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What’s the YARUKI Switch Group method?

An approach that works towards the unlimited possibilities each child has.

A God-given “Jewel”, that is talent.
All Children have their own God-given Jewels, and they need to be discovered, polished and fostered. From these talents children derive motivation and confidence.
The Invisible Staircase
Life is like an “invisible staircase” we all have to climb. We at YARUKI Switch Group support children as they independently climb their own staircases with delight and pride one step at a time.
The Power of Independence
Abilities that no one else has. These budding talents are “the Power of Independence”. Rather than an all-encompassing, comprehensive competence, we want children to pride themselves in their own unique expertise.
The synergic effects of brain, body and heart
The brain, body and heart, equally affect each other as children grow to be well-balanced. This is the educational philosophy of YARUKI Switch Group.

What are the perks of working at the YARUKI Switch Group?
What kinds of talent is the YARUKI Switch Group looking for?


YARUKI, meaning “motivation” in English, is a key word for changing the future.
YARUKI Switch Group is a diverse educational organization, thriving to support children reach their dreams through education.


YARUKI Switch Group provides a diverse range of programs comprising of School IE, Child Eyes, WinBe English School, Kids Duo day care and after-school English program, Kids Duo International kindergarten and Ninja9.

YARUKI Switch Group Co., Ltd.
YARUKI Switch Group Co., Ltd.
  • President and CEO: Naoshi Takahashi
  • Access: Hatchobori Dai-ichi Seimei Bldg. 2-24-2 Hatchobori, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
  • Capital: ¥100,000,000
  • Related links: https://www.yarukiswitch.jp/