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人材紹介 (Company is not publicly visible)
  • ★ ★ ★ ★ Manager Level
Job Description

As the business manager of the new project, you will promote and manage the project in Vietnam.

【In particular】
・ New project development
・ Negotiation with the government
・ Management of local staff

* 3 months to 6 months after joining the company Training at the Japanese head office ...

人材紹介 (Company is not publicly visible)
  • ★ ★ ★ ★ Manager Level
Job Description

We will entrust you with construction management and project management for new projects.

·Project Management
・ On-site process / quality / safety management
・ Guidance and supervision work for on-site staff
・ Meeting with the ordering party
・ Budget management, profitability management
・ Preparation of documents related to other projects, etc.
* Since design work and construction are outsourced, we will take care of project management and instructions.

* 3 months to 6 months after joining the company Training at th ...

Job Description

Are you passionate about helping people? Are you inspired by meeting new people who are doing interesting things? Do you have hands-on experience building furniture or troubleshooting technical devices or are you excited to learn how? If so, read on!

CIC is looking for a full-time, early career Community Associate to join our team. This is a great opportunity for a natural ‘can-do’ individual with at least one year of professional work experience who enjoys working in a fast-paced environment.

You will join a Community ...

人材紹介 (Company is not publicly visible)
  • ★ ★ ★ ★ Manager Level
Job Description



* プロジェクトにおける全ての管理および監督、品質管理、予算管理、プロジェクトのスケジュール管理
* スタッフの雇用と調整、入札監督、建設現場、外部コンサルタントや契約者と共に現場管理を行う
* 本国への報告業務


* 建築または工学の専門職学位(工学学士、工学修士または同等)
* 日本における企画・執行 ...

人材紹介 Eコマースカンパニー
  • ★ ★ Staff Level
Job Description

A multinational eCommerce group is looking to hire a Finance Assistant. The person in this role will be responsible for handling multiple financial and budgeting tasks to support the engineering function. This is a This is a long-term contract position.


* Conduct budget and forecast analyses
* Handle actual analyses
* Drive efficiency
* Assist with achieving budget goals
* Take care of data input
* Utilise budget management and payment systems


* Experience in budget forecasting
* Strong MS Office ...

人材紹介 (Company is not publicly visible)
  • ★ ★ Staff Level
Job Description



デジタルテクノロジーを駆使し、国内・海外でのアート展示、空間および ...

人材紹介 juwi自然電力株式会社
  • ★ ★ ★ Senior Level
Job Description

■ 営業部リーダー業務
■ 事業戦略及びその優先順位付けを部長、役員と共に策定
■ 事業開発業務プロセスの効率化
■ プロジェクトマネジメント部、エンジニアリング部、調達部、工事部、法務チームとの調整業務
■ プロジェクト予算を一部コントロール、社内承認業務
■ プロジェクトステージ管理一部担当
■ EPC事業の契約交渉、契約チェック(プロジェクトマネジメント部及び部長、役員との協力業務 ...

人材紹介 (Company is not publicly visible)
  • ★ ★ Staff Level
Job Description

You will manage the electrical work for new construction and renovation of office buildings and commercial facilities.
As the person in charge of the construction in charge, I will manage the site appropriately. We will respond as a team according to the scale of the project.
Two to three or more construction managers are stationed to handle new construction work so that employees are not overloaded. (Basically one person for repair work)
We are implementing the following with the aim of achieving both workability and efficient work.

・ Paperless ...

人材紹介 (Company is not publicly visible)
  • ★ ★ Staff Level
Job Description

You will be responsible for planning and managing the installation and maintenance of petroleum, petrochemical, electric power, environmental equipment, food-related plant equipment, etc.
There are sites all over Japan, mainly in the industrial areas near the Kanto region, and you will be traveling to remote areas on business trips. Depending on the construction, the shutdown method is used to completely stop the operating plant for a certain period of time (about 2 weeks to 1 month), and for large-scale construction, collaborative work with more than 1 ...

人材紹介 (Company is not publicly visible)
  • ★ ★ Staff Level
Job Description

You will start with auxiliary work as an on-site assistant, and eventually you will advance your career to construction management.

Responsible for work assistance at the input site, centering on public projects! (Repair of roads, water supply, ponds, etc.)

For example, you can measure the depth of digging water with a machine, carry materials, level the ground, make a frame for pouring concrete, etc.
We will entrust you with various auxiliary work according to the instructions of senior staff and operation management. ...

Job Description


■ クライアントマネジメント
■ スタッフマネジメント(従業員満足の向上を含む)
■ PL管理
■ 売り上げ管理
■ 顧客満足度UPのためのサービス施策
■ 契約締結や更新対応など
■ 新規案件創出のための対外的営業活動(個人・法人共)

人材紹介 (Company is not publicly visible)
  • ★ Entry Level
Job Description

【Job Description】
Management and supervision work at civil engineering work site
・ Drafting a construction plan
·Safety management
・ Process management
·quality management

人材紹介 (Company is not publicly visible)
  • ★ ★ Staff Level
Job Description

■ Business to be entrusted immediately after joining the company
For the time being, please work on the construction of the barn in the Novels Group.
(* We will provide services to general farmers in the future)

<Job outline>
Main work (about 80%): On-site assembly work, etc.
Other work (about 20%): Design work (using CAD), etc.
It is a job to weld and assemble the steel frame that will be the pillar of the barn.
At first, please start with simple tasks such as material transportation and light work.
Since the work is done by multiple people, ...

人材紹介 (Company is not publicly visible)
  • ★ ★ Staff Level
Job Description

We are carrying out road improvement work and river sabo work mainly for prefecture projects.
One site works in a team of about 4 people depending on the scale.
Ask the administrator to listen to the instructions of the administrator, such as loading and unloading necessary materials, surveying, and work using machines after obtaining qualifications.
There is some hard work such as loading and unloading luggage.
We use building ICT technology to manage the site.
We aim to improve productivity by introducing it in all processes of "surveying, design ...

Job Description

■ Outline of work
・ In charge of architectural design work and architectural design
・ Mainly create drawings and models using Jw-cad and ArchiCAD.

We supervise the design and construction of a wide range of buildings such as commercial facilities and government buildings, centering on nursery schools, schools, hospitals, and welfare facilities. We are also focusing on in-house training, including domestic training and overseas training. You can raise your salary by improving your individual abilities and skills. ...

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