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Office Location [Headquarters] 7th floor, ORIX Ueno 1-chome Building, 1-1-10 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo
[Branch offices: Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka]
Services ■ The Meitec Group is a leading engineering solution service company founded in 1974.
■ Meitec Next is a free job change support service specialized for engineers in the IT industry and manufacturers. We guide you mainly to job offers for engineer jobs such as system integrators, mechanical / electrical / semiconductor manufacturers.
Industries ・ IT-related: WEB, Internet, software, communication infrastructure, information processing, etc.
・ Manufacturing: Industrial machinery, medical machinery, transportation equipment, communication equipment, calculators, household equipment, daily necessities, etc.
・ Trading companies: Machinery, electricity, software, etc.
・ Services: Technical support, consulting, contract development, dispatching, etc.
・ Infrastructure: Electric power, communication, energy, transportation, etc.
Positions ・ IT-related: Research, development, design, programming, quality assurance, maintenance / operation, technical support, consulting, project management, etc.
・ Manufacturing-related: Research, development, design, test evaluation, quality control, production technology, technical support, consulting, etc.
Achievements ・ 24 years old from Vietnam, graduated from Japanese information vocational school, part-time job annual income 1.5 million yen ⇒ system development job, annual income about 3.6 million yen
・ 29 years old from India, system development at a dispatch company, annual income 4.5 million yen ⇒ Business analyst of Indian IT company in Japan, annual income about 6.2 million yen
・ 27 years old from China, embedded engineer of a major semiconductor manufacturer, annual income of 7 million yen ⇒ major electric machine manufacturer, embedded engineer, annual income of about 7 million yen
Consultant Introduction Daisuke Nitta
By analyzing and unraveling your career change from 3 axes; your experience, wishes, and the time axis, you will naturally be able to see the direction of the chaotic career change.
We do not just decide where to change jobs, but we also support "changes that do not fail" so that you can play an active role in your new job.
Contact Policy We will contact you within 4 days after entry.

"Change jobs without failure" with Meitec Next, who is familiar with engineers.

ConsultantJob introduction that understands the work of engineers

Many of our career advisors have experience in engineering positions.
There are things that We can sympathize with because We have work experience as an engineer, such as the work content of engineers in IT companies and manufacturing industries, fun and difficulty, power relationships within the organization and implicit understanding.

First of all, please tell us about the dissatisfaction you are feeling in your current job and the unspeakable feelings.
It doesn't matter if you haven't decided on your desired industry, occupation, or ideal way of working. Let's think together while talking.

JobCorona Sorrow Recruitment Trends

<Jobs that had been on a downward trend bottomed out in June 2020 and are on an upward trend. The aim is semiconductor, medical care, infrastructure, industrial machinery industry>

■ IT / systems are performing well by occupation
The number of job vacancies for all engineers has dropped sharply since February 2020, but has gradually increased since June. In terms of the number of job vacancies by job type, the IT / system (including control field) field is on an increasing trend due to the needs for IoT and automation, and is approaching the figures before January 2020. On the other hand, the electrical design and mechanical design / chemical research fields have been on a declining trend due to the recovery trend of the automobile industry, but have been flat since June due to the uncertain outlook.

■ Strong industries are "semiconductors, medical care, infrastructure, industrial machinery"
Amid concerns about the third wave of the spread of the new Corona infection, the semiconductor, medical, infrastructure, and industrial machinery industries continue to adopt it not only in the favorable IT and systems, but also in the fields of electrical design, mechanical design, and chemical research. It can be said that these projects are truly a company that is resilient to the recession and are recruiting.

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