change the status of "Job Mail Settings" to "Don't Send". In the case of important user notifications, Daijob.com will inform you by e-mail regardless of your job search and subscription settings.

Applying for Jobs

I want to cancel a job application.
Once you've submitted an application for a position, you cannot cancel your application. If it must be rescinded, please contact the hiring company directly.
A company is not responding to my application. Can I follow up with them?
It is not possible for you to contact a company directly via Daijob.com without the company having contacted you first. If a company to which you have applied has previously contacted you through the Messages section of your My Page, you are able to contact them by replying to that message.

Please note that the amount of time it takes to receive a response to an application will vary per company. Some companies may respond within a day while others may take several, or even weeks.

If you would like to double check that your application was indeed completed, you can view a list of your completed applications on the Application History section of your My Page.
I want to confirm whether my application has been submitted or not.
Please check the Application History section of your My Page. When you submit an application, the hiring company receives notification of your application and is given authorization to view your resume.
Can I change my resume after submitting a job application?
Yes! It is possible to revise your resume after applying. When an employer receives notification of a job application, the employer is then given authorization to view the applicant's resume directly from Daijob's resume bank. When you revise your resume, the revisions are then reflected in the resume bank, so if you revise your resume after submitting an application but before the employer views it, the employer will view your revised resume.

Scout Mails

What does "Scout" mean, exactly?
"Scout" is our way of telling you how companies will view you: just like a 'scouted' sports star or actor. If you make your resume public and certain companies have interest in you, they will "scout" you (i.e. contact you directly via your registered account). We refer to these contacts as Scout Mails.
What information is viewable to companies when I make my resume public?
Even if you make your resume public, private information such as your name and detailed address will not be visible. Hidden information also includes your telephone number(s), and email address(es). Everything under Employment History Details and Skills is, however, visible from the moment you make your resume public.
How do I make my resume public?
When you finish writing your Daijob.com resume, items marked with an asterisk [*] are mandatory. If any one of these is left incomplete, your resume will not be posted to the public Resume Bank. Please check your resume again and make sure you have provided all of the required information. One of the most often overlooked areas is the Employment History Details section. If your have blank sections, please delete them by clicking the yellow "Delete this Employment History" button.
What does the Block Companies function do?
The Block Companies function allows you to make your resume inaccessible to specific companies.


How does Daijob.com protect my personal information?
Human Global Talent Co., Ltd. (Daijob.com's parent company) collects and uses its users' personal information with the utmost care. Human Global Talent Co., Ltd. has implemented internally its “Principles for Protecting Personal Information” which all staff strictly adhere to, and is a registered company under the Japanese government's Privacy Mark system. [Certification No. 10862122(02)]

For further information in regards to our Privacy Policy, please visit: https://www.daijob.com/en/top/privacy

For further information in regards to Japan's Privacy Mark system, please visit: http://privacymark.jp/
When is my personal information shown to companies?
Your private information is normally never shown. There are only a few instances, in fact, where your private information will be revealed, and we ensure that it is by your choice alone. If you reply to a Scout Mail as "Interested," for example, your private information will be released to that company. If you would like to make an inquiry before releasing your information to the company, please choose the "Considering" or "Not Interested" statuses when replying.

Account Cancellation & Data Deletion

How do I completely withdraw my information from Daijob.com?
To cancel your account with Daijob.com, please login to your My Page and proceed to the "Cancel Account" link at the bottom of the page.


The company that I applied to was very rude.
Daijob.com exists as a medium only and cannot be involved or held responsible in interaction between applicants and companies. On a case-by-case basis, however,we may call public attention to certain companies' actions, should their representatives not behave in a way befitting good recruitment policy.
I've found an error on the site. How do I work around it? How do I report it?
First, please ensure that you are viewing the site using one of our suggested browsers . Adjusting your settings alone may be enough to fix whatever error you may be experiencing.
*Please note that Java and cookies need to be enabled in order to use Daijob properly.

If adjusting your settings does not fix the error, please fill out and submit an error report via our Contact Us page below.

If possible, please include the following information in the "Inquiry" section of the form:
* Your username.
* The email address registered with your user account.
* The browser that you were using to view the page at the time of the error, along with the browser's version number.
* The operating system (OS) that you were using at the time of the error.
* The page on which the error occurred.
* A detailed description of the error

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