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Diverse large to small machine manufacturing ...

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顧客との仕様の折衝、仕様書作成、試運転立会等なども担当して頂きます。 ...

Job Description

Company is seeking for an engineer to work on the design & development of control / embedded software, which will provide the competency for solar panel cleaning robot (patented technology).

Tasks include:
- Requirement definition
- Fundamental design
- Detailed design
- Programming
- Testing


具体的な仕事イメージ:要件定 ...

Job Description

Company is seeking for an engineer to work on the product planning & design, which will provide the competency for their products.

Tasks include:
- Research and development
- Product planning
- Product design
- Prototyping and analysis
- Mass production
of solar panel cleaning robot and next-generation robots.


具体的な仕事イメージ:ソーラーパネル清掃ロボット及び次世代ロボットの研究 ...

Recruiter (Company is not publicly visible)
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Job Description

Thermal control design and analysis of satellite.
- Optimize combination of passive and active thermal control to maintain all part of satellite within allowable temperature limit. Passive control includes
tuning of conduction/radiation heat paths. Active control includes electrical
heaters. Note: No convection exists in space environment.
- Design and select thermal instrumentation hardware for use on satellite, e.g.
heat dissipation material, thermal insulation (i.e. multi-layer insulation),
electrical heaters etc.
- Create and maintain satellit ...

Recruiter (Company is not publicly visible)
  • ★ ★ Staff Level
Job Description

- Design of electrical circuit of company's product (remote-control robot and its control interface)
- Direction of external vendors in manufacturing of product and its electric board and cables
- Setup, initial turn-on and verification of product

・同社プロダクトの ...

Recruiter (Company is not publicly visible)
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Job Description

The AI engineer (Computer Vision) position is targeted for a candidate who has extensive knowledge and hands on experience with object recognition, tracking and classification with the latest state-of-the art machine learning algorithms. The specific job role would be:
1. Development of a machine learning based object detection algorithm for large scale dataset.
2. Object tracking and pose estimation with dense environments.
3. Develop smarter and efficient ways of automating data creation step by streamlining the process of segmentation, augmentati ...

Recruiter (Company is not publicly visible)
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Job Description

You will be in charge of control algorithm development for humanoid robot.

The kinematics algorithm to control the robot is already in shape.
Company is looking for a candidate with expertise in math and mechatronics, who can contribute in its improvement, and dynamics control development.

Typical tasks include:
- Development of kinematics model & dynamics model for humanoid robot
- Algorithm development for path planning of end effector, collision avoidance with self and other objects, and compliance control
- Simulation of robot's workable sp ...

Recruiter 大手製鉄グループ会社
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プラントエンジニアのご経験のある方は歓迎です。 ...

Recruiter 外資機械メーカー
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プラントエンジニアのご経験のある方は歓迎です。 ...

Recruiter 外資系機械メーカー
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【コンサ ...

Recruiter 外資系工作機器メーカー
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外資系工作機器メーカーでの募集です ...

Recruiter 株式会社ispace
  • ★ ★ ★ Senior Level
Job Description

Hold BS in mechanical engineering aerospace engineering or robotics with 3+ years of experience in the design of space applications and/or MGSE.
Possess proven track record of developing mechanical products (metallic and composite) from concept to fabrication
Is knowledgeable about mechanical design material selection and fabrication processes for spaceflight hardware
Has extensive experience with FEM software packages
Has Knowledge of Geometric Dimension and Tolerance (GD T)
Must have excellent interpersonal organizational and ...

Recruiter 株式会社ispace
  • ★ ★ ★ Senior Level
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 製品開発の ...

Recruiter 東証一部 エンジニアリング会社


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海外売上比率の増加を経営計画で掲げており、海外M Aを積極的に行っていく方針です。

海外事業を拡大している企業での募集です。 ...

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