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Talk to 8 billion people around the world.

About NativeCamp.Edtech,Inc.

NativeCamp.Edtech, Inc. is a company that serves as the system operation and technology development division of NativeCamp.
*Native Camp is an online English conversation platform originating from Japan that represents Asia, and aims to become a language exchange platform that supports various languages in the future.

In order to expand the Native Camp platform to the world, we have established a new development company to challenge the world from Miyazaki.
The future will become more borderless and there will be more interaction with people from all over the world.
In order to communicate with people around the world, English has become a necessary communication skill in addition to your native language.

By making full use of technology, we reduce the financial burden on users and allow anyone to enjoy learning English anywhere and at any time.
We also want to convey to society the joy of connecting with people around the world.

Global PointCompany charm

Native Camp Edtech's appeal is that it provides an environment where you can work globally while valuing work-life balance.

Our company maintains a reasonable development schedule, and most overtime hours per day are less than 30 minutes.
There are 132 days off per year, making it easier to balance personal and work life.

In the development environment, we use chat tools every day to communicate with overseas bases, but even if you are not confident in your English skills, you can rest assured that we have a translator.
Additionally, depending on the individual's wishes and the global situation, it is possible to consider transferring to an overseas base.
This environment is recommended not only for those who want to be active globally, but also for those who want to acquire English skills and expand their career range.

Strategy/ProductsCompany outlook

Native Camp Edtech's mission is to build a language platform that connects 8 billion people around the world.
In addition to being used by general users to improve their language skills, we aim to provide a place for language exchange where instructors can teach languages as instructors while also learning other languages as students.

"Native Camp" currently only supports English, but we plan to expand the service by adding languages such as Chinese and Spanish from time to time.
At the same time, we will expand our services overseas, including in Asian countries.
Our immediate goal is to be able to offer Japanese lessons in 2022-2023.

If you would like to work in a global work environment, or if you would like to help further expand our currently growing services, please apply to our company.

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