Tips for writing your Daijob resume

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Find global companies that match your skills and interests. Find global companies that match your skills and interests.

Tips for writing
your Daijob resume

  • Personal Description (Self-PR) Strengths / Personal stories
  • Job Description Specific details about your work and achievements
  • Skill Tools that you have used and/or development environment

Having both an English and a Japanese resume will greatly increase your chances of finding work as it will allow more employers to view your profile. Candidates who register their Japanese Daijob resume can receive more than twice as many scout mails as those who only register their English resume!
The more time you spend on creating your resume, the higher the chance that you will receive scout mails. It is advised to fill in all the information in your resume and to pay special attention to your self-PR, job history, and skills. After mindfully filling in these three categories, our candidates were able to receive 3.7 times more scout mails!*

* according to internal research

Talk about your strengths and relevant personal stories in the Personal Description!

Self-PR is the place where the employers can get to know you a little bit better. This is the place where they can find out if you would be the right person for their company. You can write about your experience, achievmenets an specific stories to grab their interested and receive a scout mail.

Example : Secretary
Write down specific details about your work and achievements!

Experience is crucial when trying to change jobs. Many recruiters are looking for candidates who can start working immediately after being hired and are actively scouting candidates that have specific skills needed for their open positions. To make the possibility of being scouted even higher, it is strongly recommended to write down not only your current position but more of your previous work history as well.

Example : Sales
Write down your specific qualifications and all achieved certifications in the "skill" column!

Each job type requires different skills, so having them and showing how much you have used them will become your point of appeal. For IT-related positions, this field is particularly important, so let's not forget to write down the tools you have used and the development environment that you have worked with. Also make sure to write down any certifications or licences that you have acquired. Ex: JLPTN1, TOEIC 950, CGEIT, ITIL, General Travel Management Certification etc.

Example : Engineer