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Use your English / language skills as a bilingual to find work in Japan in 「Back-End Engineer」 and expand your experience and expertise.

At Daijob.com, we have a wealth of information on jobs in Japan and how you can make the most of your skills in 「Back-End Engineer」.

For those with bilingual skills looking for work in Japan in 「Back-End Engineer」, please refer to the below list of jobs, or refine your search further.

Daijob.com has plenty of jobs in Japan for bilinguals so let’s search Daijob.com to find your perfect matching job in Japan!

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Job Description

[Attractiveness of this job]
・More than 800 clients! Gain experience in a wide variety of projects
・Providing generous support for those who work in Japan for the first time
・Enhanced system for skill improvement

[Business content]
・We will entrust any phase of "requirement definition, design, construction, development, operation and maintenance" at the client's site.
・The project is basically done in a team of multiple people. We will create a system together with leaders and seniors.
There are also projects on a scale where dozens to ...

Job Description

[Job description]
"Increase your annual income with your current skills and experience, and accumulate more experience"
In the future, we will pursue cutting-edge technology, support team dispatch leaders, upstream (PM), etc., with a wealth of projects.

● Web system development (front/back end)
Utilize your own experience from the many projects held by the company, and assign projects according to your wishes to improve your skills.
Languages: Java, PHP, Python, JavaScript, etc.
FW/tools: Spring, Struts, Laravel, Django, Vue.js, Node.js, React, ...

Recruiter (Company is not publicly visible)
  • ★ ★ Staff Level
Job Description

・From design to development and testing (web system, web service)

・Development of web systems or web services using Java, PHP, Ruby, etc. ...

Recruiter (Company is not publicly visible)
  • ★ ★ Staff Level
Job Description

• Development and operation of platforms in the credit card business
• Back-end development of WebAPI, batch, etc.
• Operation and maintenance of existing systems Also, 5 people for each system

Recruiter (Company is not publicly visible)
  • ★ ★ Staff Level
Job Description

・Server-side part design, implementation, operation and maintenance.
・Server-side development work.
・Infrastructure construction, operation and maintenance. ...

Recruiter (Company is not publicly visible)
  • ★ ★ Staff Level
Job Description

Client part design and implementation.
We will continue to create Super Game (large online game) as a five-year strategy.
Online game development-Operation. ...

Recruiter (Company is not publicly visible)
  • ★ ★ Staff Level
Job Description

・Lead the design and development of high quality, scalable and performance focused software based on Java/J2EE
・Lead and design experience of Cloud architecture including Kubernetes
・Develop and maintain Cloud based solution with an emphasis on best practices of Cloud Security.
・Experience with DevOps Orchestration/Configuration/Continuous Integration Management technologies.
・Provide technical support, mentoring and inspiration to team
・Participate in design reviews and recommend improvements
・Recommend new technologies to ensure qua ...

Recruiter (Company is not publicly visible)
  • ★ ★ Staff Level
Job Description

・Lead communication with customers & architect; analyze customer requirement and it’s feasibility
・Involve in design and development along with offshore team
・Direct development team to implement / extend features
・Design and build Application on cloud(Azure) ...

Recruiter (Company is not publicly visible)
  • ★ ★ Staff Level
Job Description

【Your Role】
You will work with various development teams on the business domain side to solve technical issues that these teams may not be able to handle alone or that are common across teams to improve the productivity of the development organization. Specifically, you will be responsible for modernizing technology and supporting service reliability enhancement (SRE activities).

●Modernization of various technologies
 ・Replacing the application with a scalable system that can handle the increase in users and data
 ・Upgradi ...

Job Description

You will be responsible for a series of tasks to achieve PMF (Product Market Fit), including specification development, implementation, and testing of new products and functions in an agile and speedy manner.

Requirement definition and development of new features
Front-end and back-end development
Development project management
New feature proposal, planning and development
Product development from scratch (requirement definition~development~operation)
Hearings with clients and internal members to formulat ...

Recruiter (Company is not publicly visible)
  • ★ ★ ★ Senior Level
Job Description

The company is an AI startup company that develops the SAPPHIRE expense business DX platform and the STREAM AI payment cancellation product.
The company's management style is unique for a SaaS company, and is characterized by its "self-financing. Its main business, "SAPPHIRE," has been adopted by many companies, especially large corporations, and the business continues to grow by leaps and bounds.

