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The Emerging Pathway

Global PointWhat we do

Global coverage. Global opportunity.


With offices across Asia, we emphasize integrity and long lasting relationships with our clients, candidates and staff.

Our expertise includes:

- IT managed services: helpdesk, media, IMAC and upgrades
- HR Managed services including HR Systems & policies consulting; RPO
- Markets: Enterprise IT, Manufacturing, consumer technology, finance



- ITマネージドサービス:ヘルプデスク、メディア、IMAC、更新
- HRマネージドサービス:人事システムと人事ポリシーのコンサルティング、RPO(採用代行)
- マーケッツ (市場展開) :エンタープライズIT、製造、コンシューマーテクノロジー、金融

JobIT Managed Services

Simplify the management of IT functions so you can concentrate on the more valuable aspects of your business


Service Desk / Helpdesk

IT Helpdesk & Desktop Support managed services ensures that your users’ daily desktop support needs are dealt with in an efficient and timely manner. In addition, monitoring and compilation of statistics allows us to work with you to improve operational efficacy by identifying reoccurring support issues and bottlenecks.

Helpdesk L0/1 in Japan

Desktop L2/3


Telephony *Cisco, Avaya...

Pathways-Group, What We Do, IT Managed Services, Video & Conferencing ServicesVideo & Conferencing Services  

Video & Conferencing  Services provides high quality, reliable conferences with your staff and customers while saving on travel time, fatigue and costs.

Video & audio conferencing management

Offsite Conference

IPTV Support

Reservation management

Events & off sites Interviews & specialist productions

Webcasts Executive/VIP productions

ConsultantEMERGE Staffing Consultants

EMERGEのStaffing consultantは、効率的かつ親切丁寧なプロセスで求職者の皆様の転職・就業をお手伝いします。


We would like to inform you that we have made a decision to change our company name  from PATHWAYS K.K. to Emerge 360 Japan K.K. effective June 1st 2018.

We will operate as “Emerge”, this will be standardized globally throughout the organization. 

Global PointTriple bottom line / トリプルボトムライン (PLANET 環境的側面)

Sponsorship: International Youth Ice Hockey team

Emerge では、印刷物を出来るだけ減らす、オフィス消耗品使用を必要最低限にする、エネルギー消費量を出来るだけ減らすなど、環境や、周りの地域社会に優しい形で、ビジネスを展開しています。地域社会貢献に関しては、Emerge では、スタッフ全員に、何らかの形でのチャリティ活動に参加することを、奨励しています。次回、Emerge のスタッフに会った時、『今、どのような社会貢献活動をしているのか』を聞いてみて下さい。

We endeavour to reduce our ecological footprint by minimizing the use of office consumables, managing energy consumption and recycling to the extent possible.
On the community side, we encourage and support our staff to participate in charity and CSR activities – this goes well beyond the usual “fun runs” for our team is involved in long term sustainable work with the world’s extremely poor in locations such as Myanmar, Cambodia and the Sudan.

2019: TELL Tokyo Tower Climb 2019!
2019: HOPE ホープ・チャリティーディナー

2018: TELL Tokyo Tower Climb 2018!
2018: International Youth Ice Hockey Tournament (Sponsorship)

2017: KIWL GoGo 55km event
2017: SOUND MIND, SOUND BODY 第18回TELLチャリティ・ラナソン10km大会
2017: Tokyo Yamathon 東京ヤマソン 2017
2017: Green Power Hike in HK
2017: Tokyo Marathon 
2016: Honululu Marathon
2016: KIWL 10km Charity Run
2016: Oxfam Trail Walker 50Km オックスファム・トレイルウォーカー東北 2016 (4位)
2016: Tokyo Yamathon 東京ヤマソン 2016
2015: HOPE ホープ・チャリティーディナー
2015: Oxfam Trail Walker 50Km オックスファム・トレイルウォーカー東北 2015 
2015: Tokyo Yamathon 東京ヤマソン 2015

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