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Benefits/EnvironmentNo. 1 domestic share of game debugging! Gather game lovers!

✔ A global environment where you can shine
The overseas division to which you belong is a global team of human resources who are proficient in English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Italian, German, and French .
The corporate culture is also global, so it is a very comfortable working environment!

Visa Support Avalable !!
Those who work in Japan on working holidays!
Those who want to work in Japan by making the most of their mother tongue and Japanese!
Rest assured that we also have VISA support!

Strategy/Products"Game love" is the pride above all! State-of-the-art debugging service

Digital Hearts Game Debugging
What is debug?
Testing the program to detect and report bugs / defects in the product

Since its founding, as a group of debug specialists who detect and report defects in software products, we have been debugging various contents such as games, mobile devices, smartphones, and websites.
With abundant human resources of 8,000 people who love games and are passionate about games, we boast an overwhelming share in the game debugging market.

Because it is a top runner in game debugging!
Achieved the industry's first quantification of "easiness to get drunk"
Supports "VR sickness" measures
For VR content, "VR sickness" is said to be the biggest issue.
In Digital Hearts, in order to solve the problem, a large number of people touched the content about "easiness to get drunk", which tends to cause a difference in the subjective experience of the user, derived an index as a guide from the statistics, and aimed at its quantification. I have been doing research. Using the academically established sickness inspection method that analyzes biological information such as headache, dizziness, saliva volume, and sweating volume, and the research results data accumulated so far , we have realized the sickness score of the content. did.

What We're Proud ofNew office just relocated in September 2017

Entrance of new office
We will welcome you at the entrance accented with the corporate color red.
New showroom
Showroom that can be used for various seminars and events

Refresh space

A refreshing space where you can enjoy the view from the 41st floor
Meeting room
The view from the conference room is also outstanding

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