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Feature Article

★ Headquarters Dubai ★ ~ A global company with more than 200 world-class brands as clients ~

A leading company in luxury customer experience!

★ Present in Europe / America / Middle East / Asia! ★

We are a global company helping brands to deliver a customer experience that suits each region!

Considering the market infromation, language, and cultural background of each region,
we are doing our utmost to ensure that the brand experience is delivered to the local area.

Albatros CX in a nutshell,
Over 10 years of researching store performance, improving customer experience,
We have contributed as a leader in building support for premium and luxury consumers.
With more than 200 world-class brands and operations in more than 60 countries, the luxury market and
We have helped respond to the ever-changing consumer orientation of the wealthy around the world.
We work with brands in fashion , watchmaking , jewelry , cosmetics , premium automotive, travel , lifestyle and hospitality
We are
focusing on premium luxury brands such as.

Albatross CX's clients are major foreign luxury brands!

★ Involved with the top layer of global brands ★

Albatross CX clients are dominated by major foreign companies.
When you work at our company, you will interact with various countries such as Hong Kong, France, and Italy, so you will be asked to use English on a regular basis.
In addition, there will be opportunities to get involved with the top of the brand industry, so
"I want to make good use of English,
I want to get involved with the top of the brand industry! ”

It is a perfect position for those who say.

Why don't you play an active part globally in our company?

◆ At-home and private environment ◆

★ Working environment ★
◆ Enriched benefits ◆
【Flextime and teleworking】
"I have a plan tonight." "I worked a little overtime last night, so I want to go to work late the next day." Do you have any such days? We have introduced flextime so you can control your working hours yourself.
[Overtime hours]
Our overtime hours average 10 hours. * Other than the busy season

◆ Environment to help each other ◆

We work more like a team than a company.
If you have a challenge or problem, the people around you will always work together to solve the problem without having to deal with it alone.
For example, if you have a stumbling block in your work, your boss or president will give you generous guidance.
It's a warm company like a family. ♪

About "Client Relationship Manager"

★ I interviewed a person who works as an incumbent! ★

◆ Client Relationship Manager ◆

Q1. Please tell us about your current work. What do you find rewarding?

As many projects go on at the same time, we work among global personnel, operations staff, and clients to ensure that things go smoothly. In cooperation with the client, we start planning the project, and after the investigation starts, we support the operation staff and provide contracts and invoices. After completing the survey, we will collaborate with analysts to create analysis and report them to clients. Not only Japanese staff but also staff from other countries will work together to carry out one project, so all the staff involved in one project will work together as a team. I find it rewarding to gain knowledge on the global fashion industry and help some of the most famous brands in the world.

Q2. Where and how often do you use English?

All in-house materials will be in English. In addition, I frequently contact overseas offices and staff to proceed with the project, so I use e-mail and TEAMS almost every day. We may also hold telephone meetings with overseas staff and respond to clients in English. My boss is French, so I basically speak English daily

Q3 Please tell us about your company's appeal.

I keep in touch with overseas staff frequently, so even if the location is far away, I feel close to them. I think it is a very good environment for those who want to use English and want to work globally. Also, even in the office in Japan, I always consult with colleagues and work in a collaborative way, if find it pleasant and dynamic. The clients are famous brands, so I think that those who are interested in fashion will find it attractive. In addition, the flextime and teleworking system allows you to take paid holidays freely, so I think it is an environment where you can work freely. Currently, remote work is recommended due to corona damage.


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