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Employer BtoA Co., Ltd.

Top MessageOur Mission


“Our mission is to improve the satisfaction and productivity of each employee's work, which leads to improved corporate performance. To that end, we are developing the only product in Japan, BetterEngage .
By leveraging the power of technology and data, we are building a human resources platform that enhances the Employee Experience.
“Every organization is able to implement appropriate and real-time measures, and know-how is accumulated in the organization. Employees and organizations can be happy.” We are aiming for such a world.

Strategy/ProductsOur Service - BetterEngage


We are a leading HR technology company. We provide "BetterEngage" for those who want to improve their HR based on recent data such as People Analytics. BetterEngage is a service that automatically integrates personnel data distributed within the company using APIs and provides insights to personnel personnel by analyzing data using algorithms. Based on the insights gained from data analysis, we can improve the employee experience and the business condition by working on organizational improvement and human resource operation improvement.

Realizing optimal human resource management that takes into account employee skills and individuality, past evaluations, salary and attendance history, notifications of overtime hours alerts, training, etc. Technology × data , such as efficiency improvement of communication that anticipates needs, optimization of cost management by automating creation of personnel plan that takes into account employee turnover and financial condition of the organization, support to be able to take measures in real time according to the state of the organization I am in charge.

Benefits/EnvironmentOur Team

We are a product driven group. The development team is made up of highly qualified engineers from Japan, US and Asian countries, with Tech Lead engineers from Silicon Valley famous companies as advisors. A few elite, the official language is English. The work system is also very flexible . We are looking for people who can think about it with their own brains, who can pull their surroundings with the happiness of clients, team members, themselves and Japanese companies in mind, and who can enjoy a changing environment!


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