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SoftwareONE Japan - A Great Place to Work!

Top MessageMeet SoftwareONE Japan!

“Strip away everything. Strip away our brand, strip away our buildings, and strip away our offices. What are we left with? Our people. This is what makes SoftwareONE different. Passionate people who live and breathe our values every day, who delight Our customers every day, and who go above and beyond, every day. Our culture is unique, and I believe that having the right people, and empowering them to succeed, is the absolute key to our success ”.

Global PointSoftwareONE's Seven Core Values-The Most Important Values

SoftwareONE's seven core values are the cornerstone of the company. It is the DNA of the company that has continued since its establishment.

Core values show our employees and customers what we need to do to move our work and business efforts forward.
It supports the entire life cycle of employees and plays a central role not only in the hiring process but also in the progress and growth of employees.



Benefits/EnvironmentThe spirit of enjoying everything

Chief Entertainment Officer "CEO"

We all love to have fun!

Our "CEO" community is responsible for the social aspects of our work.
If you work hard, you need to play hard.
The CEO prepares a social gathering for all employees

Culture Day
As a global company, Culture Day is held every three months to celebrate and embrace diverse cultures around the world. We are a truly global company, expanding from Brazil to Japan and from Switzerland to India. All of its employees are important.
Sports Event
From CrossFit to soccer, ballroom dancing to marathons, we will hold events that everyone can enjoy. We also have a few strong players!
Social gathering
Barbecues, watching movies, sporting events, concerts, etc.
From local charity activities and fundraising to social service activities and environmental support.
And Many More....
Visit our Careersite to https://www.softwareone.com/ja-jp/about/careers for more details of the perks working with SoftwareONE

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