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From Interviewer's EyesEmployee voice Vol.1

Position Name: Data Center Engineering Operations  

■Previous experience 
I worked as a Construction Management assistant for a telecommunication construction company. I was mainly in charge of power supply construction for communications The Company specialized in cellular and internet telecommunication which included services to Data Centers throughout Japan. Our focus was to work safely and produce high quality results within the assigned construction period. My main focus was creating and managing the day to day schedule for our staff. This included safely managing, coordinating deliveries, creating procedures, and preparing completion documents. In addition to these assignments I was assigned as lead manager of sales.

■Why did you join AWS?
My exp is mainly in the telecommunications industry, and my focus was on “how to provide a more stable telecommunications” environment to customers all over Japan. I was quite impressed how the cloud computing industry was growing and was looking to transition my career into this industry. I was quite attracted to the idea that I could have an actual imprint on review designs, operations, pursue safety and quality of Data Centers as being a member of Amazon Web Service (AWS). With the DCEO role opportunity I knew I would be able to the exposure that I was looking for, I would be able to get hands on exp on operational efficiency and energy conservation, while at the same time relying on my past experience to contribute to AWS. I have always been in roles that are customer-focused, hence joining a company that truly believes in innovating on behalf of the Customer is what I was quite attracted to and I knew there could not be a better place that AWS.

■What do you like the most about your team?

Infra Ops team is awesome and we all are working together towards a sane goal, providing the best experience to our experiences. Though safety and quality control are one of our main goals, our team is actively learning, discussing what's best for our customers, and working to create a more secure, redundant, and affordable data center for the years to come. Amazon provides an inclusive work environment that motivates us to deliver. A culture of equality is a is also a driver for innovation and growth and I can see that in our team ; also ADS is the most diversified team we have employees from multiple nationalities, who are so talent and  expert in their fields of specialization. I am extremely proud to be a part of this team.

■What are the career opportunities at AWS?
Here at AWS our managers allow us to take charge of our own career but at the same time give us all the tools and help needed to improve our opportunities for career growth. We have regular 1-on-1 meetings where we are able to talk freely about our interest, projects work life balance, ideas and self-improvement to name a few. This doesn’t stop only at management but surrounding support from other team members and upper management as well. Every day is a day to grow in AWS and it fits so well with our culture of “Always Day One”. Whether you are considering taking the next step, or choosing to become a manager, an engineering professional, or cross-training with other team, AWS has endless opportunities for all people.

■Message to people who are considering an AWS Data Center role.
AWS is a company of builders who bring varying backgrounds, ideas, and points of view to inventing on behalf of our customers. Our diverse perspectives come from many sources including gender, race, age, national origin, sexual orientation, culture, education, and professional and life experience. We are committed to diversity and inclusion and always look for ways to scale our impact as we grow. AWS cares about culture. Amazon stands by its leadership principles. Among other things, we value Customer Obsession. If you have an interest in data centers, and if you empathize AWS culture and want to make it better together, this is the opportunity for you! We are currently hiring trainee employees with little to no experience with the possibilities of joining our team and becoming a part of the “Amazonian family” as a full-time employee. We are looking forward to see and hearing from you!

Employee voice Vol.2

Position Name: Data Center Technician 

■Previous experience 
My entire work experiences is related to IT/Infra industry and work scope has been on roles that focus on customer data, system maintenance and network management. Prior to joining AWS, I worked as a Desktop Support Engineer in one of the sports video streaming companies in Japan. My team was in charge of helping and supporting global employees with regards to PC’s troubleshooting and company network issues. I also worked as OSS Engineer/System Administrator, monitoring and managing the network services of one of the biggest telecommunication companies here in Japan. I usually worked remotely with customer while doing the system upgrade and change work.

■Why did you join AWS?
I always heard good things about AWS from my friends who were working here, the spectacular services the company provides for their customers, working culture, team diversity and opportunities to learn. I always want to be in an environment that pushes me out of my comfort zone to deliver more, ability to innovate as well as develop new skills and learn new technology every day. Working in AWS has helped me grow as an individual and a professional when it comes to cloud computing and technology.

■What is the Day to day work of a Data Center Technician?
As a DCT, we provide 24/7 site coverage and respond to high severity events within Service Level Agreements (SLA’s). Troubleshooting servers and network devices are DCO’s best friend. At first, I thought that data center work is difficult and challenging for women like me as we need to use physical strength when taking out the server from the rack. AWS provides tools like server lift, work carts and implements SOPs like lifting operations to give employees a safe working environment and make work easier, the company always thinks about its employees and employee safety is very important. We often get opportunity to visit multiple sites, handle work on-call to support with services customer needs in a timely manner to provide a great customer experience.

