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Job Description

It is the job of the SV of the team that makes a sales call to the client.
You will work toward achieving your goals while managing and training operators and coordinating with related departments within the company.
In addition, as an SV, you will be involved in the operation of the entire center in collaboration with other employees so that the center can be operated properly.

* Eventually, please also propose improvement measures and plan studies for operational efficiency. ...

人材紹介 (Company is not publicly visible)
  • ★ ★ Staff Level
Job Description

■ Promotion and governance of common infrastructure for system development
・ Lectures and support for each system manager to promote the use of common infrastructure
・ Dissemination and penetration of implementation rules using a common platform
-Comply with standard rules for product design and manufacturing for each project that uses a common platform

■ Management and control of microservices
・ Visualize microservices implemented as common functions to improve convenience and utilization rate from each project
・ Review and control t ...

人材紹介 (Company is not publicly visible)
  • ★ ★ Staff Level
Job Description

You will be involved in the following tasks in the planning, development, and operation of the in-house sales support system and website.

● Promotion of upstream process of the project
-Business examination with business planning department-investment approval, requirement definition, etc.
● Promote large-scale and medium-scale development projects for in-house systems as PM / PL
● Negotiations and proposals with users and external partners ...

人材紹介 (Company is not publicly visible)
  • ★ ★ Staff Level
Job Description

Position name: Senior developer (.NET)

・ Perform tasks and provide module-level estimates
・ Conduct a review to confirm the quality of the deliverable
・ Implementation of systematic service improvement initiatives
・ Participate in all audits and submit opinions
· Regularly report performance dashboards to interested customers
・ Collaborate with customers and prioritize improvement opportunities
・ Hold a status report meeting in cooperation with customers
・ Manage all customer requests with effective inquiry management ...

人材紹介 (Company is not publicly visible)
  • ★ ★ Staff Level
Job Description

・Implement, test and operate advanced software security techniques in compliance with a technical reference architecture
・Perform on-going security testing and code review to improve software security
・Troubleshoot and debug issues that arise
・Provide engineering designs for new software solutions to help mitigate security vulnerabilities
・Contribute to all levels of the architecture
・Maintain technical documentation
・Consult team members on secure coding practices
・Develop a familiarity with new tools and best practices ...

人材紹介 (Company is not publicly visible)
  • ★ ★ ★ Senior Level
Job Description

Position name: Cloud Architect

・Understand the overall architecture and deployment requirements for various environment
・Understanding the overall architecture and deployment requirements in different environments
・Analyze available infrastructure constructs (Azure, OpenShift Kubernetes, RDC interconnect, etc.) and optimize choice for deployment
・Work with DevOps Engineer and Zurich Infra team and drive infrastructure sizing strategy
・Create environment specifications (ARM templates, OpenShift configurations, etc.) and validate implemen ...

人材紹介 (Company is not publicly visible)
  • ★ ★ ★ ★ Manager Level
Job Description

We are looking for human resources who are full of energy and have high skills.
・This position will be responsible for all aspects of project planning, execution and management.
・In addition, we will clarify the scope of responsibility for the work content of the project, assign appropriate resources, and manage work progress, schedule, and budget
・Furthermore, in order to satisfy our customers, we will emphasize communication with our customers and strive to operate the project smoothly.

人材紹介 (Company is not publicly visible)
  • ★ ★ Staff Level
Job Description

Position name: ETL Designer

・Resource will be the ETL designer for the Annual Statement project. Resource will have 1-2 people working under Resource who can help with the design, and Resource will be ultimately responsible for reviewing and confirming the design.
・Resource will with other IT teams and business partners to understand the business requirement, and design how the ETL transformation will be implemented.
・The actual ETL development will be done by a different development team onshore / offshore, so Resource will need to be able t ...

人材紹介 (Company is not publicly visible)
  • ★ ★ Staff Level
Job Description

Position name: Auto and General Insurance Business Analyst
The Project is an Auto Insurance Direct Business Digital Transformation by a leading General Insurer.
There project is executed in Agile Methodology with new technology to transform the customer’s contract, customer, and web system. It involves new system building and data migration from legacy system to new build system

・Demonstrate exceptional requirement gathering techniques with minimal direction from engagement management
・Design, conduct and facilitate requirements sessions

人材紹介 (Company is not publicly visible)
  • ★ ★ Staff Level
Job Description

Position name: AI Consultant

・Propose strategies that utilize AI technology centered on deep learning for
・issues faced by clients
・Identify issues faced by clients, organize business and technical requirements for solving them and provide solutions
・Responsibly promote the project in-charge through design / communication with clients and technical discussions with in-house engineers ...

