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Updated 2024-06-12
Activated 2024-05-31

[Working in Kofu] [System engineer] Focusing on cutting-edge AI <Bonus 3 times a year / Overtime work 20 hours or less per month / Retention rate 95%>
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This posting is managed by: iHOLON Co.,Ltd
Company Name Company is not publicly visible
Job Type
iHOLON Co.,Ltd
IT (PC, Web, Unix) - Business Application SE
Location Asia Japan Yamanashi

Job Description As a system engineer, you will be involved in development from the upstream process, from requirements definition to user guidance. We also have AI (deep learning) projects.
*Depending on the project, we may be stationed at the client company and perform operations such as development.
"Even in that case, the work location will be in the Kanto area."

◆ Business details
■ Application development
■ Requirement definition
■ User Guidance

◆ Development system
・Working as a team
・Because of the multi-person system, you can work on new tasks with peace of mind.
・Necessary educational support is also available

◆ About projects
Out of a wide range of tasks,
You will be in charge of what suits your experience and aspirations.
・Embedded application development
・Business application development
・Financial system development
・Infrastructure system
・Machine control system
・Medical system
・ Development of in-house products, etc.

◆Workplace characteristics
・In-house work ratio 70%! It is possible to work with basic take-out.
・Depending on your ability, you can become PL or PM immediately.
・Many mid-career employees are active.
・It is possible to use the flextime system after the third year of employment
*Core time 10:00-15:00

◆Company attractiveness
"Let's do what engineers want to do"
Words that describe our corporate culture.
It is a workplace that values the motivation and thoughts of engineers.
[Offshore development in Vietnam]
【Overseas training】
[Opening of Okinawa office]
All of these were realized from the suggestions of engineers.
Our company has a good atmosphere, and with the voice of our engineers,
It has a lot of potential to be launched as a first business.
“I want to build a career like this as an engineer.”
"I want to make the company better."
"I want to deliver such value to the world"
Picking up such a desire, as an engineer,
You have an environment where you can do your best.
" "Recruitment of additional staff due to business expansion.
With a track record of software development for control systems, financial systems, and business systems,
We are strengthening our efforts in cutting-edge technologies such as deep learning.
In order to grow AI and deep learning into the next pillars of our business,
We will employ new personnel and strengthen our system.
"Let's do what engineers want to do"
This is our corporate culture.
In the field of control system, AI, business system development
Direct dealings with famous major clients and
Proven track record at manufacturing sites of machine manufacturers.
These achievements as a company are based on the fact that each and every one of our employees
go in the direction you want,
It was born because I was able to grow freely.
“I want to be independent and improve my skills as an engineer.”
"I want to be involved in direct transactions"
"I want to wear advanced technology"
“I want to draw my own career as an engineer.”
"I want to have a broader perspective"
If you have such thoughts,
We are sure that we can do what we want to do.
Company Info Since our founding in 1991, we have been engaged in software development under the slogan [Software development to create people, utilize people, and serve people].

In the past few years, we have worked on many advanced technology developments,
“Aiming to be the strongest organization with the best technology!” ~Building a well-balanced relationship with our customers through technological capabilities~
We are conducting sales that make use of our strengths under the slogan.
Outsourced development projects are wide-ranging, centering on the development of control systems and package products, as well as smartphone applications and entertainment web interfaces.
In addition, we are proceeding with research and development of cutting-edge technologies such as AI development from 2014, 3D point cloud and SLAM development from 2018.
In 2001, we acquired ISO9001, ISO27001, and ISO5230, which is an OSS standard, in pursuit of high quality.
We provide high-quality products, from technologies that are stably required to cutting-edge technologies.
◆Reasons why major clients choose us
We specialize in the field of control systems. Semiconductor manufacturing/inspection equipment, optical microscopes, visual inspection equipment (industrial products/food), etc.
We have many achievements in control systems, and our precise system development know-how is a major strength of our company.
As an AI vendor that understands FA, control, and HW (sensors), we are attractive to customers, and 80% of projects are direct transactions with major clients.
◆ Development example
◎Food remains inspection device development ◎Vegetables visual inspection Accuracy and speed improvement ◎Recycling sorter development
◎Introduction of state-of-the-art technology to fundus examination equipment ◎Image processing for visual inspection of building materials ◎Support for development of semiconductor manufacturing equipment/FPD manufacturing equipment
◎ Support for development of die bonder equipment ◎ Interchangeable lens control for cameras (development of embedded software for MCU) ◎ Automatic macro inspection equipment
◎SLAM development (measurement of underground data and real-time self-position estimation) ◎Dynamic behavior data development (investigation of the impact of corona in each industry from Wi-Fi connection information)
◎Traffic Guidance System (realization of traffic guidance through cooperation between systems) ◎Reinforcement learning using arm robots
◎ Market transaction management system ◎ Payment terminal application
Main products/services: ◆ Business description
AI development
SLAM (point cloud) development
Development of control applications
Educational content development
Business application development
Web/smartphone application development
Edge and control system development
package software development
◆In-house developed products
With accumulated software development know-how,
“Deep learning without specialized knowledge
of the concept that it can be introduced into the business flow
Deep learning image processing package PC
developed in-house. start selling
We are planning to commercialize it.
Working Hours 08:30-17:30
Development experience in either C/C++/C#/Python/VB.NET

