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Employer SEILIN & Co.


◆ ◇ ◆ A comprehensive apparel company that has been leading the Japanese casual fashion scene for over 45 years since the opening of HOLLYWOOD RANCH MARKET ◆ Seirin Ltd. ◆


We, Seirin Co., Ltd., help people who seek a fashionable way of life by providing products and services that resonate with people and make them feel joy and enjoyment through businesses related to clothing, food, and housing. Is aimed at.

Origin of the company name

The company name, Seirin Ltd., comes from our origin, HOLLYWOOD RANCH MARKET.
"Sacred forest" is a word that replaces Hollywood in English with Chinese characters. "Company" is a Chinese word that means a company.
The company name was created with the desire to move forward with a large-scale idea of being active in the world with two sensibilities, the East and the West, and the ability to act.

Operates various brands and stores for each product category

American casual jeans and shirts are very popular and loved by a wide range of generations, including "HOLLYWOOD RANCH MARKET" and the original brand "BLUE BLUE" that expresses denim indigo blue. The feature is that you can enjoy a different view of the world no matter where you go, such as "STANDARD", "OKURA", which has the theme of countryside and nature in the city!

Looking for people who can join the overseas sales of the SALES department

Efforts to create a comfortable working environment

We value the growth of each and every one of our staff, and in order to nurture the human resources who will lead the future, we will face each and every one of them from a long-term perspective and support their autonomous growth.

We aim to create a comfortable working environment so that all staff can achieve "harmony between work and life."
Even if there are changes in the living environment such as marriage, childbirth / child-rearing, long-term care, etc., we can flexibly respond by giving consideration to time and changing the way of working.
We will work so that all the staff can work while feeling rewarding.

The person you want

Working at our company means working with passion and joy, working together and supporting each other to grow and realize our dreams. "People who can think and act autonomously ", " People who have dreams and do their best to realize them ", " People who can continue to evolve and grow through work " based on the "idea" that we value I am seeking.

The important thing is regardless of age or years of enrollment
The emphasis is on "what you want to do " and " what you can do".

We welcome those who have an understanding of the brand and who can work with their own thoughts!
We are waiting for applications from people who can sympathize with our way of thinking!

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