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Use your English / language skills as a bilingual to find work in Japan in a variety of in demand fields such as IT, Marketing and Hospitality.Expand your horizons and learn new skills and culture whilst gaining invaluable experience.

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■海外現地法人のローカルスタッフと協力し、在庫管理の手法の検討、物流倉庫の選定、倉庫のレイアウト設計を行います ...

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[Job description]
① Thermal control subsystem leader
<Satellite thermal design and thermal analysis>
– Optimize the combination of passive and active thermal control in order to keep the satellite parts within the allowable temperature range
(Passive heat control tunes the radiation and conduction heat transfer path, and active heat control includes an electric heater. * Convection does not exist in the space environment.)
– Thermal instrumentation: selection or design of heat-dissipating materials and heat-insulating materials (eg multi-layer ...

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[Job description]
① Engineer (Assembly test and verification)
-In addition to performing test planning and evaluation design for the later phase of the satellite development process (assembly test and verification), and working closely with satellite system engineers under the leadership of testing and management as a technical staff, Perform the above duties
– Lead the engineering team for key assembly test and verification processes, including:
・ Environmental testing (measurement of vibration, impact, quality characteristics)
・ Thermal an ...

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[Job description]
① Satellite electrical system harness engineer
-Carry out harness connection design, harness routing design, and bracket mechanical design for harness design onboard satellite
-Implement technical coordination with other subsystems as an electrical system in terms of harness design
-Make technical adjustments to cable suppliers and their cable specifications
-Create wire and harness specifications
-Perform technical coordination with the wire purchaser, harness manufacturer, and delivery time management
-Manage ICD (Interface C ...

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【Details of work】
◆ Improve customer confidence in their products through the establishment and implementation of a quality assurance management system.
◆ Support sales activities as a technical staff for specific products.
(Specific products are mainly mechanical pressure gauges, pressure sensors, industrial gas density systems, load cells)

【Details of work content】
◆ We will point out defects and analyze the cause of quality defects, report to the manufacturer’s overseas plant, and work on the root cause improvement and negotiations.

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【Job Description】
◆ What kind of work: Conduct sales activities for construction equipment and industrial vehicle manufacturers for instrumentation parts (load cells, pressure sensors, etc.).
Technical exchange with German and Chinese factory in English.

【In particular…】
1. Ordering and receiving activities >> Obtaining an inquiry, checking technical specifications, mechanical and electrical drawings, making quotations, ordering
2. Customer service >> Price response, delivery date adjustment, quality problem response, contract terms negotiat ...

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※上記業務の繁忙以外 ...

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•技術プロセス および手法のスタンダードを確立し、維持する
• 予算、技術、品質仕様、スケジュールに基づき、プロジェクトに関連したグループの役割、業務達成のために最適な計画を管理、確立し、実行する
• グループ内の業務全て、その業務割当の内容も含むグループ内の人材管理プランを計画し、管理を行う。また、必要な教育プランを計画し、グループ、およびメンバーの定期的な評 ...