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Global PointA global company under the umbrella of NTT Communications!

We are a company that has been under the umbrella of NTT Communications since 2019.
Originally a global company with strengths in South Africa and Europe
It was a Japanese corporation of Dimention Data.

The shape has not changed since joining the NTT Group in 2010,
In 2019, based on the NTT Group's group business strategy
It is now under the umbrella of NTT Communications.

About Dimension Data (currently NTT Ltd.)

NTT Ltd. is a world-leading technology service company.
As a global ICT provider, in diverse and dynamic workplaces across 57 countries
With over 40,000 people active, we serve more than 200 countries and territories.

Dimension Data was born in South Africa in 1983.
Dimension Data, a provider of global IT solutions
We have been developing business as a Japanese corporation since 1997.
Joined the NTT Group in Japan by TOB in 2010.

Became a member of NTT Communications Group in July 2019
The company name was changed to NTT Com DD Co., Ltd., but it has been about 22 years since the business started.
We have been working on the construction and operation of IT infrastructure that meets the needs of our customers.

In particular, overseas customers who are expanding their business in Japan, domestic customers who are expanding their business overseas, etc.
For customers expanding their business globally, together with NTT Group companies around the world
Such as Cisco Systems and Dell Technologies
In close cooperation with manufacturers that continue to provide the latest IT technology,
We provide one-stop service globally.

What We're Proud ofWhat made you want to join the company and what is the rewarding business? <Employee Interview NO.2>

Q1. What made you decide to join NTT Com DD?
When I was a child, I lived on the west coast of the United States for about 6 years because of my parents' work, and experienced living in English and multiculturalism.
After returning to Japan, I spent eight years at a Japanese company after graduating from high school to university and university to become familiar with Japanese culture.
However, I wanted to take on a new challenge at the turning point of 30 years old, and decided to work in a global setting and a business setting centered on English.

When I was looking for an environment where I could really utilize my English skills, I learned about our company, which is expanding its business globally, and decided to change jobs.


Q2. Please tell us about your current work and what you find rewarding.
I belong to the Global Sales Department, and I mainly deal with foreign-affiliated customers .
We hold daily business talks with enterprise IT staff, authorizers, and engineer teams.
Many of the people in charge who are enrolled in Japan are also foreign nationals, and since there are many conversations with customers enrolled overseas and our overseas team, we use English at a rate of about 70 to 80% . .. Of all the sales, I feel that the most important factor at our company is coordination and coordination.
Our main job is to coordinate with customers and partners when selling equipment, coordinate between customers and our team when building, and pursue profits from customer and in-house coordination to respond to new solutions and difficult requests. .. We scrutinize T & C and SOW in detail and make every effort to create an environment where the engineer team and PM team can easily complete the project after the project starts.

In the midst of intense competition, my motivation is to be able to select us (I) from our customers, increase the scope of our customers' transactions, and above all, to work with confidence. Also, I feel very rewarding when I have troubles with other teams involved in the project, think about solutions, and finally complete and solve them.

I value the Omi merchant's philosophy of "good for Mikata."
Omi merchants valued the "field", collected information on the area on their own, and expanded sales channels nationwide. I want to be a person who can think not only about the happiness of "sellers" and "buyers" that Omi merchants advocate, but also about the happiness of "the world".

Q3. Please give a message to applicants.
The atmosphere in the company is also very good, and it is an environment where you can really work in harmony.

At the time of the first state of emergency declared by Corona, the environment for remote work was quickly set up, and now it is almost 100%. In addition, we carry a large sign called "NTT", but it is a company with great growth potential in the future. It is a company that can solve internal problems together with other teams, listen to their strong feelings and remarks even if they are young, and build a company together . I think it is a very suitable place for those who want to experience work on a global stage, those who are looking for a workplace where they can work on their own, and those who want to enter an environment where they can create their own career path. We also have a generous support system for acquiring qualifications and English education after joining the company.
If you want to further your career on the global stage, let's work with us!



What We're Proud ofWhat is the appeal of working at NTT Com DD as an engineer? <Employee Interview NO.3>

Q1. What is the appeal of NTT Com DD?
The most attractive thing is that there are many engineers with high technical skills.
The CCIE (Highest Qualification of the Cisco Certification Program) holder rate is very high .
Many of my colleagues are trying to improve their technical skills, which is very inspiring. Absorption of new technology is also quick.
When you get involved in a difficult project and succeed with your colleagues, you can feel your own growth.

In addition, although we are currently a Japanese company, the percentage of projects we handle is global. You can know the size of your business.
I use English on a daily basis, and those with English proficiency can make use of it. English is used at a rate of 50-60% of the total work.

Q2. In what situations do you feel the high level of technical skills of employees?
I feel very much when I am in charge of overseas projects. When actually going to the site and building a network, there are situations where many unexpected events occur in advance, or it is necessary to start from a situation where the details have not been determined.
At that time, grasp the situation calmly and accurately one by one. After that, we propose the best solution, negotiate, implement, verify, and introduce it.
Many employees carry out a series of steps speedily.

Many employees have a wealth of careers in the field of engineering and are able to provide solutions backed by solid technology.
In addition, we have a lot of experience in overseas projects, so we have the power to perform in any situation.
Clients may also request projects because of the high skill level of our engineers.

Q3. Please tell us what you value in your work.
I want to work with a focus on results. Even in difficult projects
Think about the process you need to take to achieve results. And we focus on trying.
Through trial and error, we are working to finally achieve the project properly.

One of the great things about our company is that we have a high degree of freedom in deciding the process for achieving results, and we have the pleasure of being able to think about various processes and take on challenges. For those who want to think about the process and produce results on their own, rather than being passive in doing a given job.
I think we can play an active role in our company.

Q4. Please give a message to applicants.
In recent years, the company's backup for acquiring the latest technology has increased, and the optimal environment for engineers to improve their skills is in place.

We would like to invite those who are "looking for an environment where they can demonstrate their abilities more" and "want to hone their expertise in high technology".
I'm really looking forward to the day we can work together!

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