人材紹介 (Company is not publicly visible)
  • ★ ★ Staff Level
Job Description

Bilingual requirements: Native level Japanese, Business Level English

Position name: Business Analyst 

Professional with a good understanding of the Connected Car ecology who has a keen sense of what drives consumer behavior in different geographies. Should have 3 to 5 years of experience working with the business side to understand, Identify and develop new business plans or opportunities in Connected or Mobility or EV Sectors.

・Technology Research on the Automotive or Mobility Sectors
・Collaboration with start-ups for ...

人材紹介 (Company is not publicly visible)
  • ★ ★ ★ Senior Level
Job Description

Position name: Infrastructure-Related PMO

・OA system renewal PJ of major retail HD
・The OA system currently used by some group companies has been completely renewed and provided to all group companies.
・Renewal of terminals (about 30,000 units), data center, and cloud
・Cross-sectional management of multiple teams
・Project promotion and management
・Lead of test promotion team ...

人材紹介 (Company is not publicly visible)
  • ★ ★ Staff Level
Job Description

Position name: DBA - B2B Ecommerce System
Project Description:  L1/L2/L3 support for BtoB e-commerce system for a  manufacturing company.
Bilingual Requirements: Bilingual

・The job includes DBA work (MS-SQL) – Backup & recovery, Integrity Checks, Maintain Indexes, Review Error Logs, Manage SQL Server Agent Jobs, Monitor Performance, Manage Security, Check TempDB space, etc.
・Will also be expected to handle L1 tickets such as incidents, tasks, RFI as well as communication with the L2/L3 team.
・The person will need to handle the typical D ...

人材紹介 (Company is not publicly visible)
  • ★ ★ Staff Level
Job Description

Position name: Bilingual Engineer
Project Description:  Data import and analysis for a pharmaceutical company
Industry: Pharmaceutical
Bilingual Requirements: Good Japanese and English skills

・Extract data, analyze and explain data table specifications
・Coordinate with Business teams on key data requirements and translate industry requirement and business needs to data requirements ...

人材紹介 (Company is not publicly visible)
  • ★ ★ Staff Level
Job Description

Position name: AWS Infrastructure Specialist

・Consult with clients on the system design of AWS and/or AZURE environments
・Create, implement, and assist in the development of scripts to automate everyday operations
・Responsible for the configuration and setup of backups as well as setup automated AWS patching for Windows and Linux platforms
・Support program optimization to work within constructs of an AWS and/or AZURE environment
・Assist in system migrations and system upgrades to create and deploy new cloud environments
・Assists clie ...

Job Description

Implement measures to strengthen non-face-to-face sales through BtoB service development and marketing operations in communication strategies, and improve the efficiency of sales activities in the group.

・ Execution of digital marketing in communication centered on the WEB
・ Analysis based on ABM * 1, problem extraction, and implementation of measures utilizing MA * 2
・ Planning and promotion of improvement measures on the site
・ Planning measures to strengthen relationships with existing customers, such as launching a member-only site

* ...

人材紹介 (Company is not publicly visible)
  • ★ ★ Staff Level
Job Description

We plan and consider strengthening customer attraction and utilizing its resources. In particular, he is in charge of solving problems in digital marketing such as analysis of the current situation for CRM planning and strengthening retention, problem extraction, and planning.

● Analysis of customer database ・ Condition evaluation design of current measures, extraction of customer communication issues
● Hypothesis design and planning including customer insight and business flow
● Incorporate, implement, and promote digital policy proposals s ...

人材紹介 (Company is not publicly visible)
  • ★ ★ ★ Senior Level
Job Description

・ Promote company-wide projects in in-house systems as PM
・ Promotion of upstream process of the project (business examination with business division planning department-investment approval and requirement definition, etc.)
・ Negotiations, proposals, and negotiations with the user department and external partners ...

Job Description

Planning and implementation of measures related to information security and personal information management for the entire group.
As a dispatching company that handles a large amount of personal information, we will contribute to the business by improving operational efficiency and introducing IT while ensuring security standards that can be trusted by stakeholders such as dispatched staff.

【In particular】
General business related to information security and personal information management within the group * Except for system security

・ Dev ...

人材紹介 (Company is not publicly visible)
  • ★ ★ Staff Level
Job Description

Legal / compliance, risk management / health management, etc. related to the business of the dispatched labor company

Office work in the department in charge of general areas

[Specifically] You will be in charge of one of the following tasks.

■ Compliance Group
・ Administrative procedures related to dispatched staff
・ Preparation of documents related to investigations by government agencies
・ Administrative procedures associated with credit management
・ Other power receiving agents related to the above, etc.

■ Health and Safet ...

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