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Use your English / language skills as a bilingual to find work in Japan in a variety of in demand fields such as IT, Marketing and Hospitality.Expand your horizons and learn new skills and culture whilst gaining invaluable experience.

At Daijob.com, we have a wealth of information for jobs in Japan and how you can make the most of your skills and experience.

For those with bilingual skills looking for work in Japan, please refer to the below list of jobs, or refine your search further.

Daijob.com has plenty of jobs in Japan for bilinguals so let’s search Daijob.com to find your perfect matching job in Japan!

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Desired salary : JPY - Japanese Yen/ JPY 8500K

Language preference :English

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As the APAC ABM and Field Marketing Director, you will drive demand generation for Scandit portfolio in APAC. Working within the Global Marketing team, and managing 1 field marketing specialist, you will be responsible for the strategic planning and execution of an integrated marketing plan for the APAC region.
You will partner with the sales and BDRs, and work closely with content, campaigns, digital, industry solutions, product and customer advocacy teams to deliver on pipeline targets for the region. The role reports to the Global Field Marketing, AB ...

Job Description

The Head of the Information systems and Technology ensures the information system's alignment with group and company strategy, and is responsible for the design, implementation, and operational maintenance of the information system, along with its security, quality, and compliance with group policies as well as local policies, standards, and regulations.
To this end, he is responsible for marketing the IS1 and the IT2 Department, both within the company and externally if applicable.

He proposes to general management the major changes to th ...

Job Description

As an expert in talent management and organizational development, you will work together to formulate HRBP strategies and solve problems in order to realize the Hitachi Group's strategies.

[Job details]
- Work cross-sectionally with the human resources departments of each group company and address various issues
- Main HR managers are located at each company, mainly in the United States, and work is carried out through regular communication.
- Collaboration with Industry Group's business divisions, business strategy divisions, and management and su ...

  • ★ ★ ★ ★ Manager Level
Job Description

◇Business Development, Relationship Management, Strategy, etc in the area of Level2+ ~ Level3 autonomous driving system by proposing ME’s Super Vision and Chauffer system.
◇Interact daily-weekly with our clients as a key representative of Mobileye Japan and assist them with any matters relating to products and service.
◇Communicate continually with Mobileye’s Japanese resident engineers as well as engineers in Israel, sales members and other managers globally to stay abreast of
product improvements, new products and/or ot ...

Job Description

This client-facing role aims at developing and growing company’s business activities, revenue and EBITDA from new and existing market segments and channels. The highly competitive logistics markets demand a deep understanding of very complex logistics solutions as well as an insightful knowledge of the competitive landscape of the covered territory.

Responsible for selling to new APAC customers and meeting individual targets develops, recommends, and executes playbook for prioritized potential APAC customers.

Co ...

Job Description

【job description】
This position is in charge of managing service delivery (management of processes and deliverables) in "managed service" projects provided to various customers regardless of Japanese / foreign-affiliated companies or industries. From the project launch phase to planning, execution, monitoring & control, and completion, we will manage the project team in a unified manner.

[What you can get in this position]
・ Experience of a global platform utilizing an offshore model centered on India
・ Opportunity to get the first state-of ...

Job Description



伝統的な管理手法に最新の経営指標を織り込みなが ...

Job Description

Job Description

We are seeking a highly skilled Bilingual Technical Project Manager to join our team on a contract basis. The successful candidate will serve as a vital link between Japanese clients and our engineering teams located in Australia and India. This position requires fluency in both English and Japanese, along with solid technical project management abilities. The ideal candidate will have a background in IT security and/or user experience (UX) with a focus on mobile platforms. The role involves presenting on-site at client locations and f ...

