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Top MessageAmaris: Now Inspiring Change

Amaris is an international and independent Technologies and Management Consulting Group. 

Our teams
are made up of specialists who provide consulting services with a strong added value in all business sectors. We act through the lifecyle of our clients' projects from beginning to end. We have 5 business lines, operating in 12 sectors.

Distribution Trade
Civil Engineering
Life Sciences & Envinroment
Public Sector & NGO
Telecommunications & Media
Aerospace & Defence
Banking & Insurance
Art, Entertainment, Leisure

Global PointOur Strive to Move Forward

Founded in 2007 by two engineers, a lawyer and a financial expert;
Amaris has since grown from 20 employees to 3650 employees GLOBALLY

We opened the Japan office in 2016, following our expansion to 4 other countries. 
In 2017, we became a team of 3650 employees, spreading across 50 countries. 
We aim to extend our geographical presence to be always closer to our clients.

But our growth does not stop here.
Amaris continues to flourish, with our ambition to create a truly international consulting group.

Our 2018 objective is to grow our team to 5000 employees globally
and we want YOU to join in on this exciting opportunity for growth. 

★★Find out more here!★★

Benefits/EnvironmentAmaris Values

Amaris values constant development and offers our customers the benefits of a global, diverse and unique innovation ecosystem.

Translates into a constant desire to move forward and never stop being demanding with ourselves. It is about offering excellence to our customers and supporting them wherever their location, whatever their challenges, whenever their needs.

We are committed to achieving results. We are committed to making a sustainable difference through the Amaris Foundation. We want to change society in a positive way, by fostering independence for everyone through innovative solutions.

Trust and transparency serve as the pillars for our organisation. We empower young and talented people by giving them responsibility and space to grow.

We are bold by constantly creating opportunities for ourselves. Boldness means to follow our intuition and believe in the talent and skills of a 25-year-old woman with less than 2 years’ experience and who no master of the local language to launch our Asian activities.

We are free. Free from external stakeholders’ directives, free from technological dependence. We have chosen to rely solely on our customers and our people, so we can be the one and only actor in our long-term vision.


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