■What are the career opportunities at AWS?
There are many opportunities at AWS depending on the skills that you bring and how you want to drive your career. We have a Trainee program for candidates who have limited hardware troubleshooting hands on exp it’s a 6 months program that allows you to learn and grow to become a full time employee “Data center Technician”.
 If you have exp in people mgmt., team mgmt., project mgmt. you can also join as a Data Center Manager. We also have multiple team across the Data Center organization, there are employee who have moved from Technician roles to Network Technician roles or Infrastructure deployment roles. The team supports employee internal career move and also provide opportunities for career development. Even if you are a DCO and wanted to help other team such as logistic, DCEO, Rack ops, ID’s etc., it’s always supported; this also helps us to understand the synergy across all other teams for effecting operations at the sites. 

■Message to people who are considering an AWS Data Center role.
For all of those who aspire to work or want to start a career in a data center, AWS is a good company to consider. In my last 2 years of work tenure in AWS as Data Center Tech, I was able to develop and up skill my career to the next level. I think the reason for this is not only AWS promotes their leadership principles, but AWS has the strong mission and vision to live by these principles. And one of my favorite leadership principles is “Learn and be Curious” because one should never stop learning AND every day is DAY ONE. This culture is a way to stay relevant and on our toes; we treat every day like its Day 1, in such environment we are not simply sitting stagnant on the information you had at the start rather are building on what you’ve learned, and we continue to evolve. If you are open to learning Apply Now! We are hiring for multiple roles.

Employee voice Vol.3

Position Name: Data Center Technician 

■Previous career
Prior to joining AWS, I use to work for an International Investment Bank and Financial Services Company as a Data Center Technician. I was involved in supporting the daily operations of a data center such as server and network device installation, server troubleshooting, spare parts inventory management and issue escalation to relevant teams.

■Day to day work
As a team, we provide 24/7 site coverage and respond to high severity events within Service Level Agreements (SLA’s). Working on shift rotation, we troubleshoot and fix hardware and network issues. We install new servers and network equipment. We are also involved expansion projects and work with various teams in the Data Center and across sites. 

■Why I joined AWS
Although I was already a part of Data Center Infrastructure, I always felt the need to learn more.
I always thought working in a fast-growing company like AWS would give me many opportunities to improve my skills by working with other experienced and talented people who shared the same interests and goals. Aside from this, working in an industry where women are distinctly in the minority I have been able to thrive and advance in my career. Joining a company that embraces diversity and recognizes gender equality was just exactly what I was looking for and was fortunate enough to be a part of it.

■Future career
If you want to advance your career as a Data Center Technician, there are many options to choose from.
If you have the skill set in managing and developing Data Center Technicians and have the passion on improving processes and procedures, you can transition to Data Center Manager. If you have skills in driving projects and enabling different teams to achieve the project goal, you can advance to Technical Program Management. If you are interested in supporting large scale networks, you can try Network Technician position.
These are just some of the career paths that you can take if you are thinking of either horizontal or vertical career advancement.

■Message to people who are considering an AWS data center role
Amazonians are driven and guided by the Amazon Leadership Principles.
So, if you have a passion for technology, looking for ways to develop your skills eagerly and enjoy working to earn and keep customer trust vigorously, this is the place to be ; Come Build with Us!

Employee voice Vol.4

Position Name: Data Center Engineering Operation

■Previous career
I worked for a system integration company who provides large-scale systems to the finance industry and government and was engaged in facility management for the company owned data centers.
In addition of being involved into multiple tasks from land selection to construction and operation for the newly established data center, I also gained various experiences in business aspects such as building utilization strategies and budgeting.

■Day to day work
AWS data centers are operated by multiple teams. My team, Data Center Engineering Operations (DCEO) is responsible for the facility, such as electrical and air conditioning/cooling equipment in the data center. Operations includes 24x7 risk management for the electrical and air conditioning equipment, while technical project management skills are required to provide timely facility preparation according to the specifications of server racks being delivered daily.
There are many opportunities to manage projects using knowledge that is relevant. For example, when planning the maintenance of electrical equipment and air conditioning equipment, we take into consideration how the state of the equipment will transition during maintenance, and take sufficient risk countermeasures calculating the impact from the facility side to the rack level. There are various standard operations which are being actively updated and I feel that AWS data centers are evolving day by day.

■Why I joined AWS
In my previous job, I was involved in facility management for data centers in on-premises environments. I saw many enterprise customers who have large-scale systems shifting to the cloud and felt that cloud services have great potential to change the world.
I joined AWS because I wanted to contribute my data center knowledge that I gained over the years to cloud services.

