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Employer 4G Clinical G.K.

☆ The Japanese corporation from the United States that provides randomization and trial supply management software! ☆

Top MessageBringing crucial medicines to those who need them, faster.

Who is 4G Clinical?

Headquartered in Wellesley, Massachusetts, 4G Clinical is a global leader in randomization and trial supply management and supply forecasting optimization software for the life sciences industry, offering the only fully cloud-based, 100% configurable and flexible solution utilizing natural language processing to accelerate clinical trials.

4G Clinical's expert staff has a sense of humility, self-confidence, curiosity, and a sense of responsibility to get things done.
Most importantly, everyone at 4G Clinical is enthusiastic about the mission of getting the medicines they need to the people they need faster.

4G Clinical exists to contribute to the planet by removing technology obstacles to drug development. This company is grounded in that purpose. Our first study went live in February of 2017, and right now we are running about 250 concurrent studies, globally.

Ed Tourtellotte
-Founder and CTO-

Ed Tourtellotte, CTO of 4G Clinical, was the founder of Tourtellotte Solutions (acquired by Bioclinica), a company specializing in clinical trial consulting and technology. Ed designed and built the world's first configurable IRT in 2000, and also designed the Trident IWR in conjunction with the investigational drug supply simulator tcVisualize. Ed is proficient in attracting and maintaining an incredibly talented team and is a frequent speaker at clinical technology conferences. He holds a bachelor's degree in economics from Duke University.

David Kelleher
-Founder and CEO-

4G Clinical CEO Dave Kelleher is a co-founder of ACME Business Consulting (sold to North Highland) and has led major management consulting activities for several large companies in the northwestern United States. Dave has been named top 40 entrepreneurs under the age of 40 in the Portland Business Journal and has been recognized by the US Small Business Administration (SBA) as a small business entrepreneur in Oregon. Former Army Ranger David was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in his early twenties. He is active in finding treatments, chairs the Oregon branch of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, and has played several national roles. Dave holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Duke University.

JobWhat kind of solution do we offer?

How do we differentiate ourselves? We can launch studies faster than any company in the world. We have proven that many times.

You do not always need speed, but what you always need is flexibility because trials change, and the designs can change.
We typically win on speed and flexibility. We are also the newest offering in the space, so we have the most modern technology stack.

We use natural language processing. That is how we are able to do certain things.
That is how we are processing to read a system specification and configure the study without human intervention. 

RTSM technology
Clinical trial design is becoming more complex.
The inability of RTSM technology to keep up with its complexity is hampering faster delivery of medication to patients. First- and third-generation RTSMs have not evolved to support clinical trials these days.

4G Clinical's 4th Generation RTSM addresses the complexity of clinical trial design: technology bottlenecks.

Agile 4th Generation Randomization and Test Supply Management Technology
4G Clinical understands the urgency. Unlike other companies, 4G Clinical has a system in place to deal with the enormous cost and time constraints associated with clinical trials.
4G Clinical's unique approach to RTSM allows us to respond faster than ever before, enabling us to get the medicine we need to the people who need it faster.

Strategy/ProductsWhat kind of service do we have?

-100% reconfigurable and flexible solution with natural language processing (NLP)-

World's Most Innovative Randomization and Trial Supply Management (RTSM)

-Accelerate clinical trial launch with rapid build, verification, and implementation timelines.
-Agile technology stack improves data quality.
-Prancer RTSM® integrated forecasting capabilities solve complex forecasting challenges.

The world's most dynamic supply and demand planning solution

-Build, run, and validate your supply chain model in minutes instead of days.
-Completely control the effect of input on output to ensure transparency.
-Reduces human error by eliminating manual work.
-Eliminates the need for external SMEs to build, read and analyze supply chain models.


Global PointInterview with co-founder and CEO about the Tokyo office!

David Kelleher -Founder and CEO-

You have established a Tokyo office to expand in the Asia Pacific region. Would you please describe what progress you have made?


We went into Japan directly about three years ago. That was because most of our competitors engage with Japanese pharma through their R&D centers in the US and Europe, as opposed to going directly to Japanese sponsors. We felt like we should go directly to that market and really learn it. We hired a country director early on. Takuya Kitami is his name. He has been fantastic. We have built the team there. I think we have now, probably, 15 people in Tokyo. I am thrilled with how we are doing in Japan.

We do what are called customer advisory groups. It is something we do in all of our geographies, and we have held two of them in Japan. We had probably 50 Japanese sponsors or CROs in attendance. In Japan, these sessions are particularly valuable, because they bring together our current customers, our potential customers, and then people who may never be customers to learn about industry trends and give us feedback about our offering.

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