Writing a Resume (Beginners)

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Resume Workshop - For Beginners

When writing a resume, many people do not know where to start and end up overcomplicating the process as a result. If your resume will be viewed exclusively by employers scouting candidates, then it is not necessary to write a perfect resume. From a recruiters' perspective, you should prepare a resume based only on the information a company is looking for.

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Employer's Scouting Process

Learn the Employer's Scouting Process

There are two main ways how employers find scout candidates from our resume bank. The first is by a keyword search, where the employer enters keywords such as necessary qualifications or past experiences or job titles. Then the employers look carefully through the resumes that hit their keywords, and send scout messages to those candidates who seem to be a match for the open position. The second way is by searching the Skills field to find candidates with a match for specific skills, certifications, or qualifications. In both cases, getting your resume to come up as a match for the keywords being searched is the key to getting scouted.

Getting Keywords to Match

Employers search through our resume bank using the same keywords in their posted job advertisements. So the first point of concern for you is whether those keywords are in your resume or not. It is necessary to use the exact terms that the employer uses, rather than your own wording of the terms. In other words, you want it to match the keyword content in the job listing word-for-word. Employers looking to hire will be searching through a large number of resumes at once. That is why it is important to also briefly summarize your work history. Employers want to be able to quickly identify your qualifications and experience. Make this process easy for them . A clear and concise resume that is rich in content will attract the most employers.

Create a Resume Quickly

1 1. Start with What's Simple

Always start with the information that is on-hand and easy to fill out. Most of your resume's content will be made up of information such as employer name, position, and working period. Start with that. If you’d rather withhold the name of your current employer in your public resume, that’s fine. In that case, you can check to keep the company name hidden and then only a summary of the employer is disclosed. In this case, it is important to provide a brief explanation of the employer, such as what kind of business the company runs, or how big the company is with how many employees. In addition, your job title can also be withheld

A foreign-affiliated merchandise bank, October, 2004-Present

Business Description: Distribution, System Development, Introduction, and Maintenance of Computers and Network Equipments
Employer Size: 1,000
Employees Capital: 1 Billion
Position: Leader of Sales and Marketing Group, Fulltime Employee

A Word of Advice
Information of the candidates' current position is necessary for employers to have a better understanding of the responsibilities they cover at their jobs.
2 2. Focus on Your Strengths

Employers want to know an applicant's past work experience to assess their present and future work potential. When you list past jobs and experiences, you should focus on portions of your past that emphasize your strengths. Always list any job that involved heavy responsibility.


At the headquarters in Tokyo, I was the leader of the sales and marketing group (5 members). I was mainly responsible for system consulting, and distribution of network and computer equipment, towards IT, Financial and foreign-affiliated companies. I was successful in comprehending the needs and requests of our customers and providing the best consulting for them.

Job Description

・ System consulting for foreign-affiliated companies
・ Distributing network and computer equipment.
・ Securing new customers.
・ Running an agency, exploiting new agencies, and supporting existing-agencies.
・ Establishing Internet connection and security environment.
・ Supervising group members, including training and supervising numeric goals.

A Word of Advice
You cannot expect your employers to read your resumes thoroughly or even understand all of your skills. It is your job to communicate your own level of competency through your resume.
3 3. List Work History Chronologically

After creating your employment history summary focusing on your strengths, write down things you have done in your career chronologically. Again, try to provide past experiences that reinforce the strengths you want to emphasize. Keep in mind what will appear in an employer's search results, so be sure to include keywords used in job advertisements when writing about your past achievements.

Employment History

October, 2004: Entered company, posted as leader of sales and marketing division.
March, 2005: Acquisition of three new sales agency. Achievement of sales target (110%)

A Word of Advice
By including specific accomplishments or concrete numbers, it will be easier for the viewers to grasp your employment history.
4 4. Add More Details

When necessary, add more details of your strengths, such as past working achievements. If you belong to the sales and marketing division, add details of client types, or sales performances.

Self Introduction

My job is to solve systematic computer problems for business corporations. I have been working on connecting with customers by listening to their problems and analyzing the issues. I regularly check on the latest case examples and skills in order to sharpen my own understanding of how to improve my own skills.
Recognition: March, 2005, received Division Manager Award for accomplishing sales targets.

A Word of Advice
By including specific accomplishments or concrete numbers, it will be easier for the viewers to grasp your employment history.
5 Get Scouted, Then Prepare an Official Resume

When a candidate who receives a scout message decides to apply to an employer, they will be required to submit an official resume. Think of your public resume as a kind of unofficial resume distinctly for the general purpose of scouting. An official resume will be catered specifically to the job you're applying for.
If you receive a scout message from a staffing agency, we recommend creating your official resume after checking the recruiting description with a consultant. This way, the consultant can advise you on how to build the best possible official resume.

A Word od Advice
When creating an official resume, make changes according to the employer's job advertisement. Create a resume especially focusing on the skills the employer is looking for.