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Office Location 〒1050001
3-18-12 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Services Strong against IT companies, game companies, listed/major companies, and venture companies
Strong in executive and managerial positions
Industries We have more than 200 trading companies and a wide range of industries such as IT, sales/marketing, consulting, finance/accounting, mechanical engineers, office work, etc.
Positions Open/Web system, game development related, network/server design/construction, software/information processing, SIer/NIer, etc.
Achievements [Example of introduction results]
● Male in his 40s (foreign nationality) Energy industry/project engineer salary 10 million yen
→ Industry/engineer manager salary 12 million yen
★ Significant annual salary and career improvement

● Women in their thirties hotel industry/sales manager annual salary 6 million yen → industry/marketing manager annual salary 7 million yen
★ Annual salary and career improvement

● Men in their twenties Web production company/Web director Annual salary 5 million yen
→Financial industry/Product management annual salary 6 million yen
★ Annual salary and career improvement

● Female in 30s (foreign nationality) IT industry/UI/UX designer salary ¥6.5 million → Hotel industry/UI/UX lead salary ¥750
★ Annual salary and career improvement
Consultant Introduction At AMM, we employ a method of carefully thinking and assembling future career steps based on careful interviews with job seekers.
We have a small number of multinational staff members, and we are committed to polite counseling and focusing on quality rather than quantity.

We aim to provide a service that can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of nationality, age, or gender. Therefore, don't worry if you don't have detailed requirements.
Please feel free to contact us.
Contact Policy Within 1 week after application

”A Better Work, A Better World”

Global Point

At AMM Inc.
“A Better Work, A Better World”
With the motto
Realizing career changes and careers that lead to happiness for everyone
All the staff will support you.

Enjoy work
Through work, you will gain a sense of fulfillment and a sense of accomplishment.
A fulfilling life for an individual has a positive impact on society.
As the vision spreads, the world will get better.
We value our feelings and are working every day.

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