[Welcome requirements]
Knowledge of mathematics and statistics

[People we want]
■ Those who want to work in cooperation with others
■ Those who want to challenge new things
■Those who want to acquire unique skills

Our company has many young people, mainly in their 20s and 30s.
There are many motivated employees, and free plan training (details below) etc.
While absorbing each person's opinion,
We have a highly motivated environment where you can grow.

[Education system]
◆ In-house training
◇ Business etiquette, etc.
*A wide range of seminars, from general knowledge as a member of society to self-development seminars
◇Technical training
Employees become instructors,
such as giving feedback on the content of external seminars, etc.
I am deploying the skills I learned to other employees.
◆ Outside training
◇ Seminars sponsored by various educational institutions and associations
* Leave it up to the employee's autonomy, and you can take any training you like within the budget.
*Excessive deviance from duties will not be accepted
◆ Free plan training
◇Cost: 300,000 yen ・Period: Training that can be planned and executed freely within the scope of 2 weeks
By thinking about the content of the training on your own and having independence, you will be more motivated to learn.
<Past examples>
・Training for opening a branch office in Vietnam ・IT company inspection training in Thailand
・IT company inspection training in India ・Web language “PHP” technology acquisition training
・English conversation training ・Massage training
・Financial planner qualification training, etc.
Japanese Level Business Level(JLPT Level 2 or N2)
Salary JPY - Japanese Yen JPY 3000K - JPY 6000K   
Other Salary
* Salary will be given preferential treatment according to our company regulations, taking into account experience, ability, and previous salary.
◆ Salary increase once a year (April)
◆Bonuses twice a year (June and December)
◆ Settlement bonus once a year
* Has been paid continuously for over 20 years since its establishment!

◆ Salary details
Monthly salary 221,300 yen to 492,600 yen
Basic salary 179,700 yen to 400,000 yen
Fixed overtime fee 41,600 yen to 92,600 yen/month
Includes 30 fixed overtime hours/month
*Excess amount will be paid separately" "■ Property accumulation savings
■ Retirement allowance system
■ Company trips (Hawaii, Australia, Guam, etc.)
■ Recreational facilities
■ Childcare and family care leave system
■ Various allowances (commuting, overtime, family, housing, acquisition of qualifications)
■ Mutual aid system
Club activities (golf club, futsal club, etc.)
■ Housing allowance
[Working in Tokyo]
Depends on rent or monthly repayment amount
Head of household: ~25,000 yen
Non-head of household: ~20,000 yen
■ Social insurance
 Health insurance, welfare pension, employment insurance, worker's compensation insurance
Holidays ■ Full weekly two-day system (Saturday and Sunday)
■ Holidays
■ Year-end and New Year holidays
■ Summer vacation
■ Annual paid vacation
Job Contract
full-time employee

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iHOLON Co.,Ltd

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[Working in Kofu] [System engineer] Focusing on cutting-edge AI <Bonus 3 times a year / Overtime work 20 hours or less per month / Retention rate 95%>