Recruiter (Company is not publicly visible)
  • ★ ★ ★ ★ Manager Level
Job Description

• Analytical design and construction of machine learning model using Python / R, etc. after understanding the business contents and issues
• Extraction of data using SQL etc. and creation of reports using BI tools such as Excel and Tableau
• Designing measures to make it verifiable and calculating the effects of actual measures
• Those who have a wide range of interests such as peripheral areas and business trends, and continue to catch up, not limited to data science knowledge and technology
• Those who can think flexibly
• Those who ca ...

Recruiter (Company is not publicly visible)
  • ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Executive Level
Job Description

When you register an order slip in S/4, for example, a workspace for order per project is automatically generated. Users use it by adding folders in the workspace, placing PDF files in them, and so on. The purpose of this case is to consolidate, for example, invoice PDFs created in multiple projects into a folder for transmission, and create PDF files that can be sent to Data Delivery via JP1 FTP using our I/F integration platform. Since Data Delivery has conventions for incoming files, you may need to edit them at the time of output. You also need to cr ...

Recruiter (Company is not publicly visible)
  • ★ ★ ★ Senior Level
Job Description

• We would like your help with the coding/design of a website built with Wordpress.
• It is assumed that you have knowledge of HTML/CSS3/Javascript/PHP, illutrator/Photoshop, etc.
• Not only the coding / design, but also the direction is in the expected value, and I would like you to complete the output.
• (IT Solution Product Introduction Site)

Recruiter 日本リージャスホールディングス(株)
  • ★ ★ ★ ★ Manager Level
Job Description


各拠点には、営業(CSM)とプレイングマネージャー(CSMTL)がおり、各拠点が安定稼働できるよう戦略立案・管理業務をご担当いただき ...

Recruiter 王子マネジメントオフィス(株)
  • ★ ★ ★ ★ Manager Level
Job Description


(文系・理系など、応募者の経験・知識に応じる) ...

Recruiter (株)カケハシ
  • ★ ★ ★ ★ Manager Level
Job Description


■契約書の作成、契約交渉 ■クロージング手続きのフォロ ...

Recruiter ラクスル(株)
  • ★ ★ ★ ★ Manager Level
Job Description

Platform SREチームのサーバサイド・シニアエンジニアとして、ラクスルの大規模プラットフォームにおけるWeb技術基盤領域で、信頼性・堅牢性、拡張性向上のための開発・運用業務の中核を担っていただきます。

【ミッション】印刷Eコマースから始まり、デザインサービス、ノベルティーEコマース等カスタマイズECとして拡大を続けている当社事業において、快適かつ安全にいつでも利用できるプラットフォームを ...

Recruiter (株)エスケーホーム
  • ★ ★ ★ ★ Manager Level
Job Description


・不動産売買契約書 ・重要事項説明書 ・建物賃貸借契約書    等 ...

Recruiter (株)ヴェス
  • ★ ★ ★ ★ Manager Level
Job Description


■テスト計画策定やテスト項目作成等のテスト設計(シナリオ・仕様書作成) ■テスト結果の確認、レビュー ■マネジメント業務
■ ...

Recruiter SBIセキュリティ・ソリューションズ(株)
  • ★ ★ ★ ★ Manager Level
Job Description

【顧客(SBIグループ内外あり)への金融システム(証券、銀行等)の提案、交渉】■顧客との交渉・折衝・プリセールス■スケジュール調整、仕様調整 ※備考欄補足あり

【アカウントマネジメント】■アカウントマネジメント業務および全社アカウントマネジメントの統括 ※備考欄補足あり

■受注管理、発注管理、請求管理、契約締結管理■営業事務担当者(4名)のマネジメント ...

Recruiter TRENDE(株)
  • ★ ★ ★ ★ Manager Level
Job Description


https://trende.jp/news/press/20201113/ ...

Recruiter (株)foxcale
  • ★ ★ ★ ★ Manager Level
Job Description


2) メンバーの育成
3) プロダクトKPIの策定、管理
4) 法人営業戦略の立案、実行
5) パートナー代理店の戦略の立案、実行
6)弁護士・会 ...