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Strategy/Products[Providing AI solutions to various industries such as medical care, finance, education, food and drink, retail, real estate, and travel]

An example of utilizing natural language processing
・ Understanding the language from numerous papers in the pharmaceutical field, extracting information such as side effects of drugs and converting it into data ・ AI creates minutes that occur in companies and improves work efficiency

Example of utilizing image processing
・ Visualize customer behavior of stores and convert it into data ・ Recognize characters from invoices and receipts in the accounting office field, extract information and convert it into data ・ Recognize vehicle type, speed, and number plate with traffic management system And data conversion

Case study in data mining development
・ Used car price forecast. Price forecasts and power forecasts based on past selling prices and exchange rates, vehicle types, etc., analysis of power usage fee data, prediction of usage needs, providing the best plan to users ・ Creating hospital menus with AI, patient food Contributes to enriching people while restricting their lives and automatically optimizing ingredients

What We're Proud of[Abundant achievements and experience in development utilizing AI and blockchain]

The company is a system development company headquartered in Hanoi, Vietnam, with a Japanese subsidiary in Kanda and Suehirocho, Tokyo.
We have many achievements in web system development and smartphone application development.
We are also engaged in research and development of the latest technologies such as AI and blockchain, and our strength is that we can support our customers with solutions that utilize advanced technologies in addition to system development based on conventional technologies.

In research and development in the AI field, we have 16 development records for natural language processing, 10 development records for image processing, and 20 development records for data mining.
In the area of blockchain, we have a track record in developing virtual currency trading systems and decentralized apps.
We utilize these technologies in web system development and smartphone application development.

In particular, the head of the company's AI team is an expert in the field of artificial intelligence and natural language processing, who completed the doctoral course in information science and engineering at the University of Tokyo and was a founding member of the AI lab of cyber agents.
The AI team won the "AI Hackathon 2014" in Vietnam held in 2014.

In addition, the company has a wealth of experience in lab-type development projects, and as a "dedicated development team" for customers, it has developed systems for 130 companies and more than 304 projects so far.

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