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Provision on Job Information Listing on

Human Global Talent has established the following standards for Recruiting Company Members to list their Job Information. Human Global Talent may ask Recruiting Company Members to provide the related documents, or to respond to the inquiry items. In the event of no provision or response, or depending on a result of the inquiry, Human Global Talent may decline to list the Job Information. Except as otherwise provided, the definition of the terms used in the Provision on Job Information Listing on (hereinafter referred to as “this Provision”) shall be in accordance with “ Company Membership” Terms of Use of Service.

Article 1 : Reasons for Rejection of Execution or Cancellation of Recruiting Company Membership Agreement

If the business description or Job Information of Member Companies or Applying Companies corresponds to any one of the following, Human Global Talent shall reject to exercise, or cancel Recruiting Company Membership Agreement.

  1. Purpose is other than recruiting activity;
  2. It is revealed that such Member Companies or Applying Companies has made a false statement to Human Global Talent;
  3. Business description or a method of conducting business conflicts with, or violates the related laws or the self-imposed control in the industry, or Human Global Talent deems there is a risk of such conflict or violation;
  4. Authorization of, registration with, or notification to the competent authority is not processed though it is obliged;
  5. Fundamental human rights are infringed, discrimination in employment is encouraged, fair employment opportunity is impaired, or a risk of such infringement, encouragement or impairment is perceived;
  6. Social ethics or social orders are deemed not to be preserved, provided, however, that the conditions shall not be limited to the following:
    1. Recruitment from companies which operate business that is deemed inappropriate under normal social conventions, as well as illegal business that tends to raise trouble with consumers or Users;
    2. Recruitment for adult entertainment business, dating service website, or adult-related business, corrupting public moral;
    3. Crime syndicates and its members, organizations acting against social morals, or any other groups associated with such organizations;
    4. Employer or its business whose status is uncertain; or
    5. Public power is exercised;
  7. Users are given a disadvantage, or there is a risk of such, provided, however, that the conditions shall not be limited to the following:
    1. Users are unreasonably required the following economic burden or seduced, or there is a risk of such requirement or seduction;
      • a) Purchase of goods, materials, equipments and the like;
      • b) Payment of lesson fee, registration fee and the like; or
      • c) Monetary contribution, or chargeable lesson in specific educational facilities, etc.;
    2. Goods, materials, and equipments, etc. are sold, or members are recruited by disguised recruitment;
  8. Recruitment of distributors of deceptive multilevel marketing or pyramid sales which conflicts with the law concerning specific commerce, consumer contract law and the related laws. Recruitment for jobs, such as illegal business, which is prohibited by law;
  9. Recruitment from companies which are reported, by a local labor committee to a public employment security office, that they undertake strike or lockout, or have dispute which has a risk to lead to strike or lockout;
  10. Considerable complaints were previously made about Job Information, and there is a risk of recurrence;
  11. Intellectual property rights such as copyrights, moral rights, or trademark rights of Other Entity (hereinafter referred to as “Other Entity”) including are infringed, or there is a risk of such infringement;
  12. Other Entity is discriminated, libeled, defamed or discredited, or there is a risk of such discrimination, libel, defamation or discredit;
  13. Introduction or advertisement of service business where there is a risk to compete with; or
  14. Any other situations which Human Global Talent deems inappropriate

Article 2 : Prohibited Description and Contents in Job Information Listing shall prohibit the Job Information or the listing or provision of such Job Information if it includes the following description:

  1. Other contents than recruitment activity;
  2. Authorization or registration is not obtained in the business where such authorization or registration is required;
  3. Unclear contents of advertisement in recruiting;
  4. Misrepresentation or hyperbole;
  5. Lower wage than designated by law;
  6. Excessively vague contents in Job Information listing;
  7. Offensive expression to public order and morals;
  8. Misleading or disquieting contents for Users;
  9. Discriminating expression;
  10. Expression limiting nationality, e.g.: foreign nationals not accepted, Japanese only;
  11. Forcing Users to pay fees for training, registration, or educational materials, etc.;
  12. Infringement of intellectual property rights, image rights, privacy rights, credit, other rights or interests, including third party’s copyrights in job information listed in other recruiting sites;
  13. Employment which is revealed to be processed under different conditions from listed;
  14. Working conditions specified for the purpose of recruiting Users despite no intention to offer them; or
  15. Any other descriptions which Human Global Talent deems inappropriate.

Article 3 : Points to Consider in Job Information

Member companies shall consider the following points in listing or providing the Job Information.Member companies shall:

  1. not list or provide information with false, exaggerated or untrue explanation for working conditions such as compensation and benefit packages, and its business results, etc.;
  2. attempt to use plain words that laymen can understand under normal social conventions for Job Information listing;
  3. avoid analogical words which mislead the Users in job title description. Express in order for the Users to specifically understand the job description and work contents; and
  4. not express in a way the Users misunderstand or are confused that the recruiting of dispatch workers of worker dispatching undertaking, applicants of fee-charging employment placement provider, or assignee of contractor, corresponds to “the recruiting of regular employment”.