【Product Overview】
SAPPHIRE" is an AI-based Expense Scrutiny™ platform that checks for fraud.
Based on expense data, time and attendance data, and ...

Job Description

About Position

The company is looking for an experienced Software Engineer to join our Shopping & Discovery team.

By joining the team, you will take ownership of our backend services, keeping them versioned, consistent and secure. You will apply the latest standards with regard to Search engines, product data ingestion, segmentation and managing a growing base of millions of users.

Within your role, you are also required to set the gold standard and guidelines for all teams providing internal APIs.

Key Role and Responsibilities:
Own your se ...

Recruiter (Company is not publicly visible)
  • ★ ★ Staff Level
Job Description

The company's engineers, designers, project managers, sales people, and other members work together to listen to and understand the business issues of customers and create products and solutions that solve them.
Although this is a client business, they are often involved from the zero (start) to the end of the project, so it is an environment where you can learn not only technology but also business perspective.

They are developing new services (iOS/Android applications and web services) with a large number of engineers pursuing the latest technologi ...

Recruiter (Company is not publicly visible)
  • ★ ★ Staff Level
Job Description

With the mission of "improving the everyday consumer experience," the company was the first in the world to develop a mobile ordering platform, which has recently been installed in a cumulative total of approximately 5,000 stores, mainly restaurants.

Products offered include mobile ordering for to-go, mobile ordering for eat-in, and multi-payment and next-generation touch-panel ordering and payment terminals.

The company is also developing mobile orders for enterprises such as Yoshinoya and Tridor (Marugame Noodles) using its own platform.

The f ...

Job Description

Officially released in April 2019, the company's contract review platform is growing at an astounding rate, with the number of companies that have installed it surpassing 2,500 (as of September 2022), and more and more companies are interested in using it.
In addition, the AI contract management system has received a lot of positive feedback since its official release in January 2021, and the number of companies that have installed the system has exceeded 600 (as of November 2022).

And now the company is expanding overseas, mainly in the U.S. market. ...

Recruiter (Company is not publicly visible)
  • ★ ★ Staff Level
Job Description

You will be involved in all phases of SaaS product development, including requirement definition, design, development, and operation, with a focus on new function development and functional improvement.

【Requirement Definition】
Discuss and define requirements with product owners and designers for new features and functional improvements of the product from both the user's and developer's perspectives.

【Design / Development】
・Design and review with the team as needed.
・Develop and add test code. Pair-processing is ...

Recruiter (Company is not publicly visible)
  • ★ ★ Staff Level
Job Description

Development and operation of omakase asset management service
・You will work with members from various backgrounds to develop functions for a service that allows you to invest in stocks, bonds, and other assets around the world with a single smartphone.

- API development for customer web services (Python / FastAPI)
- API connection development with other financial institutions (HTTP / REST)
- Cloud infrastructure construction and operation (AWS / some GCP)
- Cloud computing and DX for internal operations ( ...

Recruiter (Company is not publicly visible)
  • ★ ★ Staff Level
Job Description

You will be responsible for the design and development of web services for users of e-commerce services for overseas markets.
All of the company's services are developed and operated in-house.

◇Requirement definition
◇Proposals for additional functions and improvements
◇Based on requirement definition, specification design, detailed design, site development, operation and maintenance
◇Planning and idea generation for new development that leads to improvement of usability
◇Implementation and unit testing of programs, ...

Job Description

[job description]

As a server side engineer, I would like to ask for general development.
* Depending on your orientation, we will consider so that you can gain experience in business planning, management, specialists, etc.
◆ Specific work content
・Service requirements definition, design, development, and operation
・Discover problems through interviews with customers and members
・To create and maintain a “successful” state of business through the above series.

[Selection process]

Document screening → Interview (about 3 to 4 ti ...

Job Description

【job description】
We will be stationed at the customer's site and support the introduction and development of automation technology such as AI.

・Hearing and grasping the issues and needs of client companies
・Grasping the client company's business flow, existing systems, etc.
・Introduction development according to business flow and existing system
・Test, repair
・Post-implementation support and follow-up

In addition, it is also possible to introduce a face recognition system that utilizes AI technology and work on big data analysis ...

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