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After comprehensively judging motivation, experience, abilities, qualifications, etc., you will be assigned to one of the departments / departments centered on the corporate headquarters or Yamanashi Gakuin University, and will be responsible for school management work.

[Candidate department for assignment (example)]
・ Management Strategy Office
·Human Resources Department
・ Education Department
・ ICLA office
・ Entrance Examination Center
・ Employment / Career Center

Instead of following the existing method, we aim to bring new met ...

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★従業員満足度◎★年間休日123日・土日休・残業月平 ...

Recruiter ファスフォードテクノロジ(株)
  • ★ ★ ★ ★ Manager Level
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【詳細】半導体製造装置の開発、設計業務となり、半導体製造装置の中でも「ダイボンディング」と呼ばれる後工程の装置でカットされたシリコンを基板に接着する工程です。この分野では、当社は世界でも指折りのシェアを占める企業で、スマホ向けではシェアトップクラスです ...

Job Description

■ Sales engineer
・ Sales of computers and various OA equipment mainly to universities and general companies
・ Not only hardware but also system will be sold.

The sales department is divided into a school corporation charge and a private company charge depending on the specialty of the system.

The sales engineer first hears from customers about their requests and current problems. Based on the information obtained from the hearing, we plan the optimal computer system together with the engineer, go through the planning process, and make propo ...

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