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Recruiter SCYLOG株式会社
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Office Location 〒102-0082
10-8 Ichibancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Ichibancho West Building 5F
Services [All counselors have experience studying abroad]
・ How to change jobs by taking advantage of studying abroad
・ Those who want to work overseas in the future
* Due to the influence of Corona, the number of overseas job offers has decreased in the entire job change market, but we are also supporting those who want to go abroad someday.
Achievements [Recent achievements]
■ 33-year-old woman (bridal planning and development)
→ Major advertising agency marketing strategy 8 million yen

■ 40-year-old man (business consultant)
→ Data scientist 9.2 million yen

■ 36-year-old woman (financial information service SE)
→ Financial report advisory 9.75 million yen

■ 43-year-old man (human resources service sales)
→ Major medical equipment manufacturer MR 7.6 million yen

Top MessageA must-see for you in your 30s and 40s! ] We will cherish the feelings of job seekers and respond firmly.

if you,
"I'm worried if I can continue working"
"When I think about my life plan, is it okay as it is?"
"I don't know what I like"
"I have a dream for the future I want to realize"
If you have such hopes and worries, please let us know.
You can illuminate the process you need to take, what steps to take.
In some cases, we also offer you the opportunity to get it right away.

At our company, we do not decide the introduction destination only by experience and skill,
We will take your true intentions and dig deeper while coordinating job changes with an emphasis on hearing.

We will draw out your potential hopes and abilities while exploring new possibilities regardless of your previous job.

In an interview with us, let's work together to create an exciting future for you.
After the interview, your worries about the future and your sickness will clear up and your heart will be lightened.

We are your partner, one of the few job seekers in the industry.
We promise that we will never do the following.

・ In order to maintain a thorough support system, we will not be in charge of more than 8 job seekers at the same time.
・ We will never make interviews or company proposals such as assembly line work for the purpose of profit.
・ We will not have a 30-minute interview where you cannot talk about important matters. Our company is basically 60 minutes to 120 minutes or more.

We will not force you to introduce or enter a job offer, so please feel free to apply for an interview. First of all, please feel free to visit us for consultation.

[All counselors have experience studying abroad]
・ How to change jobs by taking advantage of studying abroad ・ Those who want to work overseas in the future * The number of overseas job offers has decreased in the entire job change market due to the influence of Corona, but we also support those who want to go abroad someday. I will.

▼ Business / service content

◆ Cylog interview 3 steps ――――――――――――――――――

[step 1]
Please tell us about your worries, your vision for the future, the industry or occupation you are interested in.
In addition, we will trace the past and present stories so far.
Even if you don't have a good idea, the consultant will draw out your potential needs and potential through interaction. (About 30 minutes)

We will match your wishes with the real job market.
Find issues, advise what you need to solve,
We will fill the recognition gap. (About 20 minutes)

How can I achieve self-actualization? We will think together about how we will live in the future.
And we will create a value sheet together (about 40 minutes)

After that, the day of the interview at the earliest. We will present the job offer at the latest two days after the interview.
We will adjust the interview schedule immediately and will do our utmost to support you with the aim of getting a job offer speedily.
If you are another agent or self-applying and cannot see the breakthrough, please come and join us.

[Business description]
◆ Recruiting service ・ Specialized employment support for people in their 20s to 40s ・ Support for changing jobs and career advancement for the first time in life ・ Corporate research ・ Completely private recruitment ・ Support for passing selection through document correction and interview measures

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