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The starting point is always with people

Global Point~Introduction to Human Holdings~

Strategy/ProductsBusiness Model

Combining the business of "developing people" and the business of "sending people out into society."
This is Human Group's business model.
It's not just about learning, it's not just about finding a place to work.
We have been involved in many places where people can utilize what they have learned to work and learn further.
We aim to create a rich society where everyone can live the life that is true to themselves.
We will continue to contribute to the development of not only Japan but also the world.


Starting with education, we have expanded our business area to include human resources, nursing care, childcare, beauty-related, sports, and IT.


From Interviewer's EyesTwo sisters, one year apart, who work in the same workplace, reveal five rules they learned through their work and life experiences

Human Holdings has two "Motoki-sans." The elder sister, Atsuko, is a legal expert, and the younger sister, Rina, works in the Global Support Office, which supports overseas business.
Her younger sister Rina says that she often consults her husband about legal matters related to her work and that she finds him to be a very reliable person.
After hearing Rina's advice, her older sister, Atsuko, began to think about the future of the legal department.
Here are five rules that will help you feel the chemistry between you two.

JobFive rules to create the person you want to be

① Master the essence
Whatever you do, it's easier to think about things if you have a single axis. In every task, I try to think about the essence, asking myself, "What is this task for?" and "What lies ahead?" By always returning to the essence and starting point, the hesitation that arises along the way, troublesome considerations, and various noises from the outside will naturally become clear. I think that the way of thinking that emphasizes the essence is something that my sister and I have in common. When I ask my sister for advice about work or personal matters, she often asks me, "What does that mean after all?" That one word makes me realize that I was wavering. Although we have different areas of expertise and characteristics, we have very similar ways of thinking, and she is a very reliable person to consult with.

②The right person in the right place
Since overseas operations have fewer staff than domestic operations, each staff member has to take on several jobs and has a wider range of responsibilities. Therefore, if what a person can do does not match what they need to do, things will not run smoothly. Although I am not currently involved in recruitment or positioning, I do think carefully about the abilities and backgrounds of the people I work with, and try to create an environment and support where they can perform to the best of their abilities in the right place.

③ I don't want to be a craftsman. Rather than being a craftsman who polishes one skill, I want to be in a position where I can create an environment and organize a team so that craftsmen can perform at their best. To do this, I need a wide range of skills and experience, including the ability to judge people, management skills, external negotiation skills, and strategic thinking. I'm still halfway there, but I want to gain more experience and become someone who can judge and realize the right person for the right job.

④ Time difference is overcome with determination When dealing with overseas parties, the problem of time difference is always there. It can be difficult, such as having meetings early in the morning to accommodate the other party, but the only thing you can do is to get up early and overcome it with determination. For important records and deadlines, I make it a rule to write both Japanese time and local time so as not to get confused later.

⑤ Family First Family is more important to me than work. I put all my energy into my work, and after pushing myself a little too hard, I take a break without hesitation and spend quality time with my family. My family consists of five people: my parents, my sister, myself, and my older sister. Although we live apart from each other, I think we get along quite well. The important "family member" I live with now is my beloved dog Felix (nicknamed "Fee"). He is very cute and gives me the ultimate healing. The other day, on Fee's second birthday, the whole family gathered online and held a birthday party.

Future outlook

Our current legal work is centered on preventive legal work to prevent disputes before they occur, and clinical legal work to resolve problems when they do occur. In addition to these, we would like to strengthen our "strategic legal work" to provide advice based on legal expertise and knowledge on new businesses, the establishment of new corporations, M&A, etc. In addition, Human already has various systems and mechanisms, but they are not well known and do not function well in some aspects. We would like to work with other departments, such as accounting, finance, and the Global Support Office, in addition to legal work, to ensure that these systems and mechanisms function properly.

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