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Office Location 1-8-2 Higashiueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Room A, 4th floor, OIZUMI Higashiueno Building
Industries Sales / back office
Game industry
Achievements ・ Introduction to group companies
・ Sales position
・ Back office, secretary, interpreter
・ Promotion of new business
・ Food service manager
Consultant Introduction We acquired a permission license of the paid job placement business in January, 2019.

Our motto is "to put itself in shoes of change of job people desired, and to think"

I never recommend it if even the item of favorable conditions does not match the person thinking about a change of job.

I keep the guidance that I put together in personality of the one one in mind while making much of the work-life balance again what kind of occupation life you want to send what wants to happen from carrier formation of own, this.
Contact Policy Within 1 week after registration
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Oizumi Amuzio Inc./ 株式会社オーイズミ・アミュージオ

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