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Recruiter iHOLON Co.,Ltd

Office Location 104-0041
5F, Sunaga Building, 2-2-11 Shintomi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Services ・ Introduction of global human resources to Japanese companies
・ Introduction of excellent Japanese candidates overseas, to foreign-affiliated Japanese branch offices
・ Staffing or SES
・ Cross-board business consulting
Industries · IT / communication
Positions ・ General-purpose system, open / WEB system, embedded system
・ Infrastructure, design, game development
・ Semiconductor design and manufacturing
Achievements editing
Consultant Introduction editing
Contact Policy One day * Applications after 18:00 may be submitted the next day.

IOP (Internet of people): Creates connections between people, organizations, and society.

What We're Proud ofWhat is iHOLON

What is "i":
IOT: Internet of Things
Individual: Personal, individual
Instruct: Guide me
Inform: Let me know
Inspire: Inspires me

What is "HOLON"? 

When observing the universe surrounding us (at the physical and biological level, and in the real or formal sense), we need to consider the whole / part relationships between the observed "entities". In other words, it should be noted that not only do we consider atoms, molecules, cells, individuals, systems, words, or concepts as autonomous and independent units, but each of these units as a whole is simultaneous as a whole. Parts – Part of the whole.
In fact, they are Holon.

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iHOLON Co.,Ltd

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