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Country of Company HQ Japan
Location of Company Japan
Company Intro
KAMEDA SEIKA is Japan’s leading company, with a 30% share of the domestic rice cracker market. The fact that we have continued to hold the top spot in the rice cracker business for over 40 years since 1975 is proof of our dedication to meet the diversifying needs of our customers in addition to the requirements for food safety and security, and to continue to manufacture rice crackers that are delicious and fun to eat. Many people are familiar with our arare and osenbei rice crackers, including our long-selling brands of “KAMEDA Kaki-no-Tane” and “Happy Turn”, which typify KAMEDA SEIKA.

In 2004 we acquired two companies. The first was Toyosu, which had a history of over 100 years in the Kansai region of Japan, as well as strong brands. The second was Nisshin Seika, a traditional manufacturer and seller of rice crackers with roots deep in Tochigi Prefecture. By working together with our domestic group of companies, including Ajicul that has expertise in the areas of tourist souvenirs, theme parks, and amusement facilities, we have focused our efforts in the rapidly growing EC market and have built up a distribution network that can service a range of sales channels.

As a leading rice cracker manufacturer, KAMEDA SEIKA will stay ahead of the ever-changing market environment. Through innovation in our long-selling product lines and the development of eating scenarios through new types of rice crackers, we will energize the rice cracker market and offer health, gusto, and excitement to all of our customers.
Industry Food and Beverage Production
Location Headquarters:
3-1-1 Kameda-kogyodanchi,
Konan-ku, Niigata-shi, Niigata 950-0198, Japan

Tokyo Office:
Hulic Tsukiji East Building 3rd Floor
3-3-8 Irifune, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0042, Japan
President COO Masanori Takagi
Year of Establishment August 1957
Capital JPY 1,946,130,000
Number of Employees 3,858 people (as of 2023/3/31)
Description of Business 【Rice Cracker Business】
Since our establishment in 1957, we have continued to produce rice crackers that are loved by a wide range of customers, from children to the elderly. We have created many long-selling products such as "Kaki-no-tane", "Happy Turn", and "Potapota-yaki". As a leading company in the rice cracker industry, we will continue to do our best to provide safe and secure products that meet the needs of our customers!

【Rice Cracker Oversea Business】
Rice crackers typify Japan and have continued to be loved by many people. We want to expand our rice cracker business out into the rest of the world. KAMEDA SEIKA is aiming to become a “Global Food Company” that can offer health and happiness to people around the world through rice crackers.

KAMEDA SEIKA first ventured overseas in 1989. We formed a business alliance with SESMARK FOODS INC. in Illinois, USA (now TH FOODS, INC.) and began the manufacture and sale of rice crackers in North America. We have been helped along by health consciousness as well as the Japanese food boom in that region. High rates of growth in the sales of hypoallergenic and low-fat rice crackers are continuing. In 2008, we established KAMEDA USA, INC. in California. In 2012, we acquired the premium rice cracker producer Mary’s Gone Crackers, Inc. as a subsidiary, thus securing our position in the North American market.

In Asia, we enhanced our sales in the Chinese market by establishing Qingdao Kameda Foods Co., Ltd. as our production base in Qingdao, China in 2003. In 2020 we acquired Singha Kameda (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in Thailand as a subsidiary to be a base for cross-border trade and the sale of rice crackers to various parts of the world. Recently we have expanded our presence to Vietnam, India, and Cambodia. We are developing brands to meet customer needs in each country and are aiming to increase cross-border trading.

We will use these overseas networks and continue the challenge to make KAMEDA SEIKA rice crackers available to customers throughout the world.

【Food Related Business】
In our medium-term business plan formulated in FY2018, KAMEDA SEIKA declared that it would fully transition from a rice cracker business to a food business. Based on the technology and knowledge from decades-long rice research at KAMEDA SEIKA, we have developed several products other than rice crackers, such as the low-protein rice “Yume Gohan” for people with chronic kidney disease and the smooth and easy-to-swallow universal design food “Fukukura Okayu.” Furthermore, we have verified various functional effects of rice-derived “plant-based lactic acid bacteria K-1” and sake lees-derived “plant-based lactic acid bacteria K-2”, expanding the possibilities of our healthcare business.

In 2013, we acquired Onisi Foods Co., Ltd., which manufactures and sells long-term preservation foods. Amid growing interest in disaster prevention in Japan, we continue expanding this business, backed by proven technology and product lineup. Also, in 2019, KAMEDA SEIKA acquired Maisen Fine Foods Co., Ltd., aiming to develop the “plant-based food” business under the influence of expanding SDG awareness. In 2021, we also welcomed Tainai Co., Ltd. into our group companies, to strenghen and expand our production and sales system for “rice-flour bread,” free from all 28 specified allergens, so that people with food allergies can enjoy it with safety and peace of mind.

Looking ahead to the future, developing these businesses as KAMEDA SEIKA’s core business, we will strive for sustainable growth of the food business based on the concept of “Better For You.”
URL https://www.kamedaseika.co.jp/
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