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Global PointMeet the TEAM!

Run by Japanese management, Flagship is local however with our team coming from 15+ nationalities, our internal day to day is English based and we are comfortable with doing business both in English and Japanese.

                ★★Now hiring a Project Manager★★
The main duty will be to manage projects, monitor progress and outcomes. The Project Manager will also create proposals according to clients' requests, communicate with our clients and the team. →More information here

Our main office is located at the Impact HUB Tokyo, an international co-working space that hosts several digital companies, as well as the coding bootcamp Le Wagon. The closest station is Meguro Station

Reasons to work with us

■ Internal language is English: great for someone looking for an open-minded environment and for those who want to challenge themselves in a company with a strong international appeal. 
■ Flexible schedule and remote work available: you can change your schedule in order to fit your personal working style and lrhythm.
■ November 2018 opened a representative office in Milano, Italy: this creates a nice opportunity for employees to work a few months in Europe and for European employees to relocate in the future if necessary.

JobShopify Expert in Japan

We are a Shopify dedicated e-commerce & digital marketing agency

We are a global team of e-commerce fans and digital natives with an engineering backbone.

In 2013 we became the first Shopify Experts in Japan, and we have recently become Shopify Plus Partners. We are currently working on several Shopify and Shopify Plus projects with amazing merchants from all around the globe.

We want our customers to be able to focus on what they do best, strengthening their branding and developing new products, while our services and technologies will take care of the Shopify setup and development, task automation, localization and digital marketing.

Our Services

Migrations to Shopify Plus
Localization of existing Shopify stores to Japan (language, interface, payment, shipping, etc)
■Shopify Theme/function development
■Custom Shopify App development
User experience design for Japan / Global segments
Business Process Automation with local and/or original tools
Digital marketing (we’re good at highly technical aspects like integrating UIDs, syncing data with APIs, designing + building data warehouses, sending out segment optimized emails, etc.)
■Providing a Content Marketing CMS through our system Sherpa Commerce
■Help with the set up of the merchant profile, integrating Shopify products with groups like ZOZOTOWN and structure sales and campaigns on the platform.

Our Shopify and E-Commerce themed community events

Top MessageFlagship × Shopify

Born 1989. Spends childhood in Kathmandu, Boston, and the internet. Koji Jimba is the founder of Flagship LLC. He fell in love with Shopify in 2017 and now dedicates himself to the growth of Flagship and Shopify.

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