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“Professional Partners Leading from Trust to Success”

At Apex, we work hard to find the best match between employers and job seekers, based on the belief that great people are valuable. We provide high-quality solutions by always putting the six core values of “honesty”, “communication”, “teamwork”, “commitment”, “people” and “adaptability” at the center of the business.

Apex also participates in the IRC Global Executive Search Partners, an international federation created under the philosophy of running high-class recruitment services. With offices in 80 cities around the world, we are a representative of Japan.

Apex is highly valued in the human resources industry, with Recruitment International saying, "The fastest growing company" in 2014, "A life science recruitment company" in 2015, "The most wanted recruitment company" in 2018, And recently, in 2019, he was awarded the "Healthcare & Life Sciences Recruitment Company".

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When do you find rewarding?

Since I can be involved with both the client and the candidate, it is worthwhile to introduce a job that fits the client's wishes and matches the candidate! And because rewards are rewarded for success, people with high motivation for pay may find it even more rewarding. It's targeted at executives, so it can take up to a year from finding a candidate to actually hiring. The joy of accomplishing is so great as you spend your time!

Please tell us your business image after joining the company.

One month after joining the company, there is a training in the morning, where you will learn about the recruitment business, how to use the database, etc. in classroom lectures, and perform role play on interaction with candidates. In the afternoon, at the OJT, each director will give lectures and practice the recruitment flow in each industry in addition to industry knowledge. * Morning training is conducted in English.

Please tell me the team composition.

Depending on the teams you belong to, each team has around 5 people. In the age group, managers are in their 40s, and members are mostly in their late 20s to early 30s. The average age is 32 years. Employee backgrounds vary from experienced pharmaceutical industry, recruiters, apparel, English school managers, and business professionals. There are many people who have no experience in the human resources industry or sales, and they are active!

What We're Proud ofA culture of helping each other and sharing each other!

Apex has a two-day employee trip every year. This year, I went to Karuizawa, Nagano Prefecture, to produce a quiet and beautiful holiday! The employee's family deepened exchanges together! In the summer, there is a houseboat party, an annual event our employees are looking forward to every year, and we spent a long time cruising Tokyo Bay while enjoying the scenery of Odaiba and Harumi. Our multinational staff are proud to have a summer-like and winter-like time in Japan!

Apex is the perfect company for those who want to work independently, can work positively, and want to be evaluated with achievements! The members are hungry, soft, humble, helping each other and sharing each other. If you want to work in such an atmosphere, please apply!

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