Article 4 : Description Standards for Condition in Job Information
  1. Member Companies may list the following recruiting information, and must make clear differentiation and specification:
  2. Recruitment for regular employment;
  3. Recruitment for dispatch workers of worker dispatching undertaking;
  4. Recruitment by fee-charging employment placement provider;
  5. Recruitment for internship; and
  6. Recruitment by assignee of contracted hiring agent
  7. (In the event such assignee is assigned hiring work by other company, and list Job Information, it must stipulate that it is substituting or assigned agent.)
  • (In the case of “i. Recruitment for regular employment” stipulated in the above (1), Member Companies must concretely specify the following listing items.
    [ Specific listing items ]
    1. Employer’s official name ( company name, etc. ) and location;
    2. Business description;
    3. Recruited job title and description;
    4. Qualification requirements ( educational background, experience, and official certifications as required );
    5. Working conditions:
      • a) Type of employment ( regular worker, contractor, dispatched worker, dispatched worker from staff recruiting service, or internship, etc. );
      • b) Period of employment ( period of employment shall be specified for other than regular worker );
      • c) Work hours, holidays;
      • d) Wage ( type of wage, kind, allowance amount at the time of employment ); and
      • e) Work location;
    [Recommended listing items]
    1. Amount of capital;
    2. Inauguration of business, year of incorporation;
    3. Number of employees ( company, offices ;
    4. Application status of social insurance and labor insurance;
    5. Retirement benefit system; and
    6. Benefit package, commutation expense.  ※If it differs by job titles or conditions, each must be clearly stated.
  • In the event of other than “i. Recruiting for regular employment” stipulated in Article 4 (1), member companies shall pursue the above [ Advertisement statement ] and [ Recommended advertisement statement ] of regular employment, and especially, clearly and concretely describe the following points.
    1. Recruited-job description, and work location or site
    2. Wage and compensation
    3. In the event of labor dispatch service, job type of dispatched worker ( differentiation between regular and registration )
  • Human Global Talent shall ensure that it obtain the confirmation and permission of starting advertisement from human resources contact of recruiting company for the specified statements above, when accepting an application for Job Information listing.
  • Article 5 : Handling of Breach

    Human Global Talent shall possess the following rights in order that this Provision is observed, and its service quality is maintained and improved for Users.

    1. Human Global Talent may decline Job Information listing when it is against the provisions of Article 1 and Human Global Talent deems inappropriate;
    2. Human Global Talent may confirm a past complaint about Job Information of a Member Company when listing another Job Information, or may decline Job Information listing in the event of considerable complaint in the past;
    3. Human Global Talent shall have the right to request a Member Company for change or modification even during the membership contract period, if breach of the provisions in Articles 2, Article 3 and Article 4 is discovered, or Human Global Talent deems a possibility of such breach;
    4. Human Global Talent may suspend or cancel Job Information listing without a Member Company’s consent in the event of no change or modification even after Human Global Talent’s notice. Human Global Talent may cancel Recruiting Company Membership Agreement;
    5. Human Global Talent shall have the right to suspend or cancel Job Information listing of a Member Company who has many troubles and complaints with Users even during Recruiting Company Membership Agreement period. Human Global Talent may suspend or cancel Job Information listing, or cancel Recruiting Company Membership Agreement, if it is unable to obtain cooperation from the Member Company in need of confirming with the Member Company about the Users’ complaints; and
    6. Human Global Talent will not refund fee even if a cancellation period occurs and an listing period is shortened due to the reasons of above (4) or (5). Human Global Talent will not extend the listing period corresponding to the cancelled period even after the listing restarted.

    Supplementary provision

    This Provision is executed on 1st April 2009.

    Definition of holiday system

    Weekly holiday system One (1)-day holiday a week
    Two (2)-day holiday system One (1) or more two (2)-day holiday(s) a month, and one (1)-day holiday(s) in other weeks of the same month throughout a year
    Alternate two (2)-day holiday system Alternate two (2)-day holiday and one (1)-day holiday throughout a year
    Complete two (2)-day holiday system Two (2)-day holiday every week throughout a year
    Three (3)-day holiday system One (1) or more three (3)-day holiday(s) a month, and two (2)-day holiday(s) in other weeks of the same month throughout a year
    Alternate three (3)-day holiday system Alternate three (3)-day holiday and two (2)-day holiday throughout a year
    Complete three (3)-day holiday system Three (3)-day holiday every week throughout a year
    ◯day work ◯day holiday system Continuous ◯day work and ◯day holiday
    Four (4) or more days a month It is appropriate if understood that four (4) or more days of holiday throughout a month.
    “Four (4) days a month” is inappropriate. It must be four (4) or more days of holiday a month.
    ◯day holiday a year There must be four (4) or more days of holiday a month. Number of holidays a year shall be stated unless infringing the labor standards law.

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