Customized Japanese language training

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Over 80% of companies that have adopted training services are repeaters! *1

Customized Japanese language training

The Japanese language training will help solve communication problems in the recruitment of foreigners. We offer a broad lineup of training, content face-to-face (commuting to school or dispatch lecturers), on-line (live classes), and e-learn. In addition, these combinations enable you to design a program that is tailored to your budget, availability, etc.
Initial installation is possible at low cost starting from the price of 25,000 yen a year.*2

*1: Achievements from April to September 2018
*2: The price of e-Learning per person

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Key Points of Japanese Language Training

Amid the rapid globalization of corporations, the number of foreign nationals and their families dispatched to Japanese bases of foreign-owned companies is increasing. And as globalization advances, Japanese communication skill is becoming more important. Based on our more than 30 years of experience in Japanese language education, we have continued to help resolve communication and cultural gaps, and we have received many favorable reviews from companies.

Three types of lessons you can choose

Repetitive E-Learning

Online (Live) Lessons

Face-to-Face Lessons

We recommend e-learning for first-timers!

Everyone’s Japanese level is different. Instead of a fixed curriculum, we combine a variety of training tools which we can tailor to match the company’s goals and the students’ language levels. There are 3-types of lessons but if you are considering using a Japanese language program for the first time we highly recommend e-learning!

We also offer packages from 25,000 yen a year! *

* The price of e-Learning per person

5 Benefits from E-Learning

①Study at your convenience on your mobile!

If you have a smartphone, you can study anytime and anywhere you like.
Students can also study outside of work hours. It’s super convenient!

②Repetitive Learning (1-year plan)

Practice listening and pick-up phrases through video learning!
Students can listen and practice pronunciation with video, which they cannot do with textbooks. This program helps to improve practical conversation.


Services are available worldwide. Students can learn basic Japanese before coming to Japan.
(Due to China’s internet policies, we are unable to provide services to the country. )

④Can check students’ progress

Can check students’ usage and progress with company account management.

⑤Purchasing textbooks is unnecessary!

All basic learning materials are included with the e-learning content. ※Please request materials when ordering
Additionally, we provide automatic test scoring and video commentaries to help overcome any weak areas.

Practical training programs that will produce the greatest effectiveness in achieving goals

Beginners and middle-class students. the best learning results will not be achieved if the content is not a good match, . Based on experience and level, we decide the best curriculum appropriate for participants' learning needs.

How Starting a Japanese Language Program Helped Us


Ms. Gunji
HR Section, Business Administration Division

Types of lesson Face-to-Face Lessons

Why did you decide to use the Japanese learning program and what challenges did you face?

Our company is a Japanese company and we are proactively hiring foreign engineers. Internally, we mainly use English so there's no need to hire an engineer with Japanese skills. Japanese is not generally required here but for our employees to live a comfortable life and enjoy Japan, we decided to include a Japanese learning program as a company benefit.

Why did you choose our service?

Human Academy is known for their Japanese language school, educational know-how, and detailed lessons. Also because they provide many lesson levels for employees, we thought it would be appropriate for our diverse needs.

How did it go after implementing the program?

The program has been really effective and the support is on-point. Our foreign employees are actively using the Japanese they learned. Also, the lessons are 3-months (a semester) long and change each semester however, in order to provide the best curriculum for employees we take note of what they want to learn and create a schedule based on that. For example, a few have voice their desire to have a class to study news articles.

Why should other companies use our services?

As mentioned previously, Human Academy provides detailed lessons that match a variety of learning needs. Because of that, I think anyone would be really satisfied with their learning experience and results.

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