■Future career
At AWS, we have multiple opportunities for talent to grow.
Our team is quite diverse and we have a multicultural environment, this environment helps you an individual to grow by getting hands on exposure, part of multiple projects, supporting each other and many opportunities to plan and improve to support our customers with the best.
I am happy to be a part to this team and also leveraging all the opportunities in my current role. We have also seen our members in our team who started as Engineer are now a manager, transitioned to different team like TPM, BD etc.

■Message to people who are considering an AWS data center role
Considering the confidentiality of the AWS data centers, we are not in a position to share a lot of details. However, as the business expands, the AWS data center is also expanding rapidly, and there are multiple opportunities to utilize your technical and engineering skills through daily operations. There are so many different things we learn each day and that is what excites me.
Amazon culture is unique and as it says every day is DAY1 so learning never stops. Our unique Leadership Principle (LP), which is rooted in our business not only at the time of hiring, but also for small decisions and feedback.
If you would like to learn, raise the bar of your technical skills, get exposure to the best in class technology and looking for a place to grow with the growth of the company this is the team to be at. Come join us!

Employee voice Vol.5


Position Name: Data Center Logistics Specialist

■Previous career
Previously, I worked for an International Logistics company, which provides logistics solutions and supply chain management to a variety of industries around the globe.
My role was focused on coordinating air freight shipments from different countries as well as maintaining excellence on customer service in critical industries such as automotive, agricultural, and energy. Following this experience, I also worked for a small exporting company, where I had the chance to gain experience on warehouse and inventory management.

■Day to day work
Essentially, my team is responsible for providing assets to multiple teams in the Infrastructure Operations, helping all teams to have what they need to keep our Data Centers running smoothly.
My team manages new deliveries, maintains and controls inventory, ship assets in and out whenever needed between multiple data centers; we are also in charge of reverse logistics when applicable.
Our Data Centers don’t stop growing, so as the scope of work for the Data Center Logistics specialists and trainees, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved in different projects.

■Why I joined AWS
Although Logistics has a similar essence across different industries, I was eager to find out how different the Data Center Logistics is. Despite of not having a tech background, I’ve joined AWS because I knew I could contribute with my Logistics knowledge that I’ve been developing through the years and because I wanted to learn something new and different.

■Future career
I am happy to be part of my team, where I can rely on my teammates without hesitation.
We are always supporting one another and exchanging our experiences and knowledge, as we face our daily challenges.
 I’ve seen teammates transitioning to other teams to expand and develop different skills, however I haven’t set a target in that direction yet as I do have the feeling that the Data Center world is fresh for me and I still have a lot to learn.

■Message to people who are considering an AWS data center role
We are constantly learning and developing ourselves; it’s a nonstop apprenticeship and I do enjoy the fact that I learn more than one new thing every day.
If you are all about putting effort into achieving your goals, having fun by thinking outside the box, like experimenting new things, and want to make history by raising the bar to reach new heights, then this is the place to be.
Come join us!

Global PointPowering companies from Netflix to NASA


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a secure cloud services platform, offering compute power, database storage, content delivery and other functionality to help businesses scale and grow. Millions of customers currently leverage AWS cloud products and solutions to build sophisticated applications with increased flexibility, scalability and reliability. Tens of thousands of customers use a broad range of AWS services. This has accelerated AWS’ pace in machine learning, artificial intelligence, internet of things, and serverless computing.

In 2006, Amazon Web Services (AWS) began offering IT infrastructure services to businesses as web services - now commonly known as cloud computing. Today, AWS provides a highly reliable, scalable, low-cost infrastructure platform in the cloud that powers hundreds of thousands of businesses in 190 countries around the world. As our customers grow their businesses, AWS continues to provide infrastructure that meets their global requirements, aiming to be the most customer centric company on earth.

The Infrastructure Operations (Data Center) Team is the backbone of AWS, supporting the rapidly growing AWS business and customers 24/7. We are committed to maintain the physical infrastructure of AWS in the areas of availability, productivity, efficiency, while ensuring the standards of safety and security.

Today, Amazon Web Services provides a highly reliable, scalable, low-cost infrastructure platform in the cloud that powers hundreds of thousands of businesses in 190 countries around the world. Check out some of our customer use cases to see how our customers use AWS and imagine how you can impact the future of cloud computing as an AWS teammate. Here at AWS, you’ll experience unparalleled ownership and impact on our products, and be empowered to innovate and deliver.

Come build the future with AWS.
In AWS, we don't mind being called "peculiar." We have our own way of doing things. We're obsessed with customers, we see beauty in simplifying the complex, and we're comfortable with being misunderstood. That might sound unorthodox, but our unusual approach and our culture - focused on removing obstacles so builders can build - are part of why our employees enjoy working in AWS.

For people who like to invent, there's no better place to build than AWS. We're currently hiring around the globe, in a variety of different technical and business roles. Join AWS and help us build the future of cloud computing.

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