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Job Description

(Business content)
Oversees cyber security audits and information security audits for the entire company,
It is a business to promote.
We mainly target domestic group companies, but we also cooperate and collaborate with overseas audit teams.
In the future, we anticipate that you will be responsible for cyber security audits and information security audits as a leader.
(common area)
・Build and maintain relationships of trust with major stakeholders such as domestic and overseas audit departments and external vendors
・Create and maintain variou ...

Job Description

[Business content]
・Communication and coordination with overseas organizations (face-to-face, email)
・Handling international conferences and meetings with overseas organizations (summarizing English materials, translating, interpreting at meetings)
・Investigation of measures for small and medium-sized enterprises of overseas organizations (desk research, inquiries to overseas cooperating organizations and contractors by telephone and email, implementation management)
・Plan and implement study sessions with overseas organizations
・Translati ...

Job Description

[Business content]
You will be in charge of business management such as customer management and the adjustment of the cloud system necessary for it, new product development, and the necessary local system research and business planning.

・Account management and platform operation management related to FX trading
・Business development related to financial products other than FX and electronic payment business
(Field research, business planning, agent control, etc.)
・CRM system operation and customer support related to FX trading
・Business c ...

Job Description

[Business content]
We will entrust you with overseas sales as an existing business and initiatives for new businesses.

・Overseas sales:
We will conduct sales activities to overseas trading companies in the export business of main domestic fruits (apples, etc.).

・Existing business:
We also go to the market to conduct price negotiations and product inspections.

・Initiatives for new businesses:
Reporters and solicitors are required, but you can freely take on the challenge of developing from suppliers to sales destinations, as long as it ...

Job Description

[Business content]
As a PM for game localization projects, you will be in charge of managing projects and dealing with overseas publishers.

・Localization project management
 -Planning/estimating localization work
- Project management in localization work (progress, cost, quality, etc.)
- Analysis of localization results
-Finish report

・Communication with overseas publishers/developers
-Hearing issues/requests
- Proposal work

[Recruitment background]
Organizational strengthening

[Attractive point]
・It is a company with a domes ...

Job Description

[Business content]
■ You will be in charge of agency (China) sales and new business development.

In addition to engaging in agency sales for the domain that is our main business, our job is to discover the next business opportunities on a separate axis from our main business.

We are looking for multi-talented and light-footed personnel who can carry out the two tasks of "development of existing domain business" and "development of new business" in parallel.


(1) Agency sales (Chinese agency)
Our mission is to meet the perso ...

Job Description

[Business content]
You will teach English according to the curriculum for infants who attend kindergartens and elementary school students who attend English experience cram schools.

(for infants)
・You will be involved in early childhood education centered on English conversation in cooperation with Japanese teachers.

(for elementary school students)
・STEAM education for elementary school students in English.

[Recruitment background]
Organizational strengthening

[Attractive point]
This is a completely new childcare facility that combi ...

Job Description

[Business content]
■ Asset management business
・Documentation of asset management contracts, etc.
・Formulation of business plans for existing and new investment projects
・Draft and execute a management plan in cooperation with property managers and investors (business level English required)
・Financial arrangements for investment projects (including lender selection, condition negotiations, and documentation work)

[Recruitment background]
Organizational strengthening

[Attractive point]
◆Global Standard
We have executives and emp ...

Job Description

[Business content]
Based on the business requirements, you will make full use of various tools to conduct customer analysis, competitor analysis, sentiment analysis by social listening, etc., and propose and implement movie promotion measures based on data.

・Aggregate data necessary for analysis using various tools
・Understand various tools and carry out optimal tool operation work for measures
・Implementing advertising operations on each major platform
(Even if you cannot carry out all the work, you will be asked to carry out a part of the ...

Job Description

[Business content]
I would like to ask for accounting work (such as creating documents for banks and tax accountants) and managing the president's schedule.  

【In particular】
・Accounting business
・Creation of materials for banks and tax accountants
・Data collection and compilation
・Adjusting the president's schedule
・Business planning support
・Managing management meetings and materials
・Creating minutes

★Our company has overseas subsidiaries, so in the future it is possible to work overseas.

[Attractive point]
Fo ...

