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Recruiter J Styles Co., Ltd.

Office Location 1-9-5 Kandaawajicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Tensho Office Ochanomizu 702
Services Our company provides career support for people with working holiday, study abroad, and overseas experience under the service name of “Working Holiday Career.com”.
We handle a large number of job openings where you can make use of your English skills and overseas experience, from inexperienced people with a short career to manager class.
Industries Inbound-related industries (hotels, tourism, regional revitalization, etc.)
Hospitality-related industry (hotels, restaurants, services, etc.)
Education/human resource related
Customer Support / Call Center
IT/WEB marketing

Positions ・Customer service/sales
Achievements ・Inbound designer hotel opening staff (front desk, reservation, restaurant, management)
・Sake brewery guest house (waiting staff)
・Foreign recruitment consultant sales
・Specialized trading company trade affairs
・WEB marketing
・Overseas recruiting sales (Working in Indonesia)
Contact Policy We will contact you within 5 days after your entry.

What We're Proud ofCareer support specialized for working holidays, study abroad, and those with overseas experience

We provide career support and recruiting services specializing in working holiday, study abroad, and overseas experience under the service name of “Working Holiday Career.com”. Currently, there are about 7,000 registered job seekers (free members), 80% of whom are in their 20s and 30s, and we are also good at career support for people with little career or inexperienced people.

If you are looking for a job that makes use of your overseas experience and English skills, please feel free to contact us.

ConsultantAdvice on how to effectively promote overseas experience to companies

The unfortunate reality is that very few people, even if they have gained valuable overseas experience through working holidays or studying abroad, are able to make use of it in their work after returning to their home countries.

We are

● How should I convey the strengths of those who have worked holiday / study abroad experience to companies?

●What kind of jobs can you make use of your working holiday/study abroad experience?

What kind of plan do you have to realize your desired career?

Professional career consultants will support you from the basics of job hunting and career building that make use of your overseas experience.

If you are confident in your career, of course, but if you have a short career or lack language skills, please feel free to consult with an experienced consultant!

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