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Use your English / language skills as a bilingual to find work in Japan in a variety of in demand fields such as IT, Marketing and Hospitality.Expand your horizons and learn new skills and culture whilst gaining invaluable experience.

At Daijob.com, we have a wealth of information for jobs in Japan and how you can make the most of your skills and experience.

For those with bilingual skills looking for work in Japan, please refer to the below list of jobs, or refine your search further.

Daijob.com has plenty of jobs in Japan for bilinguals so let’s search Daijob.com to find your perfect matching job in Japan!

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Desired salary : JPY - Japanese Yen/ JPY 4000K− JPY 5000K

Language preference :English

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Position overview
Facility management work at a research and development facility of a major foreign chemical company in Kanagawa Ward, Yokohama City. As a facility/equipment management engineer, this position will support facility management operations while cooperating with the resident members (3 people) of the Tokyo head office. We will comprehensively support everything from equipment management in the facility to vendor management, safety management, administrative work, and project support. There is little overtime, and it is relatively easy to t ...

Job Description

シンガポールにあるGlobal Schools Foundation(GSF)の日本法人として、日本ではグローバル・インディアン・インターナショナルスクールを運営しております。

④地域コミュニティや官公庁との窓 ...

Job Description


- Oversee Soft Service operations: responsible and manage to ensure account’s business as usual (BAU) in soft services under the Soft Service manager on site. Make necessary user communication with flexibility.
- Respond from clients/users for variety of daily requests in timely manner. Monitor Corrigo (request system), and following up required action to close tickets. Assist site lead to drive initiatives and consolidate req ...

Job Description

The company, which is a multifunctional trading company that develops globally with a focus on food, is recruiting more staff for overseas sales.

*In consideration of the applicant's wishes and aptitude, we will confirm the following assigned departments.

■ Business details:
<Section 2, Sales Department 1>
We will expand sales of products imported from suppliers in Eastern Europe (Austria, Poland, etc.) to major beverage manufacturers. In addition to strengthening relationships with existing suppliers (including quantity and price negotiations) ...

Recruiter (Company is not publicly visible)
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Job Description

1. Foreign staff management/support
2. Recruitment work through SNS/WEB, etc. 
3. Interview work with candidates
4. Interview attendant work 
5. Document preparation and PC input work
6.Other business incidental to business

Using Japanese and other languages, we will work to attract job seekers and support foreign workers. While introducing suitable job offers to job seekers, we provide job consultations, and also contact registered job seekers to set up interviews.

For a new business, if you are the type who can think and act on your own ...

Job Description


◎社内外の電子部品購 ...

Job Description


■運用設計、定着化(30%) ■企画立案支援(20%)
営業業務に関わる領域は手作業の部分も多く、改善ポイントを多く抱えています。プロアクティブに動ける方であれば、どんどんと提案ができ、カバー範囲を拡大できることが可能となります。業務改 ...

Job Description


【詳細】■業界動向のマーケティングの実施、およ ...

Job Description


【やりがい】連結子会社数300社を超える連結業務が経験できます。また、M&A時には当社グループに参画した会社への ...

Job Description


【やりがい】連結子会社数300社を超える連結業務が経験できます。また、M&A時には当社グループに参画した会社への ...

Job Description


■当社の経営指針である「信頼」を最優先遵守事項として、社員一人一人が信頼して頂ける仕事に取り組んでいます。また、社員同 ...

Job Description


■技術的難易度の高い案件は社内エンジニアを巻き込み顧客へ製品や価値を提案営業■既存マーケティングの新規顧客開拓  ...

Job Description


■海外メーカーとの取引が多いため、営業経験や語学力を活かした顧客との円滑な取引での活躍を期待しています。【具体的な内容】お客様から頂いたニーズ対して、同社の各技術部門との協働を通して技術仕様やコスト等の提案を行って頂きま ...

Job Description

THE JUNEI HOTEL 京都のスタッフとしてホテル運営に関わる業務を広く担当。支配人・マネージャーをフォローし経営サポートにも関わって頂くポジションです。

【具体的には】接客等ゲストサービスに係る業務全般、マネージメント補佐、マーケティング業務全般補佐(旅行会社への営業、OTAとのやり取り、デジタルマーケティング等)・アクティビティや宿泊プランの企画等・ホテルの備品や施設の管理<今後の事業展 ...

Job Description


■出張の際は、現地販売代理店との商品の打ち合わせや、試飲会でのプロモ ...

Job Description


【海外出張先】 ...

Job Description


■部品問い合わせ対応 - 見積、手配、出荷 → 部品販売価格の設定、価格表作成など■製品問い合わせ対応 - 仕様説明、整備要領説明など → 資料作成など■不具合対応 - 状況確認、対応方案 ...

Recruiter 老舗アウトソーシング企業
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Job Description



* 月次の仕訳チェック・月次レポートの作成や確認
* クライアントからの相談対応
* 決算支援業務・税務申告書作成
* 給与計算、社会保険手続き、年末調整、法定調書作成 等
* メ ...

Recruiter (Company is not publicly visible)
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Job Description

As a member of the company's group, you will be entrusted with overall accounting and financial operations.

[Main job description]
You will be working in the company's finance department.
■ Expense reimbursement
■Monthly settlement process
■ Budget analysis management
■There is a chance to be involved in business planning and business communication with the head office in China.

In addition to work related to accounting, there are various opportunities for people with extensive experience and skills, such as participating in management ...

Recruiter (Company is not publicly visible)
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Job Description

The company, which has global bases all over the world, is recruiting for the acceleration of overseas business development! Recently, the demand for global projects spanning multiple countries is increasing.
As a company, we are required to develop projects strategically to meet this need.
In this position, we will entrust the performance management work that supports the global business!

We set target sales and target profit margins that are in line with management strategies, and then put them into concrete plans while coordinating budgets and pe ...

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