Job Description

・ Those who love games! Welcome!
・ This is a must-see for those who want to do overseas sales that make use of English! !!

[Business description]
This is the position of a new sales representative for localization of content (games, anime, manga, etc.).

As a consulting sales representative, we will ask game publishers and development companies in English-speaking countries and European countries to confirm the needs of our customers and propose services for expanding into Japan and Asia.

In particular,
・ For companies that research game ...

Job Description

[Business description]
You will be in charge of overseas sales and marketing research work for global expansion and product development of domestic and overseas companies.

job description:
・ Responding to inquiries regarding overseas surveys (hearing of survey contents and preparation / submission of quotations)
・ New development business
・ Management of research operations for orders (planning, coordination, operation)
・ Follow-up of existing customers

[Business partners are from all over the world! ]
Western regions such as the Uni ...

Job Description

[Business description]
■ Specific work content
・ Test execution
・ Test design
-Understanding the basic design document / detailed design document
-Create a single-function test design
-Review of test design document
・ Suggestions for improvement to customers, etc.

■ Work flow
・ Our quality assurance engineers work in this way.
Example) Design of test specifications → Preparation for test execution → Execution of test execution → Creation of report after test completion → End

▼ Education system
After joining the compa ...

Job Description

[Business description]
We are looking for people who can participate in our company to further expand our overseas business.
We hope that you will continue to take on new challenges without hesitation while conducting new sales activities in order to promote market development overseas and turning PDCA.

【Foreign operation】
Please perform the following tasks (1) or (2) according to your ability and aptitude.

① Overseas sales
・ Development of overseas markets
-New business (individual / corporate)
-Program design and marketing activitie ...

Job Description

[Business description]
・ Equipment development / maintenance (design / development of manufacturing equipment)
・ Production technology (Production technology related to magnet wire manufacturing (equipment management, process design, etc.))
・ Development (Magnet wire design, evaluation, domestic and overseas customer support)

[Background for recruitment]
Organizational strengthening

[Attractive points]
・ It is a joint venture between a magnet wire manufacturer in the United States, which has the world's top class share, and a major non ...

Job Description

[Business description]
In order to solve the client's problems, you will be responsible for comprehensive production work of planning, planning and implementation of all communication strategies.

Since we may frequently interact with foreign countries, those with a high level of international communication and those with a strong overseas orientation can play an active role in fields that meet their wishes.

[Background for recruitment]
Organizational strengthening

[Attractive points]
・ A comprehensive advertising company that supports clien ...

人材紹介 (Company is not publicly visible)
  • ★ ★ ★ Senior Level
Job Description

・Practical promotion of J-SOX management evaluation and system construction
・J-SOX secretariat work and audit firm support
・Promote alignment with audit teams of overseas group companies
・Internal audit of domestic group companies
・Expected to lead the internal audit project in the future
*For the time being, you will be engaged in the above work, but in the future there is a possibility that job rotation will occur to the extent that you can make use of your abilities. ...

Job Description

As the person in charge of the stock management business of the corporate group, you will be involved in the management of stocks and shareholders, the secretariat work of the general meeting of shareholders, dealing with major shareholders and institutional investors, and other external disclosure and notification work based on laws and regulations centered on the Companies Act. increase.

<Job details>
・Management of stocks and shareholders of the corporate group, operation of stock holding association
・Communication with major sharehol ...

Job Description

As a member of the overseas transfer management section, I am in charge of procedures related to overseas assignments and procedures for accepting transfers from overseas.
<Job details>
・Confirmation of contract details with the person in charge of human resources at the company to which the employee is assigned overseas,
, Various procedures including contract conclusion work.
・When accepting employees from overseas, various procedures including confirmation of contract details and contract conclusion work with personnel personnel at the ...

Job Description

Assisting the manager of the public relations organization, communicating with various stakeholders (employees, media, investors, business partners, individuals・Promote the company's activities as a person in charge to gain support and understanding from the general public. Promote PR/IR activities as a listed company, as well as practices responsible for group-wide communication.
<Job details>
● Promotion of digital PR for branding using owned media and SNS
Operation of owned media, questionnaires, tie-up planning, etc. to improve the bra ...

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