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The possibilities are limitless! !!

Top MessageGlobal localization venture with over 2000 native translators

Delivering "living words" with translations that cover 42 languages
President and CEO Matthews Taylor
"Put your love for your work into translation"  
Mugen Creations Limited Liability Company is the company to translate the game, app, cartoons and the like.
American-born I, became to set up a translation company in Japan, it was in the opportunity to have been touched since I was a child in the Japanese anime and games.
After graduating from university, I run a site called "Manga Helpers" that translates manga into English and introduces it. As a result of respecting Japanese culture and striving to translate the content correctly, the site became a global site used by 6 million people a month the year after its opening.
And in December 2014, "Mugen Creations LLC" was established. We will continue to provide better localization services to everyone, keeping in mind the idea of "loving translation (localization) for loving works" that has not changed since we were running the site. increase.

Strategy/ProductsFine-grained translation that can handle highly specialized works

The business of MUGEN Creations is supported by more than 2,000 native translators . They can translate from Japanese to 17 languages and from English to 42 languages respectively.
Most of the translators who have a contract with us have some specialized knowledge and skills other than translation. All of this skill is listed, and you can assign " translators that meet your needs and the content of your work".
▽ Achievements of localization ▽
Manga translation, over 40,000 episodes (all genres)
Translation record of 1 million words or more (18 or more IPs)
Translation record of 4 million characters or more (34 or more IPs)

With over 2,000 native staff, we provide "more lively translations".

JobGrowing needs for translation with the holding of international events

Watching games and anime to translate

MUGEN Creations has three major goals.
The first is to create a better translation system.
The fact is that translation systems are still expensive for SMEs to use. We would like to make use of our translation experience to create our own system and provide services at a more reasonable price.
The second is to create an R & D (Research and Development) department.
I would like to create a department that develops new games and services and does fun things.
The third is to reduce working hours.
It is not always possible to make something that can be worked for a long time every day. We would like to make the family of our employees happy by improving the working environment, and then spread the positive ripple effect to our employees and customers.
SNS / Media Manager Scott Welden
The strength is the high quality and the wide range of specialized fields!

We have the advantage of being able to translate even highly specialized content with good quality , and we are proud that this can be fully demonstrated in other industries. In fact, with the recent holding of various international events and festivals, we have received many inquiries about translation projects from the service industry. We need excellent colleagues to take this opportunity to expand our business.

From Interviewer's EyesRecruitment message

There is an environment where you can challenge!
  • In addition to translation, you can also gain experience that other localized companies do not have, such as game production, promotion (sometimes going abroad), planning of new services, etc.
  • Since I am involved in a famous title, people all over the world can enjoy the work I was involved in.
  • As a company in the period of business expansion, it is an environment where you can become the core of the company and grow rapidly.
Watching movies & pizza parties in the office

A free corporate culture where manga, anime, and game lovers gather! !!

~ ★ Achieve a new way of working! ★ ~
We have an office in a quiet place about 10 minutes on foot from Iidabashi station. We have also introduced a "flex system" and "working from home" to respect the independence and flexible working styles of our employees. You are free to work according to your lifestyle.

~ ★ In-house exchanges and events are also active ★ ~
Once a month, we hold movie viewing parties and pizza parties as shown in the picture to deepen the friendship between employees. There are many friends with the same hobbies, so if you like manga, anime, and games, you will soon get used to the workplace and your daily work will surely be fun!
We are looking forward to your application!

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