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Education/TrainingTraining and Education

>Electrical/Electronic Circuit Training
Training in the origin and parts of circuits required in a specific product's design associated with the automotive and consumer electronics industries.

>Microsoft Office
Not only associated with engineering, we also have training that includes using Microsoft Excel for creating charts and graphs for formal presentations.

>Language Education
Working with engineers on a global scale, we understand the importance of our employees' communication skills in multiple languages. We also provide the opportunity to improve one's work related language skills as part of training.

>Drafting and CAD Induction Course

Our training staff includes instructors with practical experience in the automotive, aeronautics, and machining industries who provide employees the opportunity to develop their skills, especially in the area of 3D CAD operations. Training is also offered on Saturdays to accommodate busy working schedules.

Because of the scale of our operations, we are able to provide individual support to those who feel their skills are underdeveloped in areas such as CAD before entering their new positions.

Even with only a basic knowledge of CAD we will be able to increase the skills and confidence of our employees, for example, people who have had CAD trading in school, little or no experience with 3D CAD, or those who want a career change.

Using 3D CAD one is able to not only design drawings but visualize the actual finished product.

>Basic Design Training

We also provide training in order to understand the design techniques of the automotive industry, consumer electronics manufacturing, aeronautics industry, etc. and the basic knowledge of the parts and materials of machines (including mounted electronic parts).

What We're Proud of☆Interview☆


Engineer ProfileJapan, North America, Europe: Grouping local specifications and the design of auto parts

Currently I'm working for one of the world's top automotive companies. My job deals with designing a central part of their cars, the fuel tank inlet. The inlet runs from the fuel filter to the fuel tank. This is a vital part of the vehicle which leaves the driver's fate in my hands; there is no room for mistakes. The environmental laws and vehicle regulations vary from country to country, which is a point that I find interesting in my specific job.

Engineer ProfileDesigning a globally utilized product

One of the most interesting parts of my job is learning how to balance the quality and cost of production when manufacturing on a global scale. Meeting these kinds of requirements was something I had never done before. The model I'm currently working on will soon be available all over the world. Having a key role in producing a car manufactured on a global scale is something that will always keep me interested in my work. To be engaged in the forefront of design development is one of the greatest benefits of working at Galileo.



Engineer ProfileLearning From the Best

My father, who works at a large automotive company, recommended that I apply to Galileo. While working for Galileo I was put on a team with a veteran engineer who is very well known in his industry. He taught me some very important skills used in the manufacturing process. I know work at a world famous car manufacturer designing the interior panels for their upcoming models. Designing vehicles that I can actually see driving down the road is a dream that has finally been realized for me.

Engineer ProfileFeeling Personal Growth and the Drive to Continue Learning

I graduated from university in the social sciences, which was totally unrelated to my current field. Because of the opportunities I've had at Galileo, I now feel confident in operating 3D CAD and can take part in the development of new vehicles. This concrete experience of personal growth drives me to learn more and further improve my skill set. It's easy to say that I'm very happy to work at Galileo.



Engineer ProfileAchieving My Goals

Ever since I was a student, I had wanted a career that utilizes CAD. After graduation, I wasn't able to find an engineering job and got a position in hospitality, the dream of becoming an engineer never left me, so I decided to quit my job and join Galileo. I was able to participate in CAD training and the more I used it, the more I loved it.

Engineer ProfileA Translator For Engineers

I now work at a company that manufactures automobile engine control units. My tasks involve blueprint inspection and verification using CAD, which I really enjoy. I also have the opportunity to speak and study English at work. I'd like to improve my English enough to translate the engineers' operation schedules to support the foreign engineers.

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