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Top MessageWorking with the Yaruki Switch Group - Who we are and what can we offer

Yaruki Switch Group

The Yaruki Switch Group has more than 1,800 schools throughout Japan and is expanding to the world. With a track record stretching 40 years in teaching, nurturing, and opening up a future for children, We are a general education group that caters to a diverse range of students.

What we treasure is not just academic development. We respect each child’s characteristics and nurture their confidence and motivation through their successful experience of achieving their goals“Think for yourself, decide for yourself, and act for yourself”; we help the children to polish their “jibun-ryoku” (self-power) and take on challenges in life, opening up their own path without being swayed by the general values and other people’s evaluations.

At Yaruki Switch Group you have the opportunity to have a meaningful job while experiencing life in Japan! As you will be teaching English to young children, you can help them see new opportunities and possibilities for their future.

Join our team!

VISA We will fully sponsor your VISA before you leave for Japan. We provide guidance for all documents and procedures involved for your ease and comfort.
 Yaruki Switch Group provides in-depth training for all new teachers. The training includes lecture-based training, where you will learn about the company’s history, curriculum, and teaching approaches, as well as On the Job Training (OJT), where you will receive support and feedback from our experienced trainers. The length of the training varies depending on the brand (2-5 weeks).
 Besides the basic salary, we also fully cover all of your work-related transportation. Our social security plan includes the Japanese Pension Program, Unemployment Insurance, Health Insurance, Residential Tax, and Income Tax. ¥100,000 annual contract renewal bonus for every year you renew your contract and if you stay with us longer - salary and career advancement opportunities! 

JobBrand Introduction - A variety of opportunities!

☆Kids Duo☆  “Play in English, Learn in English!” 

Safe, secure and immersive afterschool environment
・Children acquire English skills through immersion and play
・Students are exposed to different cultures and ways of thinking
・Fun and engaging activities, all in English
Ages range primarily from 3-12, with varying class sizes & English levels. Expect to conduct activities with both large and small groups (sometimes as many as 30 or more students).

ーWhat is a day at Kids Duo like?

"We have about an hour prep time in the morning and after that, we have our lunch break. The kids start coming in at about 2:30 PM. During the classes we have various activities such as “Fun with the teacher”, show and tell, phonics, P.E., vocabulary class or circle time with snack-time and bathroom breaks in-between. We also have presentation time, so the kids can not only learn English but also improve their social skills. For the elementary class, we have project time during which we practice the four C-skills (Critical thinking, Collaboration, Cooperation, and Creativity). We believe that this will help them both in school and later life.” Read the full article 

☆Kids Duo International☆
  "The time you spend at KDI will be a lifetime treasure”

State-of-the-art bilingual kindergarten
Preparing children to succeed in all academic areas later in life
English and Japanese instruction in order to facilitate natural, bilingual learning right from the start
Physical education program specifically designed to start children off on a lifetime of wellness.
Teach English curriculum for classes of up to 30 students(ages 2 to 6).

 ― What is the most enjoyable part of your work?

The kids and the people. If you really like kids, this is a perfect position. Whenever I feel tired or don’t have energy, once they come in and say “Good Morning! I feel that energy and feel that it is the most enjoyable part. Also, my colleagues here are all great teachers. Being here for 6 years, I still learn a lot from them, even from the new teachers. I enjoyed being around other people who are passionate about teaching. Read the full article 

☆WinBe☆  “Tanoshiku Manabu” - Learn Through Fun” 

・An exciting, fun, goal-oriented English conversation school equipping students with the tools to communicate and express themselves.
English lessons for students primarily aged 3-14 with curriculum that puts emphasis on fun, practical language focusing on real life skills.
Programs cover reading, writing, speaking, and listening, with a focus on phonics.
・Planning lessons, creating new activities, school promotion, staff meetings, creating and maintaining student reports, school upkeep,etc.

ーWhat is the most enjoyable and the most challenging part of your work?

“Personally I love kids and I really like teaching kids. They are funny, weird, exciting and you actually learn a lot from them. You also learn a lot about yourself from being around them and teaching them. What is equally important to me is being able to meet and work with really fantastic people that have taught me a lot.
What I find the most challenging is constantly adapting to changes and the different needs - the needs in the education, needs of the students, etc. What the students need keeps changing, especially as they grow older, so it is important to be flexible and adaptable.
 Read the full article 

We are actively recruiting!

Hiring Native English Teachers

The Yaruki Switch Group hires their Native English teachers the whole year-round. In an interview with one of the native recruiters, we asked about what kind of talents they are looking for in the candidates.

 ーWhat is an important deciding factor when you are hiring teachers?

"We don’t necessarily require experience from our teachers. Of course, it’s fantastic if candidates do have teaching experience but we are looking for somebody who is passionate, who wants to improve and who wants to stay with us for a long time as well. You need to be able to be as they say in Japanese: GENKI (cheerful), you need to be very energetic when standing in front of the class and sometimes be a little bit silly or goofy. Most of all, you have to really care about the kids and have the passion to want to learn, take feedback and develop as a teacher."


ーIs there something that you would like the candidates to know before they join YARUKI Switch Group?

"I want them to know that it is an environment of support. For those who don’t have teaching experience and might be concerned about it being their first time standing in front of the kids, we do have a lot of support. We work on the training and give you the foundations to be able to go into your school and develop as a teacher. We love seeing passionate individuals blossom into great teachers with us.Read the full interview 



We are looking forward to receiving your application! 
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